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Real-Time Image and Video Processing 2014
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Volume Number: 9139
Date Published: 19 May 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9139
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Deriving video content type from HEVC bitstream semantics
Author(s): James Nightingale; Qi Wang; Christos Grecos; Sergio R. Goma
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Early video smoke detection system to improve fire protection in rolling stocks
Author(s): Sergio Saponara; Luca Pilato; Luca Fanucci
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New boundary effect free algorithm for fast and accurate image arbitrary scaling and rotation
Author(s): Leonid Bilevich; Leonid Yaroslavsky
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Comparative analysis of video processing and 3D rendering for cloud video games using different virtualization technologies
Author(s): Adedayo Bada; Jose M. Alcaraz-Calero; Qi Wang; Christos Grecos
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Refocusing from a plenoptic camera within seconds on a mobile phone
Author(s): Óscar Gómez-Cárdenes; José G. Marichal-Hernández; Fernando L. Rosa; Jonas P. Lüke; Juan José Fernández-Valdivia; José M. Rodríguez-Ramos
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A low-cost embedded platform for car's surrounding vision system
Author(s): S. Saponara; G. Fontanelli; L. Fanucci; E. Franchi
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Feature selection gait-based gender classification under different circumstances
Author(s): Azhin Sabir; Naseer Al-Jawad; Sabah Jassim
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Gait recognition based on Kinect sensor
Author(s): Mohammed Ahmed; Naseer Al-Jawad; Azhin T. Sabir
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Comparison of two real-time hand gesture recognition systems involving stereo cameras, depth camera, and inertial sensor
Author(s): Kui Liu; Nasser Kehtarnavaz; Matthias Carlsohn
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3D filtering technique in presence of additive noise in color videos implemented on DSP
Author(s): Volodymyr I. Ponomaryov; Hector Montenegro-Monroy; Alfredo Palacios
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Parallel multithread computing for spectroscopic analysis in optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Michal Trojanowski; Maciej Kraszewski; Marcin Strakowski; Jerzy Pluciński
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Simultaneous edge sensing compression and encryption for real-time video transmission
Author(s): Nazar Al-Hayani; Naseer Al-Jawad; Sabah Jassim
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Automatic 2D to 3D conversion implemented for real-time applications
Author(s): Volodymyr Ponomaryov; Eduardo Ramos-Diaz; Victor Gonzalez Huitron
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Image resolution enhancement using edge extraction and sparse representation in wavelet domain for real-time application
Author(s): Volodymyr I. Ponomaryov; Herminio Chavez-Roman; Victor Gonzalez-Huitron
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Software architecture as a freedom for 3D content providers and users along with independency on purposes and used devices
Author(s): Razia Sultana; Andreas Christ; Patrick Meyrueis
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Comparative study of internet cloud and cloudlet over wireless mesh networks for real-time applications
Author(s): Kashif A. Khan; Qi Wang; Chunbo Luo; Xinheng Wang; Christos Grecos
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Empirical evaluation of H.265/HEVC-based dynamic adaptive video streaming over HTTP (HEVC-DASH)
Author(s): Iheanyi Irondi; Qi Wang; Christos Grecos
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Network-aware scalable video monitoring system for emergency situations with operator-managed fidelity control
Author(s): Tawfik Al Hadhrami; James M. Nightingale; Qi Wang; Christos Grecos
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Scene-based nonuniformity correction using multiframe registration and iteration method
Author(s): Jianle Ren; Qian Chen; Weixian Qian; Xuelian Yu; Danping Li
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Adaptive skin segmentation via feature-based face detection
Author(s): Michael J. Taylor; Tim Morris
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The wide area retrievals of temperature in life space from multi-data set fusion
Author(s): D. Y. Han
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Moving targets tracking on a mobile infrared platform and its real-time application on GPU
Author(s): Chen Peng; Qian Chen; Wei-xian Qian; Zhuang Miao; Xiao-yi Jin
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An automatic lesion detection using dynamic image enhancement and constrained clustering
Author(s): Jean M. Vianney Kinani; Alberto J. Rosales-Silva; Francisco J. Gallegos-Funes; Alfonso Arellano
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