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Photonics for Solar Energy Systems V
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Volume Number: 9140
Date Published: 19 May 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9140
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Light harvesting quasicrystalline nanophotonic structures for crystalline silicon thin-film solar cells
Author(s): Jolly Xavier; Jürgen Probst; Philippe Wyss; David Eisenhauer; Franziska Back; Eveline Rudigier-Voigt; Christoph Hülsen; Bernd Löchel; Christiane Becker
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A comparison of scattering and non-scattering anti-reflection designs for back contacted polycrystalline thin film silicon solar cells in superstrate configuration
Author(s): Daniel Lockau; M. Hammerschmidt; Jan Haschke; Mark Blome; F. Ruske; F. Schmidt; B. Rech
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Organic solar cells improvement with quantum dots, up-converters and MoO3 hole transport layers
Author(s): Marc Jobin; Cédric Pellodi
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Variable temperature photocurrent characterization of quantum dots intermediate band photovoltaic devices
Author(s): E. Garduño-Nolasco; M. Missous; Daniel Donoval; Jaroslav Kováč; Miroslav Mikolášek; Martin Florovič
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The photonic solar cell: system design and efficiency estimations
Author(s): Oliver Höhn; Tobias Kraus; Ulrich T. Schwarz; Benedikt Bläsi
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Novel light trapping concepts for crystalline silicon solar cells using diffractive rear side structures
Author(s): J. Eisenlohr; N. Tucher; Alexander Bett; H. Hauser; M. Graf; J. Benick; J. C. Goldschmidt; B. Bläsi; M. Hermle
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Optimizing the geometry of plasmonic reflection grating back contacts for improved light trapping in prototype amorphous silicon thin-film solar cells
Author(s): Michael Smeets; Vladimir Smirnov; Matthias Meier; Karsten Bittkau; Reinhard Carius; Uwe Rau; Ulrich W. Paetzold
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Photon management with luminescent materials and photonic structures
Author(s): J. C. Goldschmidt; S. Fischer; Benjamin Fröhlich; J. Gutmann; B. Herter; C. Hofmann; J. Löffler; Frank C. J. M. van Veggel; S. Wolf
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Organic upconverters embedded in a Bragg structure
Author(s): C. Hofmann; B. Herter; J. Gutmann; J. Löffler; S. Fischer; S. Wolf; R. Piper; N. Ekins-Daukes; N. Treat; J. C. Goldschmidt
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Trivalent rare-earth ions as photon down-shifter for photovoltaic applications
Author(s): Franziska Steudel; Sebastian Loos; Bernd Ahrens; Stefan Schweizer
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Rate equation analysis of nanocrystal-enhanced upconversion in neodymium-doped glass ceramics
Author(s): U. Skrzypczak; Charlotte Pfau; G. Seifert; Stefan Schweizer
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Optical simulation of photonic random textures for thin-film solar cells
Author(s): K. Bittkau; A. Hoffmann
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Optimized nano-textured interfaces for thin-film silicon solar cells: identifying the limit of randomly textured interfaces
Author(s): Klaus Jäger; Dane N. P. Linssen; Olindo Isabella; Miro Zeman
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Tailoring randomly rough textures for light trapping in thin-film solar cells
Author(s): Piotr Kowalczewski; Angelo Bozzola; Marco Liscidini; Lucio Claudio Andreani
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10% efficiency solar thermophotovoltaic systems using spectrally controlled monolithic planar absorber/emitters
Author(s): Makoto Shimizu; Asaka Kohiyama; Hiroo Yugami
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New light-trapping concept by means of several optical components applied to compact holographic 3D concentration solar module
Author(s): Ayalid M. Villamarín Villegas; Francisco J. Pérez López; Antonio Calo López; Hugo-José Rodríguez San Segundo
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Spectral splitting planar solar concentrator: experimental testing of a design aiming at dye sensitized solar cells
Author(s): P. Blain; C. Michel; L. Clermont; F. Languy; M. Décultot; Serge Habraken; C. Lenaerts; K. Fleury-Frenette; D. Vandormael; Jérôme J. D. Loicq
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Investigation of spectral impacts on the performance of a concentration device using a Fresnel lens combined with a double junction cell
Author(s): Jérôme Loicq; Nicolas Galante; Tanguy Thibert; Marie-Laure Hellin; F. Languy; S. Habraken; Jean-Hervé Lecat
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Ultraviolet curing nanoimprint green lithography using water-repellent film derived from biomass for solar cells devices
Author(s): Satoshi Takei; Kenta Ito; Gaku Murakami; Tsutomu Obata; Yoshiyuki Yokoyama; Kigenn Sugahara; Takumi Ichikawa; Wataru Mizuno; Junji Sumioka; Masayuki Fujii; Tetsuro Okada
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Study of plasmonic nanoparticle arrays for photon management in solar cells
Author(s): Benedikt Bläsi; Sabrina Jüchter; Sarah-Katharina Meisenheimer; Oliver Höhn; Hubert Hauser; Christine Wellens; Thomas Fix; Ulrich T. Schwarz
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Theoretical insights into multibandgap hybrid perovskites for photovoltaic applications
Author(s): J. Even; L. Pedesseau; Claudine Katan
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Post-hydrogenation of amorphous hydrogenated silicon films modified by femtosecond laser irradiation
Author(s): M. Khenkin; Andrey Emelyanov; Andrei G. Kazanskii; P. Forsh; O. Kon'kov; M. Beresna; M. Gecevicius; P. Kazansky
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Effective enhancement of conversion efficiency for a-Si thin-film solar cell using pattern-array dendritic silver nanostructure
Author(s): Wei-Hsun Lai; Chi-Pin Chiu; Der-Jun Jan; Wei-Hsiu Hsu; Shih-Shou Lo
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Tunable phenylenevinylene dimer and trimer molecules for light harvesting antennas
Author(s): M. Delower H. Bhuiyan; N. M. Winch; G. J. Smith; R. D. Breukers; S. G. Raymond; A. J. Kay; Trevor A. Smith
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Direct pulsed laser interference texturing for light trapping in a-Si:H/µc-Si:H tandem solar cells
Author(s): S. Ring; S. Neubert; F. Ruske; B. Stannowski; F. Fink; R. Schlatmann
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Computational analysis of triangular and honeycomb lattice-structured tapered nanoholes for enhanced light trapping in thin-film Si solar cells
Author(s): Jolly Xavier; Christiane Becker
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