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Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology XVI
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Volume Number: 9239
Date Published: 12 November 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9239
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Passive microwave response to vegetation and soil moisture on agricultural fields
Author(s): B. Miller; Paul R. Bullock
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Rainfall estimation with a commercial tool for satellite internet in Ka band: concept and preliminary data analysis
Author(s): Clio Mugnai; Fabrizio Cuccoli; Francesco Sermi
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The effect of land cover type on radar altimeter response and its influence on retracker algorithms
Author(s): Eric Oliveira Pereira; Philippe Maillard
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A study on the use of passive microwave radiometry for the detection of buried objects and their associated hydrological changes
Author(s): Robbert van de Ven; Richard de Jeu; Roland Haarbrink
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Combining land surface models and remote sensing data to estimate evapotranspiration for drought monitoring in Europe
Author(s): C. Cammalleri; G. Sepulcre-Cantó; J. Vogt
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Surface soil water content estimation based on thermal inertia and Bayesian smoothing
Author(s): Paolo Addesso; Antonino Maltese; Riccardo Garella; Fulvio Capodici; Guido D'Urso; Maurizio Longo; Rocco Restaino; Gemine Vivone
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Temperature monitoring along the Rhine River based on airborne thermal infrared remote sensing: qualitative results compared to satellite data and validation with in situ measurements
Author(s): Katharina Fricke; Björn Baschek
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Integrating remote sensing and conventional grazing/browsing models for modelling carrying capacity in southern African rangelands
Author(s): C. Adjorlolo; J. O. Botha; P. Mhangara; O. Mutanga; J. Odindi
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The potential of Sentinel-2 spectral configuration to assess rangeland quality
Author(s): Abel Ramoelo; Moses Cho; Renaud Mathieu; Andrew K. Skidmore
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Quantitative assessment of Australian plague locust habitats in the inland of eastern Australia using RS and GIS technologies
Author(s): Haikou Wang
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Identification of long-term trends in vegetation dynamics in the Guinea savannah region of Nigeria
Author(s): Babatunde A. Osunmadewa; Christine Wessollek; Pierre Karrasch
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Object based technique for delineating and mapping 15 tree species using VHR WorldView-2 imagery
Author(s): Yaseen T. Mustafa; Hindav N. Habeeb
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Hemispherical directional reflectance factor using UAV and a hyperspectral camera, validation and crop field test
Author(s): T. Hakala; E. Honkavaara; L. Markelin
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Suitability of DSM derived from remote sensing data for automatic drainage extraction
Author(s): Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos; Sofia Geniataki; Stefania Gianou
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Multi-hazard risk analysis using the FP7 RASOR Platform
Author(s): Fifamè N. Koudogbo; Javier Duro; Lauro Rossi; Roberto Rudari; Andrew Eddy
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Evapotranspiration and energy balance components spatial distribution in the north region of Minas Gerais, Brazil, using the SEBAL model and Landsat 5 TM images
Author(s): Reinaldo L. Gomide; Isa Maria de Paula Boratto
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Energy balance with Landsat images in irrigated central pivots with corn crop in the São Paulo State, Brazil
Author(s): Antônio H. de C. Teixeira; Fernando B. T. Hernandez; Ricardo G. Andrade; Janice F. Leivas; Edson L. Bolfe
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Improvements in irrigation system modelling when using remotely sensed ET for calibration
Author(s): J. D. van Opstal; C. M. U. Neale; S. Lecina
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Estimation of land surface albedo time series and trends based on MODIS data
Author(s): Nikolaos Benas; Nektarios Chrysoulakis
