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Micro-Optics 2014
Editor(s): Hugo Thienpont; Jürgen Mohr; Hans Zappe; Hirochika Nakajima
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Volume Number: 9130
Date Published: 19 May 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9130
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Thermally tunable optical aperture based on a segmented thin-film resonator
Author(s): Hendrik Block; Philipp Metz; Jost Adam; Martina Gerken
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3D optimization of a polymer MOEMS for active focusing of VCSEL beam
Author(s): S. Abada; T. Camps; B. Reig; JB Doucet; E. Daran; V. Bardinal
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An endoscopic microscope with liquid-tunable aspheric lenses for continuous zoom capability
Author(s): Pengpeng Zhao; Çağlar Ataman; Hans Zappe
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Design and fabrication of multiple airgap-based visible filters
Author(s): M. Ghaderi; R. F. Wolffenbuttel
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Integrated electrochromic aperture diaphragm
Author(s): T. Deutschmann; E. Oesterschulze
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Analysis of effect of single and multiple micro-ring resonators as an optical filter using the Mason's gain formula
Author(s): Santosh Kumar; Ajay Kumar; Sanjeev Kumar Raghuwanhsi
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Wide band, wide angular width wire-grid polarizer using galvanic growth technology
Author(s): Yves Jourlin; Markus Guttmann; Frédéric Lacour; Janne Laukkanen; Koceila Yadel; Frédéric Celle; Colette Veillas; Thomas Kämpfe; Barbara Matthis; Olivier Parriaux
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Refractive index measurements of double-cylinder structures found in natural spider silks
Author(s): Douglas J. Little; Deb M. Kane
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Determination of thermo-optic properties of atomic layer deposited thin TiO2 films for athermal resonant waveguide gratings by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Author(s): Muhammad Rizwan Saleem; Rizwan Ali; Seppo Honkanen; Jari Turunen
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Printing on demand of polymer micro lenses array
Author(s): S. Coppola; I. A. Grimaldi; F. Loffredo; F. Villani; G. Nenna; C. Minarini; V. Vespini; L. Miccio; S. Grilli; P. Ferraro
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Wavefront sensor sampling plane fabricated by maskless grayscale lithography
Author(s): G. A. Cirino; F. T. Amaral; S. A. Lopera; A. N. Montagnolil; A. Arruda; R. D. Mansano; T. M.-Brahim; D. W. L. Monteiro
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Microfabrication and characterization of single-mask silicon microlens arrays for the IR spectra
Author(s): Pablo N. A. Belmonte; Davies W. de Lima Monteiro; Rodolfo F. de Oliveira Costa; P. J. French; G. Pandraud
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Proof-of-concept demonstration of a total internal reflection based module for fluorescence and absorbance detection using a 3D-printed syringe pump
Author(s): Tom Verschooten; Heidi Ottevaere; Michael Vervaeke; Jürgen Van Erps; Hugo Thienpont
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Design of a MEMS-based retina scanning system for biometric authentication
Author(s): Franziska Woittennek; Jens Knobbe; Tino Pügner; Uwe Schelinski; Heinrich Grüger
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Curved artificial compound-eyes for autonomous navigation
Author(s): Robert Leitel; Andreas Brückner; Wolfgang Buß; Stéphane Viollet; Ramon Pericet-Camara; Hanspeter Mallot; Andreas Bräuer
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Design, fabrication and characterization of miniaturized high resolution camera modules
Author(s): M. Kuehn; M. Goetz; C. Mueller; H. Reinecke
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Self-centering fiber alignment structures for high-precision field installable single-mode fiber connectors
Author(s): Jürgen Van Erps; Evert Ebraert; Fei Gao; Michael Vervaeke; Francis Berghmans; Stefano Beri; Jan Watté; Hugo Thienpont
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Opto-mechanical design of a buckling cavity in a novel high-performance outside-plant robust field installable single-mode fibre connector
Author(s): Evert Ebraert; Jürgen Van Erps; Stefano Beri; Jan Watté; Hugo Thienpont
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Three dimensional fabrication of optical waveguiding elements for on-chip integration
