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Earth Resources and Environmental Remote Sensing/GIS Applications V
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Volume Number: 9245
Date Published: 21 November 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9245
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Change analysis at Stuttgart airport using TerraSAR-X imagery
Author(s): Markus Boldt; Antje Thiele; Erich Cadario; Karsten Schulz; Stefan Hinz
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SAR/multispectral image fusion for the detection of environmental hazards with a GIS
Author(s): Angela Errico; Cesario Vincenzo Angelino; Luca Cicala; Dominik Patryk Podobinski; Giuseppe Persechino; Claudia Ferrara; Massimiliano Lega; Andrea Vallario; Claudio Parente; Giuseppe Masi; Raffaele Gaetano; Giuseppe Scarpa; Donato Amitrano; Giuseppe Ruello; Luisa Verdoliva; Giovanni Poggi
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Simulating urban land cover changes at sub-pixel level in a coastal city
Author(s): Xiaofeng Zhao; Lei Deng; Huihui Feng; Yanchuang Zhao
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Preparation of a national Copernicus-service for detection and monitoring of land subsidence and mass movements in the context of remote sensing assisted hazard mitigation
Author(s): Andre Cahyadi Kalia; Michaela Frei; Thomas Lege
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Landslide monitoring using airphotos time series and GIS
Author(s): Katerina Kavoura; Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos; Nikolaos Sabatakakis
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Open quarry monitoring using gap-filled LANDSAT 7 ETM SLC-OFF imagery
Author(s): Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos; Ilias Raptis
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Analysis of spectrometric optical data from different devices
Author(s): D. Borisova; D. Petkov
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Time series satellite and ground-based data for detecting earthquake anomalies
Author(s): M. A. Zoran; R. S. Savastru; D. M. Savastru
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Fusion of declassified airphotos and Landsat MSS data for old landslides detection
Author(s): Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos; Katerina Kavoura; Nikolaos Sabatakakis; Aristides D. Vaiopoulos
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Attribute-based processing of lineament data: an example from Cesar-Rancheria and neighbor provinces in Colombia
Author(s): Mauricio Baquero; Camilo Montes; German A. Bayona
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Diffuser properties and according performance in BSDF and spectral features in remote sensing applications
Author(s): Bilgehan Gür; Hedser van Brug; Man Xu; Elizabeth Vela
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A reliable methodology for monitoring unstable slopes: the multi-platform and multi-sensor approach
Author(s): Cristina Castagnetti; Eleonora Bertacchini; Alessandro Corsini; Riccardo Rivola
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A fluorescence lidar combining spectral, lifetime and imaging capabilities for the remote sensing of cultural heritage assets
Author(s): Valentina Raimondi; David Lognoli; Lorenzo Palombi
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Preliminary results from most recent SAR airborne campaigns by MetaSensing
Author(s): Alex Coccia; Stefano Tebaldini; Adriano Meta
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Robust discrimination of permanent scatterers using Cameron Decomposition
Author(s): G. Kouroupis; P. Elias; V. Anastassopoulos
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Use of advanced SAR monitoring techniques for the assessment of the behaviour of old embankment dams
Author(s): Luigi Mascolo; Giovanni Nico; Andrea Di Pasquale; Alfredo Pitullo
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A methodology for luminance map retrieval using airborne hyperspectral and photogrammetric data
Author(s): Luca Pipia; Ramon Alamús; Anna Tardà; Fernando Pérez; Vicenç Palà; Jordi Corbera
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Airborne hyperspectral imaging in the visible-to-mid wave infrared spectral range by fusing three spectral sensors
Author(s): Dainis Jakovels; Jevgenijs Filipovs; Gatis Erinš; Juris Taskovs
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Derivation of tasseled cap coefficients for RapidEye data
Author(s): Maurice Schönert; Horst Weichelt; Erik Zillmann; Carsten Jürgens
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Monitoring deforestation trend and future outlooks of the aboveground forest carbon stocks in Central Sumatra using ALOS-PALSAR mosaic data
Author(s): Rajesh Bahadur Thapa; Manabu Watanabe; Takeshi Motohka; Masanobu Shimada
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Delimitation and Analysis of Environmental Protection Areas in the Paraíba do Sul River Basin in Brazil
Author(s): Jussara de Oliveira Ortiz; Sergio Rosim; Manoel Jimenez Ortiz; João Ricardo de Freitas Oliveira; Rodolfo Morais; Fernando Regis Siqueira
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Land cover disturbance due to tourism in Jeseniky mountain region: a remote sensing and GIS based approach
Author(s): Mukesh Singh Boori; Vit Vozenilek