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Vineyard zonal management for grape quality assessment by combining airborne remote sensed imagery and soil sensors
Author(s): I. Bonilla; F. Martínez De Toda; J. A. Martínez-Casasnovas
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E.O.-based estimation of transpiration and crop water requirements for vineyards: a case study in southern Italy
Author(s): Guido D'Urso; Antonino Maltese; Mario Palladino
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Analyzing C-band SAR polarimetric information for LAI and crop yield estimations
Author(s): Ramses A. Molijn; Lorenzo Iannini; Ali Mousivand; Ramon F. Hanssen
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Coupling MODIS images and agrometeorological data for agricultural water productivity analyses in the Mato Grosso State, Brazil
Author(s): Antônio H. de C. Teixeira; Daniel C. Victoria; Ricardo G. Andrade; Janice F. Leivas; Edson L Bolfe; Caroline R. Cruz
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A spectral-spatial-dynamic hierarchical Bayesian (SSD-HB) model for estimating soybean yield
Author(s): Yoriko Kazama; Toshihiro Kujirai
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Estimation of corn and soybeans yield using remote sensing and crop yield data in the United States
Author(s): Nari Kim; Yang-Won Lee
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Vegetation index correction to reduce background effects in orchards with high spatial resolution imagery
Author(s): Jonathan Van Beek; Laurent Tits; Ben Somers; Tom Deckers; Pieter Janssens; Pol Coppin
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Insights and recommendations of use of UAV platforms in precision agriculture in Brazil
Author(s): Lúcio A. C. Jorge; Ziany N. Brandão; Ricardo Y. Inamasu
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UAV-based hyperspectral monitoring of small freshwater area
Author(s): I. Pölönen; H.-H. Puupponen; Eija Honkavaara; A. Lindfors; H. Saari; L. Markelin; T. Hakala; K. Nurminen
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Hyperspectral remote sensing for estimating coastal water quality: case study on coast of Black Sea, Romania
Author(s): S. G. Ghezehegn; Peters Steef; Annelies Hommersom; De Reus Nils; Oana Culcea; Bram Krommendijk
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Hyperspectral band selection and classification of Hyperion image of Bhitarkanika mangrove ecosystem, eastern India
Author(s): L. Ashokkumar; S. Shanmugam
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Independent Component Analysis (ICA) performance to bathymetric estimation using high resolution satellite data in an estuarine environment
Author(s): A. C. Teodoro; Rute Almeida; M. Gonçalves
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Analysis of snow spatial and temporary variability through the study of terrestrial photography in the Trevelez River valley
Author(s): María José Pérez-Palazón; Rafael Pimentel; Javier Herrero; María José Polo-Gómez
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Drainage network extraction of Brazilian semiarid region with potential flood indication areas
Author(s): Sergio Rosim; João Ricardo de Freitas Oliveira; Jussara de Oliveira Ortiz; Miguel Zanic Cuellar; Alexandre Copertino Jardim
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A remote sensing and geochemical tracing approach for localising groundwater discharge to lakes
Author(s): Jean Wilson; Carlos Rocha
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A model based on satellite altimetry and imagery to evaluate water volume changes in a reservoir in Brazil
Author(s): Luiza Gontijo Álvares de C. Abreu; Philippe Maillard
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Delimitation of permanent protected areas of rivers in Brazil
Author(s): Silvia S. Leonardi; Laércio M. Namikawa; João R. de F. Oliveira; Sergio Rosim
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Acquisition of underwater topography in a mountain channel using terrestrial laser scanning
Author(s): N. Miura; Y. Asano
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The use of full range spectroradiometer data to assess properties of a heterogeneous soil set in a regional scale survey
Author(s): Monika Harbich; Thomas Udelhoven; András Jung; Michael Vohland; Marie Ludwig; Sören Thiele-Bruhn
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Automatic detection and agronomic characterization of olive groves using high-resolution imagery and LIDAR data