Author(s): V. V. Parsi Sreenivas; M. Bülters; M. Schröder; R. B. Bergmann
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Three-dimensional buried polymer waveguides via femtosecond direct laser writing with two-photon absorption
Author(s): Duc H. H. Nguyen; Kerstin Kaleta; Stefan Hengsbach; Ute Ostrzinski; Karl Pfeiffer; Uwe Hollenbach; Jürgen Mohr
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Fabrication of refractive freeform array masters for artificial compound eye cameras
Author(s): J. Dunkel; F. Wippermann; A. Brückner; A. Reimann; M. Müller; A. Bräuer
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Polymer self-assembling of light converting microlenses arrays
Author(s): S. Coppola; B. Mandracchia; G. Nasti; V. Vespini; P. Pareo; L. Carbone; M. Manca; G. Gigli; P. Ferraro
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Uniform fabrication of thick SU-8 patterns on small-sized wafers for micro-optics applications
Author(s): S. Abada; B. Reig; E. Daran; JB Doucet; T. Camps; S. Charlot; V. Bardinal
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Toolchain concept for the automated assembly of micro-optical systems
Author(s): Sebastian Haag; Tobias Müller; Christian Brecher
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Design, fabrication and characterization of LVOF-based IR microspectrometers
Author(s): N. P. Ayerden; M. Ghaderi; M. F. Silva; A. Emadi; P. Enoksson; J. H. Correia; G. de Graaf; R. F. Wolffenbuttel
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Arrays of millimeter-sized glass lenses for miniature inspection systems
Author(s): J. Albero; S. Perrin; S. Bargiel; M. Baranski; N. Passilly; L. Gauthier-Manuel; C. Gorecki
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Linear to radial/azimuthal polarization converter in transmission using form birefringence in a segmented silicon grating manufactured by high productivity microelectronic technologies
Author(s): T. Kaempfe; P. Sixt; D. Renaud; A. Lagrange; F. Perrin; O. Parriaux
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Optimizing the fabrication of diffractive optical elements using a focused ion beam system
Author(s): A. Vijayakumar; Ulrike Eigenthaler; Kahraman Keskinbora; Gayathri M. Sridharan; V. Pramitha; Michael Hirscher; Joachim P. Spatz; Shanti Bhattacharya
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Fast character projection electron beam lithography for diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Torsten Harzendorf; Frank Fuchs; Michael Banasch; Uwe D. Zeitner
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Chromatic confocal microscope using hybrid aspheric diffractive lenses
Author(s): Mathieu Rayer; Daniel Mansfield
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Sub-wavelength grating as phase retarder: design using modal method and modeling by finite element method
Author(s): Gayathri M. Sridharan; Shanti Bhattacharya
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Approach of pullulan derivatives to resist polymers for green lithography in eco-friendly optical NEMS and MEMS
Author(s): Satoshi Takei; Akihiro Oshima; Kenta Ito; Kigenn Sugahara; Miki Kashiwakura; Tomoko G. Oyama; Takahiro Kozawa; Seiichi Tagawa; Makoto Hanabata
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Progressive phase conjugation and its application in reconfigurable spatial-mode extraction and conversion
Author(s): Atsushi Okamoto; Tomohiro Maeda; Yuki Hirasaki; Akihisa Tomita; Kunihiro Sato
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Laser-induced damage in photopolymers thin films with ultrashort pulses
Author(s): Albertas Žukauskas; Gintarė Batavičiūtė; Mindaugas Ščiuka; Andrius Melninkaitis; Mangirdas Malinauskas
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Preliminary investigation in optical resonators based on carbon nano-tube and coupling for optoelectronics
Author(s): Patrice Salzenstein; Taron Makaryan
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Design and analysis of beam splitters and GRIN lenses using 2D photonic crystals in silicon for telecommunications
Author(s): Uday B. M.; Prita Nair
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Tailoring the optical and rheological properties of an epoxy acrylate based host-guest system
Author(s): Uwe Gleißner; Thomas Hanemann
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Photoactivation and optogenetics with micro mirror enhanced illumination
Author(s): F. Rückerl; D. Berndt; J. Heber; S. Shorte
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