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Retrieval and verification of fire radiative power using the Korean geostationary meteorological satellite
Author(s): Dae-Sun Kim; Yang-Won Lee
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A comparison of feature selection methods for multitemporal tree species classification
Author(s): Kyle Pipkins; Michael Förster; Anne Clasen; Tobias Schmidt; Birgit Kleinschmit
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Monitoring land use /land cover dynamics in northwestern Ethiopia using support vector machine
Author(s): Worku Zewdie; E. Csaplovics
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Integration of marked point processes and template matching for the identification of individual tree crowns in an urban and a wooded savanna environment in Brazil
Author(s): Marília Ferreira Gomes; Philippe Maillard
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Mapping tree species in a boreal forest area using RapidEye and Lidar data
Author(s): N. Rochdi; X. Yang; K. Staenz; Shane Patterson; Brett Purdy
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Deriving phenological metrics from NDVI through an open source tool developed in QGIS
Author(s): Lia Duarte; A. C. Teodoro; Hernãni Gonçalves
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Automatic reconstruction of 3D urban landscape by computing connected regions and their average altitude from LIDAR point cloud image
Author(s): Yoshiyuki Kawata; Kohei Koizumi
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Web service tools in the era of forest fire management and elimination
Author(s): Dimitris Poursanidis; Giorgos Kochilakis; Nektarios Chrysoulakis; Vasiliki Varella; Vassiliki Kotroni; Giorgos Eftychidis; Kostas Lagouvardos
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Remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) for high resolution topography and monitoring: civil protection purposes on hydrogeological contexts
Author(s): Eleonora Bertacchini; Cristina Castagnetti; Alessandro Corsini; Stefano De Cono
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Prediction of interdecadal variation in climate over NE China with countermeasures
Author(s): Nanping Xu; Meiying Yuan; Huasheng Pan; Ying Xu; Guihua Zhang
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Mesoscale observational analysis of a strong squall line in its genesis and development over the Song-Nen plain of NE China
Author(s): Meiying Yuan; Nanping Xu; Xiaoling Zhang; Zechun Li; Jun Sun
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Exploration of the OBIA methods available in SPRING non-commercial software to UAV data processing
Author(s): A. C. Teodoro; R. Araújo
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Analysis of urbanization and climate change impacts on the urban thermal environment based on MODIS satellite data
Author(s): Maria A. Zoran; Roxana S. Savastru; Dan M. Savastru; Marina N. Tautan; Laurentiu A. Baschir
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Evaluation of remote sensing data potential in the geological exploration of Freixeda area (Mirandela, Portugal): a preliminary study
Author(s): A. Lima; A. C. Teodoro; J. P. Casimiro
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Monitoring land use/cover changes on the Romanian Black Sea Coast
Author(s): L. F. V. Zoran; A. I. Dida; M. A. Zoran
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Results of the application of persistent scatterers interferometry for surface displacements monitoring in the Azul open pit manganese mine (Carajás province, Amazon region) using TerraSAR-X data
Author(s): Carolina de Athayde Pinto; Waldir Renato Paradella; José Claudio Mura; Fabio Furian Gama; Athos Ribeiro dos Santos; Guilherme Gregório Silva
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Algorithms for lineaments detection in processing of multispectral images
Author(s): D. Borisova; G. Jelev; V. Atanassov; Petia Koprinkova-Hristova; K. Alexiev
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Prioritization criteria of objective index for disaster management by satellite image processing
Author(s): Mohammad Reza Poursaber; Yasuo Ariki; Mohammad Safi
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Effects of band selection on endmember extraction for forestry applications
Author(s): Vassilia Karathanassi; Charoula Andreou; Vassilis Andronis; Polychronis Kolokoussis
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A framework for air quality monitoring based on free public data and open source tools
Author(s): Hristo Nikolov; Denitsa Borisova
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Bore-sight calibration of the profile laser scanner using a large size exterior calibration field
Author(s): Bronislav Koska; Tomáš Křemen; Martin Štroner
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The application of remote sensing for climate change adaptation in Sahel region
Author(s): Taisser H. H. Deafalla; Elmar Csaplovics; Mustafa M. El-Abbas
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CARS technique for geological exploration of hydrocarbons deposits
Author(s): A. P. Zhevlakov; Victor Bespalov; V. V. Elizarov; A. S. Grishkanich; S. V. Kascheev; E. A. Makarov; S. A. Bogoslovsky; A. A. Il’inskiy
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