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Nonlinear Optics and Its Applications VIII; and Quantum Optics III
Editor(s): Benjamin J. Eggleton; Alexander L. Gaeta; Neil G. R. Broderick; Alexander V. Sergienko; Arno Rauschenbeutel; Thomas Durt
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Volume Number: 9136
Date Published: 20 May 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9136
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Domain-engineered PPLN for entangled photon generation and other quantum information applications
Author(s): Paulina S. Kuo; Jason S. Pelc; Oliver Slattery; Lijun Ma; Xiao Tang
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Efficient four-wave mixing by phase-mismatch switching
Author(s): Yannick Lefevre; Nathalie Vermeulen; Hugo Thienpont
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Indirect transitions of a signal interacting with a moving refractive index front
Author(s): Michel Castellanos Muñoz; Alexander Yu. Petrov; Liam O’Faolain; Juntao Li; Thomas F. Krauss; Manfred Eich
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Longitudinal mode-filling to cancel SBS in fully-fibered MOPAs dedicated to the production of high-energy nanosecond pulses
Author(s): A. Jolly; F. S. Gokhan; R. Bello; P. Dupriez
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Laser-induced microwave generation with nonlinear optical crystals
Author(s): Francesco Borghesani; Caterina Braggio; Giovanni Carugno; Federico Della Valle; Giuseppe Ruoso
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High-yield second-harmonic generation from mid-infrared to near-infrared regions in silicon-organic hybrid plasmonic waveguides
Author(s): JiHua Zhang; XinLiang Zhang; Eric Cassan
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All-optical generation of surface acoustic waves in a silica optical microwire
Author(s): Jean-Charles Beugnot; Sylvie Lebrun; Gilles Pauliat; Herv Maillotte; Vincent Laude; Thibaut Sylvestre
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Opportunities for Raman wavelength conversion with silicon microdisks
Author(s): Iterio Degli-Eredi; Nathalie Vermeulen; Hugo Thienpont
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Spatio-temporal stability of 1D Kerr cavity solitons
Author(s): L. Gelens; P. Parra-Rivas; F. Leo; D. Gomila; Manuel A. Matias; S. Coen
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Strong nonlocal interaction stabilizes cavity solitons with a varying size plateau
Author(s): Cristian Fernandez-Oto; Mustapha Tlidi; Daniel Escaff; Marcel Clerc; Pascal Kockaert
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Controlling modulation instability using an incoherent low amplitude seed
Author(s): Thomas Godin; Duc Minh Nguyen; Shanti Toenger; Yves Combes; Benjamin Wetzel; Thibaut Sylvestre; Goëry Genty; Frédéric Dias; John M. Dudley
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Tunable stimulated Brillouin scattering in hybrid polymer-chalcogenide tapered fibers
Author(s): Jean-Charles Beugnot; Raja Ahmad; Martin Rochette; Vincent Laude; Hervé Maillotte; Thibaut Sylvestre
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Normal dispersion modulation instability in an As2Se3 chalcogenide hybrid microwire
Author(s): Thomas Godin; Yves Combes; Raja Ahmad; Martin Rochette; Thibaut Sylvestre; John M. Dudley
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Temporal localized structures in a photonic crystal fiber resonator
Author(s): L. Bahloul; L. Cherbi; H. Hariz
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Airy beams propagation in optically induced photonic lattices
Author(s): Bojana Bokić; Falko Diebel; Dejan Timotijević; Aleksandra Piper; Martin Boguslawski; Dragana Jović; Cornelia Denz
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Parallel generation of fast random bits based on optoelectronic phase-chaos systems
Author(s): Romain Modeste Nguimdo; Pere Colet; Jan Danckaert
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High-power femtosecond fiber lasers based on self-similar pulse evolution
Author(s): Hui Liu; William Renninger; Bai Nie; Marcos Dantus; Fei Yu; Jonathan Knight; Andy Chong; Frank Wise
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Vector solitons in harmonic mode-locked erbium-doped fiber lasers
Author(s): Tatiana Habruseva; Mkhitar Mkhitaryan; Chengbo Mou; Aleksey Rozhin; Sergei K. Turitsyn; Sergey V. Sergeyev
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Self-similar pulse-shape mode for femtosecond pulse propagation in medium with resonant nonlinearity
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Irina G. Zakharova; Swapan Konar
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Nonlinear energy deposition in water from fs-laser pulses: effect of the input chirp
Author(s): C. Milián; Amelie Jarnac; Y. Brelet; V. Jukna; A. Houard; A. Mysyrowicz; A. Couairon
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Nonlinear mixing and mode correlations in a short Raman fiber laser
Author(s): I. D. Vatnik; O. A. Gorbunov; Dmitriy V. Churkin
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Influence of the generated power, measurement bandwidth, and noise level on intensity statistics of a quasi-CW Raman fiber laser
Author(s): Oleg A. Gorbunov; Srikanth Sugavanam; Dmitry V. Churkin
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Sensitive terahertz-wave detector using a quasi-phase-matched LiNbO3 at room temperature
Author(s): K. Nawata; T. Notake; H. Ishizuki; F. Qi; Y. Takida; S. Fan; S. Hayashi; T. Taira; H. Minamide
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2.6 um to 12 um tunable ZGP parametric master oscillator power amplifier
Author(s): T. Traub; G. Anstett; G. Goeritz; J. L'huillier
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Field-enhanced nonlinear optical properties of organic nanofibers
Author(s): Oksana Kostiučenko; Jacek Fiutowski; J. R. Brewer; H.-G. Rubahn
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Multi-modes of four-waves mixing at non-collinear interaction of laser beams in medium with cubic nonlinear response
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Igor E. Kuchik; Nikita V. Levitskiy
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Control of soliton pattern through continuous external injection
