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Electro-Optical Remote Sensing, Photonic Technologies, and Applications VIII; and Military Applications in Hyperspectral Imaging and High Spatial Resolution Sensing II
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Volume Number: 9250
Date Published: 31 October 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9250
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Statistical analysis of dark count rate in Geiger-mode APD FPAs
Author(s): Mark A. Itzler; Uppili Krishnamachari; Quan Chau; Xudong Jiang; Mark Entwistle; Mark Owens; Krystyna Slomkowski
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Design and performance analysis of multilayer nested grazing incidence optics
Author(s): Fuchang Zuo; Loulou Deng; Zhiwu Mei; Liansheng Li; Zhengxin Lv
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Image reconstruction and optimization using a terahertz scanned imaging system
Author(s): İhsan Ozan Yıldırım; Vedat A. Özkan; Fırat İdikut; Taylan Takan; Asaf Behzat Şahin; Hakan Altan
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Non-contact measurement of an object’s angular position by means of laser goniometer
Author(s): Yu. V. Filatov; M. S. Nikolaev; P. A. Pavlov; V. Yu Venediktov
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Long-range 3D single-photon imaging lidar system
Author(s): Agata M. Pawlikowska; Roger M. Pilkington; Karen J. Gordon; Philip A. Hiskett; Gerald S. Buller; Robert A. Lamb
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Range resolution improvement of phase coded lidar system utilizing detector characteristics for short codes acquirement
Author(s): Long Wu; Tianyuan Qiao; Jun Zhang; Yong Zhang; Yuan Zhao
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Lidar on small UAV for 3D mapping
Author(s): H. Michael Tulldahl; Håkan Larsson
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Passive and active EO sensing close to the sea surface
Author(s): Ove Steinvall; Rolf Persson; Folke Berglund; Johan Öhgren; Frank Gustafsson
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Synthetic aperture ladar concept for infrastructure monitoring
Author(s): Simon Turbide; Linda Marchese; Marc Terroux; Alain Bergeron
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3DLASEM: simulation of three-dimensional flash Lidar for ocean imaging
Author(s): Michael J. DeWeert
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Underwater laser imaging experiments in the Baltic Sea
Author(s): Martin Laurenzis; Frank Christnacher; Thomas Scholz; Nicolas Metzger; Stefane Schertzer; Emmanuel Bacher
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Processing of airborne lidar bathymetry data for detailed sea floor mapping
Author(s): H. Michael Tulldahl
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3D laser gated viewing from a moving submarine platform
Author(s): F. Christnacher; M. Laurenzis; D. Monnin; G. Schmitt; Nicolas Metzger; Stéphane Schertzer; T. Scholtz
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Low-cost commodity depth sensor comparison and accuracy analysis
Author(s): Timo Breuer; Christoph Bodensteiner; Michael Arens
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New fiber laser for lidar developments in disaster management
Author(s): C. Besson; B. Augere; G. Canat; N. Cezard; A. Dolfi-Bouteyre; D. Fleury; D. Goular; L. Lombard; C. Planchat; W. Renard; M. Valla
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Automatic change detection using mobile laser scanning
Author(s): M. Hebel; M. Hammer; M. Gordon; M. Arens
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Investigation of frame-to-frame back projection and feature selection algorithms for non-line-of-sight laser gated viewing
Author(s): Martin Laurenzis; Andreas Velten
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Detection of people in military and security context imagery
Author(s): Thomas M. L. Shannon; Emmet H. Spier; Ben Wiltshire
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Image quality of optical remote sensing data
Author(s): Ralf Reulke; Thomas Säuberlich
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Obtaining spectral information from infrared scenarios using hyper-spectral cameras and cameras with spinning filter wheel
Author(s): Eirik Glimsdal; Erik Brendhagen; Jan Brede Thomassen; Arthur D. van Rheenen; Lars Trygve Heen
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Performance evaluation of image-based location recognition approaches based on large-scale UAV imagery
Author(s): Nikolas Hesse; Christoph Bodensteiner; Michael Arens
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Geometric calibration of multi-sensor image fusion system with thermal infrared and low-light camera
Author(s): Dragana Peric; Vojislav Lukic; Milana Spanovic; Radmila Sekulic; Jelena Kocic
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Mobile device geo-localization and object visualization in sensor networks
Author(s): Simon Lemaire; Christoph Bodensteiner; Michael Arens
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Remote screening and direct control of the bacterial infection of gardens
Author(s): Nickolaj F. Starodub; Kateryna E. Shavanova; Roman V. Son’ko
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Hyperspectral data collection for the assessment of target detection algorithms: the Viareggio 2013 trial
Author(s): Alessandro Rossi; Nicola Acito; Marco Diani; Giovanni Corsini; Sergio Ugo De Ceglie; Aldo Riccobono; Leandro Chiarantini
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Combining spectral matching and anomalous change detection for target rediscovery in hyperspectral images
Author(s): Alessandro Rossi; Nicola Acito; Marco Diani; Giovanni Corsini
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Sun-glint false alarm mitigation in a maritime scenario
Author(s): Alessandro Rossi; Aldo Riccobono; Stefano Landini
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Extraction of incident irradiance from LWIR hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Pierre Lahaie
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Non-linear sampling for efficient implementation of the projection-slice synthetic discriminant function filter
Author(s): Vahid R. Riasati
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Automatic representation of urban terrain models for simulations on the example of VBS2
Author(s): Dimitri Bulatov; Gisela Häufel; Peter Solbrig; Peter Wernerus
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Underwater monitoring experiment using hyperspectral sensor, LiDAR and high resolution satellite imagery
Author(s): Chan-Su Yang; Sun-Hwa Kim
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Wideband radar imaging for space debris based on direct IF sampling signals
Author(s): Yang Liu; Zengping Chen; Na Li; Shiyou Xu
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