Author(s): T. Caruso; J. Rühl; R. Sciortino; F. P. Marra; G. La Scalia
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Accurate crop classification using hierarchical genetic fuzzy rule-based systems
Author(s): Charalampos A. Topaloglou; Stelios K. Mylonas; Dimitris G. Stavrakoudis; Paris A. Mastorocostas; John B. Theocharis
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A new approach for agroecosystems monitoring using high-revisit multitemporal satellite data series
Author(s): M. Diez; C. Moclán; A. Romo; F. Pirondini
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Estimating primary productivity of tropical oil palm in Malaysia using remote sensing technique and ancillary data
Author(s): K. D. Kanniah; K. P. Tan; A. P. Cracknell
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Remote sensing evaluation of ecosystem service value of gas regulation with time series Landsat images
Author(s): Xiaohe Gu; Wei Guo; Yancang Wang; Guijun Yang
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Retrieval of LAI and leaf chlorophyll content from remote sensing data by agronomy mechanism knowledge to solve the ill-posed inverse problem
Author(s): Zhenhai Li; Chenwei Nie; Guijun Yang; Xingang Xu; Xiuliang Jin; Xiaohe Gu
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Validation of smoke plume rise models using ground-based Lidar
Author(s): V. Kovalev; S. Urbanski; A. Petkov; A. Scalise; C. Wold; W. M. Hao
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Remote sensing of climate changes effects on forest biophysical variables
Author(s): Maria A. Zoran; Adrian I. Dida; Liviu Florin V. Zoran
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Land drainage system detection using IR and visual imagery taken from autonomous mapping airship and evaluation of physical and spatial parameters of suggested method
Author(s): Bronislav Koska; Tomáš Křemen; Martin Štroner; Jiří Pospíšil; Vladimír Jirka
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Pasture evapotranspiration as indicators of degradation in the Brazilian Savanna: a case study for Alto Tocantins watershed
Author(s): Ricardo G. Andrade; Antônio H. de C. Teixeira; Edson E. Sano; Janice F. Leivas; Daniel C. Victoria; Sandra F. Nogueira
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Spectral reflectance of satellite images using geostatistics methods to estimate growth and cotton yield
Author(s): Ziany N. Brandão; Célia R. Grego; Ricardo Y. Inamasu; Lúcio A. Jorge
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Remote sensing of water level and ice cover of large and middle-sized lakes of Russia
Author(s): Galina Rybushkina; Yulia Troitskaya; Irina Soustova
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Simulating the spatial representativeness of the meteorological observed data on rugged terrain
Author(s): Lifeng Gong; Xiaozhou Xin; Hailong Zhang; Li Li; Shanshan Yu; Qinhuo Liu
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Biophysical parameters in a wheat producer region in southern Brazil
Author(s): Janice F. Leivas; Antonio Heriberto de C. Teixeira; Ricardo G. Andrade; Daniel de C. Victoria; Edson L. Bolfe; Caroline R. Cruz
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Assessing Cd-induced stress from plant spectral response
Author(s): Rumiana Kancheva; Georgi Georgiev
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The synergy of water quality and sea surface currents data in determining the spatio-temporal evolution of large-scale circulation features
Author(s): Fulvio Capodici; Giuseppe Ciraolo; Simone Cosoli; Antonino Maltese; Giuseppe Mallandrino
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Monitoring displacements of an earthen dam using GNSS and remote sensing
Author(s): Gino Dardanelli; Goffredo La Loggia; Nicola Perfetti; Fulvio Capodici; Luigi Puccio; Antonino Maltese
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Evaluating the potential of GeoEye data in retrieving LAI at watershed scale
Author(s): Mariella Aquilino; Antonio Novelli; Eufemia Tarantino; Vito Iacobellis; Francesco Gentile
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Water productivity of different land uses in watersheds assessed from satellite imagery Landsat 5 Thematic Mapper
Author(s): Renato A. M. Franco; Fernando B. T. Hernandez; Antonio H. C. Teixeira
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An improved model for sensible heat flux estimation based on landcover classification
Author(s): Ti Zhou; Xiaozhou Xin; Jingjun Jiao; Zhiqing Peng
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