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Algorithms and Technologies for Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery XX
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Volume Number: 9088
Date Published: 3 July 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9088
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Graph based hyperspectral image segmentation with improved affinity matrix
Author(s): Lei Fan; David W. Messinger
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Wavelet packet mixing for image fusion and pan-sharpening
Author(s): Wojciech Czaja; Timothy Doster; James M. Murphy
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Schroedinger Eigenmaps with nondiagonal potentials for spatial-spectral clustering of hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Nathan D. Cahill; Wojciech Czaja; David W. Messinger
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Evaluation of a procedure for compressing hyperspectral data
Author(s): Michael E. Winter; Edwin M. Winter
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Effects of preprocessing applied to the compression of ultraspectral images
Author(s): Rolando Herrero; Martin Cadirola; Vinay K. Ingle
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Retrieval of sand density from hyperspectral BRDF
Author(s): Charles M. Bachmann; Andrei Abelev; William Philpot; Katarina Z. Doctor; Marcos J. Montes; Robert Fusina; Rong-Rong Li; Elena van Roggen
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The influence of particle size on infrared reflectance spectra
Author(s): Tanya L. Myers; Carolyn S. Brauer; Yin-Fong Su; Thomas A. Blake; Timothy J. Johnson; Robert L. Richardson
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Hyperspectral target detection using graph theory models and manifold geometry via an adaptive implementation of locally linear embedding
Author(s): Amanda K. Ziemann; David W. Messinger
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Enough with the additive target model
Author(s): Alan Schaum
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Vector tunnel algorithm for hyperspectral target detection
Author(s): S. Demirci; I. Erer; O. Ersoy
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Transductive and matched-pair machine learning for difficult target detection problems
Author(s): James Theiler
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A comparison of real and simulated airborne multisensor imagery
Author(s): Kevin Bloechl; Chris De Angelis; Michael Gartley; John Kerekes; C. Eric Nance
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MODTRAN6: a major upgrade of the MODTRAN radiative transfer code
Author(s): Alexander Berk; Patrick Conforti; Rosemary Kennett; Timothy Perkins; Frederick Hawes; Jeannette van den Bosch
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A spectral climatology for atmospheric compensation
Author(s): John H. Powell; Ronald G. Resmini
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Multispectral, hyperspectral, and LiDAR remote sensing and geographic information fusion for improved earthquake response
Author(s): F. A. Kruse; A. M. Kim; S. C. Runyon; Sarah C. Carlisle; C. C. Clasen; C. H. Esterline; A. Jalobeanu; J. P. Metcalf; P. L. Basgall; D. M. Trask; R. C. Olsen
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Estimating radiological background using imaging spectroscopy
Author(s): Bruce Bernacki; John E. Schweppe; Sean Stave; David Jordan; Jonathan Kulisek; Trevor Stewart; Carolyn Seifert
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Subsurface unmixing for benthic habitat mapping using hyperspectral imagery and lidar-derived bathymetry
Author(s): Maria C. Torres-Madronero; Miguel Velez-Reyes; James A. Goodman
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Parallax mitigation for hyperspectral change detection
Author(s): Karmon Vongsy; Michael T. Eismann; Michael J. Mendenhall; Vincent J. Velten
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First observations using SPICE hyperspectral dataset
Author(s): Dalton Rosario; Joao Romano; Christoph Borel
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Bobcat 2013: a hyperspectral data collection supporting the development and evaluation of spatial-spectral algorithms
Author(s): Jason Kaufman; Mehmet Celenk; A. K. White; Alan D. Stocker
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First results from the hyperspectral imager for climate science (HySICS)
Author(s): Greg Kopp; Chris Belting; Zach Castleman; Ginger Drake; Joey Espejo; Karl Heuerman; Bret Lamprecht; James Lanzi; Paul Smith; David Stuchlik; Bill Vermeer
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Multisensor data fusion across time and space
Author(s): Pierre V. Villeneuve; Scott G. Beaven; Robert A. Reed
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Simultaneous spectral analysis of multiple video sequence data for LWIR gas plumes
Author(s): Justin Sunu; Jen-Mei Chang; Andrea L. Bertozzi
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Long-wave infrared surface reflectance spectra retrieved from Telops Hyper-Cam imagery
Author(s): S. M. Adler-Golden; P. Conforti; M. Gagnon; P. Tremblay; Martin Chamberland
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Hyperspectral chemical plume quantification and temperature estimation
Author(s): Sidi Niu; Steven E. Golowich; Vinay K. Ingle; Dimitris G. Manolakis
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Spectral image fusion using band reduction and contourlets
Author(s): Yoonsuk Choi; Ershad Sharifahmadian; Shahram Latifi
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Determining optimum pixel size for classification
Author(s): Nicole M. Rodríguez-Carrión; Shawn D. Hunt; Miguel A. Goenaga-Jimenez; Miguel Vélez-Reyez
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An analysis of the nonlinear spectral mixing of didymium and soda-lime glass beads using hyperspectral imagery (HSI) microscopy
Author(s): Ronald G. Resmini; Robert S. Rand; David W. Allen; Christopher J. Deloye
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Novel metrics for object discrimination in overhead real and synthetic color images
Author(s): Prakash Duraisamy; Amr H. Yousef; Khan M. Iftekharuddin
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Integrating spatial information in unmixing using the nonnegative matrix factorization
Author(s): Miguel A. Goenaga-Jimenez; Miguel Vélez-Reyes
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Denoising HSI images for standoff target detection
Author(s): Steven Wilson; Shahram Latifi
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Assessment of Schrodinger Eigenmaps for target detection
Author(s): Leidy P. Dorado Munoz; David W. Messinger; Wojtek Czaja
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Hyperspectral band selection based on the aggregation of proximity measures for automated target detection
Author(s): John E. Ball; Derek T. Anderson; Sathish Samiappan
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Effective training set sampling strategy for SVDD anomaly detection in hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Mustafa Ergul; Nigar Sen; O. Erman Okman
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Effects of optical aberration on chromotomographic reconstruction
Author(s): Ryan Tervo; Michael Hawks; Glen Perram; Matthew Fickus
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Experimental characterization of the quality of image reconstruction from a chromotomographic system
Author(s): Kyle J. Dufaud; Michael R. Hawks; Ryan Tervo
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Characterization of a compact 6-band multifunctional camera based on patterned spectral filters in the focal plane
Author(s): H. E. Torkildsen; H. Hovland; T. Opsahl; T. V. Haavardsholm; S. Nicolas; T. Skauli
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Tower testing of a 64W shortwave infrared supercontinuum laser for use as a hyperspectral imaging illuminator
Author(s): Joseph Meola; Anthony Absi; Mohammed N. Islam; Lauren M. Peterson; Kevin Ke; Michael J. Freeman; Agustin I. Ifaraguerri
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Local imaging from global measurements applied to selective-spectral imaging
Author(s): Johann Veras; Robert R. Muise; David Twede
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Proper spectral band adjustment for coloristic feature-based recognition of safety signs
Author(s): Christian Merfort; Daniel Schneider; Markus Boehm
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A color calibration method for spectral image based on radiative transfer mechanism
Author(s): Chuanrong Li; Lingling Ma; Xinfang Yuan; Ning Wang; Lingli Tang; Shi Qiu; Jianjian Li
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Band selection in hyperspectral imagery using sparse support vector machines
Author(s): Sofya Chepushtanova; Christopher Gittins; Michael Kirby
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