Author(s): A. Niang; F. Amrani; M. Salhi; H. Leblond; A. Komarov; F. Sanchez
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Instantaneous frequency measurement of microwave signals in optical range using “frequency-amplitude” conversion in the π-phase-shifted fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Oleg G. Morozov; Anvar A. Talipov; Marat R. Nurgazizov; Pavel E. Denisenko; Aleksander A. Vasilets
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Engaging new dimensions in nonlinear optical spectroscopy using auxiliary beams of light
Author(s): Jack S. Ford; David S. Bradshaw; David L. Andrews
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Nonlinear picosecond pulse transformation in large-core microstructured fibers
Author(s): Alexandra S. Pasishnik; Stanislav O. Leonov
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Investigation of the separate optical nonlinear contributions of the core and cladding materials of silicon photonics slotted waveguides
Author(s): Weiwei Zhang; Samuel Serna; Nicolas Dubreuil; Eric Cassan
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Linear electro-optical scattering from ferroelectric nanocrystals
Author(s): Duc Thien Trinh; Vasyl Shynkar; Joseph Zyss
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Effect factors of temperature measurements by femtosecond time-resolved CARS
Author(s): Yang Zhao; Sheng Zhang; Zhibin Zhang; Zhiwei Dong; Deying Chen; Zhonghua Zhang; Yuanqin Xia
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Proposal of ultra-compact NAND/NOR/XNOR all-optical logic gates based on a nonlinear 3x1 multimode interference
Author(s): Mehdi Tajaldini; M. Z. Mat Jafri
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Influence of photonic crystal fiber manufacturing inaccuracies on supercontinuum generation
Author(s): Marek Napierala; Zbigniew Holdynski; Michal Szymanski; Michal Murawski; Pawel Mergo; Pawel Marc; Leszek R. Jaroszewicz; Tomasz Nasilowski
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Experimental demonstration of all optical XOR and XNOR gates for differential phase modulated data
Author(s): Ravikiran Kakarla; Deepa Venkitesh
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Cross-absorption as a limit to heralded silicon photon pair sources
Author(s): Chad A. Husko; Alex S. Clark; Matthew J. Collins; Alfredo De Rossi; Sylvain Combrié; Gaëlle Lehoucq; Isabella Rey; Thomas F. Krauss; Chunle Xiong; Benjamin J. Eggleton
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NLSE-based model of a random distributed feedback fiber laser
Author(s): Sergey V. Smirnov; Dmitry V. Churkin
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Multipolar nonlinear light-matter interactions with Gaussian vector beams
Author(s): Mikko J. Huttunen; Jouni Mäkitalo; Godofredo Bautista; Martti Kauranen
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Delay-based reservoir computing using semiconductor ring lasers
Author(s): Romain Modeste Nguimdo; Jan Danckaert; Guy Verschaffelt; Guy Van der Sande
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Spatial extreme events in a photorefractive single-feedback system
Author(s): N. Marsal; V. Caullet; Delphine Wolfersberger; M. Sciamanna
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Modeling Kerr frequency combs using the Lugiato-Lefever equation: a characterization of the multistable landscape
Author(s): P. Parra-Rivas; D. Gomila; M. A. Matias; F. Leo; S. Coen; L. Gelens
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Synthetic diamond as a new material for on-chip nonlinear wavelength converters
Author(s): N. Vermeulen; J. E. Sipe; Lukas G. Helt; H. Thienpont
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Self-action effects in semiconductor quantum dots
Author(s): V. S. Dneprovskii; A. R. Kanev; M. V. Kozlova; A. M. Smirnov
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Electrical nonlinear response of a photomixer for applications in ultrafast measurements
Author(s): Florin L. Constantin
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High performing SPS based on native NIR-emitting single colour centers in diamond
Author(s): D. Gatto Monticone; P. Traina; E. Moreva; J. Forneris; M. Levi; G. Brida; I. P. Degiovanni; G. Amato; L. Boarino; P. Olivero; M. Genovese
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Optimized QKD BB84 protocol using quantum dense coding and CNOT gates: feasibility based on probabilistic optical devices
Author(s): Amor Gueddana; Moez Attia; Rihab Chatta
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The study of reducing the effect of detector saturation on ghost imaging
Author(s): R. Q. He; Q. Chen; W. W. Zhang; J. Shu
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Position-dependent photon operators in the quantization of the electromagnetic field in dielectrics at local thermal equilibrium
Author(s): Mikko Partanen; Teppo Häyrynen; Jani Oksanen; Jukka Tulkki
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Optical four-wave mixing and generation of squeezed light in an optomechanical cavity driven by a bichromatic field
Author(s): Rafael Garcés; Germán J. de Valcárcel
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Quantum information with optical photons in hybrid molecule-superconducting qubit system
Author(s): S. Das; S. Faez; A. S. Sørensen
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Recovery of qubit coherence by noise-eater technique
Author(s): Miroslav Gavenda; Lucie Čelechovská; Miloslav Dušek; Radim Filip
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Slow light in evanescently coupled optical cavities containing quantum dots
Author(s): Emre Ergecen
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Generation of correlated photon pairs in micro/nano-fibers
Author(s): Xiaoying Li; Liang Cui; Cheng Guo; Y. H. Li; Z. Y. Xu; L. J. Wang; Wei Fang
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Nanometric surface probing through ultra-cold atoms
Author(s): Murtaza Ali Khan; Florian Schaefer; Wolfram H. P. Pernice; Francesco S. Cataliotti
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Nearly deterministic loading of a single cesium atom in a magneto-optical trap and in a microscopic optical tweezer by feedback control
Author(s): Bei Liu; Jun-Min Wang; Wen-Ting Diao; Jie-Ying Wang; Gang Jin; Jun He
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