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Optical Micro- and Nanometrology V
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Volume Number: 9132
Date Published: 29 May 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9132
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optical frequency comb profilometry using a single-pixel camera
Author(s): Yoshio Hayasaki; Quang Duc Pham
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Comparison of areal measurements of the same zone of etched Si and hydroxyapatite layers on etched Si using different profiling techniques
Author(s): Mohamed Guellil; Paul C. Montgomery; Pierre Pfeiffer; Bruno Serio
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Remote laboratory for phase-aided 3D microscopic imaging and metrology
Author(s): Meng Wang; Yongkai Yin; Zeyi Liu; Wenqi He; Boqun Li; Xiang Peng
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3D-optical measurement system using a new vignetting aperture procedure
Author(s): Engelbert Hofbauer; Rolf Rascher; Konrad Wühr; Felix Friedke; Thomas Stubenrauch; Benjamin Pastötter; Sebastian Schleich; Christine Zöcke
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Measurement comparison of goniometric scatterometry and coherent Fourier scatterometry
Author(s): J. Endres; N. Kumar; P. Petrik; M. -A. Henn; S. Heidenreich; S. F. Pereira; H. P. Urbach; B. Bodermann
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Inspection technique of latent flaws on fine polished glass substrates using stress-induced light scattering method
Author(s): Yoshitaro Sakata; Kazufumi Sakai; Kazuhiro Nonaka
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Development of a scatterometry reference standard
Author(s): Bernd Bodermann; Bernd Loechel; Frank Scholze; Gaoliang Dai; Jan Wernecke; Johannes Endres; Juergen Probst; Max Schoengen; Michael Krumrey; Poul-Erik Hansen; Victor Soltwisch
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Advanced metrology for the 14 nm node double patterning lithography
Author(s): D. Carau; R. Bouyssou; C. Dezauzier; M. Besacier; C. Gourgon
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Optical measurements of selected properties of nanocomposite layers with graphene and carbon nanotubes fillers
Author(s): Zofia Lorenc; Leszek Salbut; Anna Pakula; Marcin Sloma; Grzegorz Wroblewski; Małgorzata Jakubowska
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Comparative scanning near-field optical microscopy studies of plasmonic nanoparticle concepts
Author(s): Patrick Andrae; Paul Fumagalli; Martina Schmid
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Investigation of the influence of the scanning probe on SNOM near-field images using rigorous simulations including the probe
Author(s): Markus Ermes; Stephan Lehnen; Karsten Bittkau; Reinhard Carius
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Investigation of error compensation in CGH-based form testing of aspheres
Author(s): S. Stuerwald; N. Brill; R. Schmitt
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Interferometric sensors based on sinusoidal optical path length modulation
Author(s): Holger Knell; Markus Schake; Markus Schulz; Peter Lehmann
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Reconstruction-free wavefront measurements with enhanced sensitivity
Author(s): Thomas Godin; Michael Fromager; Emmanuel Cagniot; Marc Brunel; Kamel Aït-Ameur
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Ray-based calibration for the micro optical metrology system
Author(s): Yongkai Yin; Meng Wang; Ameng Li; Xiaoli Liu; Xiang Peng
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Optical design of a vertically integrated array-type Mirau-based OCT system
Author(s): J. Krauter; T. Boettcher; W. Lyda; W. Osten; N. Passilly; L. Froehly; S. Bargiel; J. Albero; S. Perrin; J. Lullin; C. Gorecki
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Optical diffraction tomography: accuracy of an off-axis reconstruction
Author(s): Julianna Kostencka; Tomasz Kozacki
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Time-frequency analysis in optical coherence tomography for technical objects examination
Author(s): Marcin R. Strąkowski; Maciej Kraszewski; Michał Trojanowski; Jerzy Pluciński
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Limited-angle hybrid diffraction tomography for biological samples
Author(s): A. Kus; W. Krauze; M. Kujawinska; M. Filipiak
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Effects of axial scanning in confocal microscopy employing adaptive lenses (CAL)
Author(s): N. Koukourakis; M. Finkeldey; M. Stürmer; N. C. Gerhardt; U. Wallrabe; M. R. Hofmann; J. W. Czarske; A. Fischer
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Phase aided 3D imaging and modeling: dedicated systems and case studies
Author(s): Yongkai Yin; Dong He; Zeyi Liu; Xiaoli Liu; Xiang Peng
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A benchmark system for the evaluation of selected phase retrieval methods
Author(s): Christian Lingel; Malte Hasler; Tobias Haist; Giancarlo Pedrini; Wolfgang Osten
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Size measurement of a pure phase object
Author(s): K. Äit-Ameur; M. Fromager; M. Brunel
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Optimum phase retrieval using the transport of intensity equation
Author(s): J. Martínez-Carranza; K. Falaggis; T. Kozacki
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Digital holography to light field
Author(s): Anand Asundi; Chao Zuo
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Measurement of the surface shape and optical thickness variation of a polishing crystal wafer by wavelength tuning interferometer
Author(s): Yangjin Kim; Kenichi Hibino; Ryohei Hanayama; Naohiko Sugita; Mamoru Mitsuishi
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Metrology of undoped double-sided polished silicon wafer: surface, thickness and refractive index profile measurements
Author(s): Ho-Jae Lee; Ki-Nam Joo
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Quantitative estimate of fs-laser induced refractive index changes in the bulk of various transparent materials
Author(s): A. Mermillod-Blondin; T. Seuthe; M. Eberstein; M. Grehn; J. Bonse; A. Rosenfeld
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Spectral properties of molecular iodine absorption cells filled to saturation pressure
Author(s): Jan Hrabina; Martin Sarbort; Ondrej Cip; Josef Lazar
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Single-shot two-channel Talbot interferometry using checker grating and Hilbert-Huang fringe pattern processing
Author(s): K. Patorski; M. Trusiak; K. Pokorski
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Displacement measurement with intracavity interferometry
Author(s): Josef Lazar; Miroslava Holá; Antonín Fejfar; Jiří Stuchlík; Jan Kočka; Jindřich Oulehla; Ondřej Číp
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A more robust and flexible approach to laterally chromatically dispersed, spectrally encoded interferometry (LCSI)
Author(s): Tobias Boettcher; Marc Gronle; Florian Mauch; Wolfgang Osten
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Suppression of frequency noise of single mode laser with unbalanced fiber interferometer for subnanometer interferometry
Author(s): Radek Šmíd; Martin Čížek; Břetislav Mikel; Josef Lazar; Ondrej Číp
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Mapping a vibrating surface by using laser self- mixing interferometry
Author(s): Roberto Ocaña ; Teresa Molina
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Investigation of baseline measurement resolution of a Si plate-based extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometer
Author(s): Nikolai Ushakov; Leonid Liokumovich
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Polymer waveguide sensor with tin oxide thin film integrated onto optical-electrical printed circuit board
Author(s): Jung Woon Lim; Seon Hoon Kim; Jong-Sup Kim; Jeong Ho Kim; Yune Hyoun Kim; Ju Young Lim; Young-Eun Im; Jong Bok Park; Swook Hann
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Metrology of micro-optical components quality using direct measurement of 3D intensity point spread function
Author(s): Maciej Baranski; Stephane Perrin; Nicolas Passilly; Luc Froehly; Sylwester Bargiel; Jorge Albero; Christophe Gorecki
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Raman spectroscopy of nanostructured silicon fabricated by metal-assisted chemical etching
Author(s): Igor Iatsunskyi; Stefan Jurga; Valentyn Smyntyna; Mykolai Pavlenko; Valeriy Myndrul; Anastasia Zaleska
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Sub-kHz traceable characterization of stroboscopic scanning white light interferometer
Author(s): V. Heikkinen; I. Kassamakov; T. Paulin; A. Nolvi; J. Seppä; A. Lassila; E. Hæggström
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Three-dimensional surface reconstruction by combining a pico-digital projector for structured light illumination and an imaging system with high magnification and high depth of field
Author(s): A. Leong-Hoï; B. Serio; P. Twardowski; P. Montgomery
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Spectral ellipsometry studying of iron's optical and electronic properties
Author(s): Yevheniia Chernukha; Vasyl S. Stashchuk; Olena Polianska; Olexsandr Oshtuk
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Fingerprint authentication via joint transform correlator and its application in remote access control of a 3D microscopic system
Author(s): Wenqi He; Hongji Lai; Meng Wang; Zeyi Liu; Yongkai Yin; Xiang Peng
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Towards traceable mechanical properties measurement of silicon nanopillars using contact resonance force microscopy
Author(s): S. Gao; U. Brand
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Tilt angle measurement with a Gaussian-shaped laser beam tracking
Author(s): Martin Šarbort; Šimon Řeřucha; Petr Jedlička; Josef Lazar; Ondrej Číp
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Development of a laser-speckle-based measurement principle for the evaluation of mechanical deformation of stacked metal sheets
Author(s): Clemens Halder; Thomas Thurner; Mathias Mair
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A dual-styli micro-machined system for precise determination of the thickness of free-standing thin films
Author(s): Zhi Li; Sai Gao; Helmut Wolff; Uwe Brand; Ludger Koenders
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Automatic digital filtering for the accuracy improving of a digital holographic measurement system
Author(s): Marcella Matrecano; Lisa Miccio; Anna Persano; Fabio Quaranta; Pietro Siciliano; Pietro Ferraro
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Common-path configuration in total internal reflection digital holography microscopy
Author(s): M. Matrecano; A. Calabuig; M. Paturzo; P. Ferraro
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Active angular alignment of gauge block in system for contactless gauge block calibration
Author(s): Zdeněk Buchta; Martin Šarbort; Šimon Řeřucha; Václav Hucl; Martin Čížek; Josef Lazar; Ondřej Číp
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In-beam tracking refractometry for coordinate interferometric measurement
Author(s): Miroslava Holá; Josef Lazar; Ondřej Číp; Zdeněk Buchta
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Asymmetric polarization-based frequency shifting interferometer for microelectronics
Author(s): Seung Hyun Lee; Min Young Kim
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