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Laser Radar Technology and Applications XIX; and Atmospheric Propagation XI
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Volume Number: 9080
Date Published: 26 June 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9080
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multi-dimensional laser radars
Author(s): Vasyl Molebny; Ove Steinvall
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A polarimetric scanning LADAR: system development and performance analysis
Author(s): Yury Y. Markushin; Nicholas P. Calvano; Gour S. Pati; Renu Tripathi
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A long-distance laser altimeter for terrain relative navigation and spacecraft landing
Author(s): Diego F. Pierrottet; Farzin Amzajerdian; Bruce Barnes
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1541nm GmAPD LADAR system
Author(s): Mary R. Kutteruf; Paul Lebow
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Mosaïc active imaging: direct physical modeling and image reconstruction
Author(s): Emmanuelle Thouin; Marie-Thérèse Velluet; Dominique Hamoir; Laurent Hespel; François Malgouyres; Xavier Briottet
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16W average power 2μm Thulium fiber laser with one stage MOPA
Author(s): Wendi Wu; Ting Yu; Qijie Huang; Xiaojin Cheng; Weibiao Chen
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Development of scanning laser sensor for underwater 3D imaging with the coaxial optics
Author(s): Hideaki Ochimizu; Masaharu Imaki; Shumpei Kameyama; Takashi Saito; Shoujirou Ishibashi; Hiroshi Yoshida
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Outward atmospheric scintillation effects and inward atmospheric scintillation effects comparisons for direct detection ladar applications
Author(s): Douglas G. Youmans
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High-fidelity flash lidar model development
Author(s): Glenn D. Hines; Diego F. Pierrottet; Farzin Amzajerdian
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Doppler lidar system design via interdisciplinary design concept at NASA Langley Research Center: Part I
Author(s): Charles M. Boyer; Trevor P. Jackson; Jeffrey Y. Beyon; Larry B. Petway
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Design and performance of a fiber array coupled multi-channel photon counting, 3D imaging, airborne lidar system
Author(s): Genghua Huang; Rong Shu; Libing Hou; Ming Li
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Doppler lidar system design via interdisciplinary design concept at NASA Langley Research Center: Part II
Author(s): Aaron I. Crasner; Salvatore Scola; Jeffrey Y. Beyon; Larry B. Petway
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Doppler lidar system design via interdisciplinary design concept at NASA Langley Research Center: Part III
Author(s): Bruce W. Barnes; Alaric M. Sessions; Jeffrey Y. Beyon; Larry B. Petway
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Improving waveform lidar processing toward robust deconvolution of signals for improved structural assessments
Author(s): Kerry Cawse-Nicholson; Jan van Aardt; Shea Hagstrom; Paul Romanczyk; Crystal Schaaf; Alan Strahler; Zhan Li; Keith Krause
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Online waveform processing for demanding target situations
Author(s): Martin Pfennigbauer; Clifford Wolf; Josef Weinkopf; Andreas Ullrich
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Range resolution improvement of eyesafe ladar testbed (ELT) measurements using sparse signal deconvolution
Author(s): Scott E. Budge; Jacob H. Gunther
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High-speed on-board data processing for science instruments
Author(s): Jeffrey Y. Beyon; Tak-Kwong Ng; Bing Lin; Yongxiang Hu; Wallace Harrison
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Incoherent pulse compression in laser range finder
Author(s): Daniel Grodensky; Daniel Kravitz; Nadav Arbel; Nadav Levanon; Avinoam Zadok
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Algorithm for detecting important changes in lidar point clouds
Author(s): Dmitriy Korchev; Yuri Owechko
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Improved registration for 3D image creation using multiple texel images and incorporating low-cost GPS/INS measurements
Author(s): Scott E. Budge; Xuan Xie
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Estimating sampling completeness of lidar datasets using voxel-based geometry
Author(s): Shea Hagstrom; David Messinger; Katie N. Salvaggio
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Graph segmentation and support vector machines for bare earth classification from lidar
Author(s): Nicholas S. Shorter; O'Neil Smith; Philip Smith; Mark Rahmes
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Comparison of lidar and stereo photogrammetric point clouds for change detection
Author(s): Paul L. Basgall; Fred A. Kruse; Richard C. Olsen
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Uncertainty assessment and probabilistic change detection using terrestrial and airborne lidar
Author(s): André Jalobeanu; Angela M. Kim; Scott C. Runyon; R. C. Olsen; Fred A. Kruse
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lidar change detection using building models
Author(s): Angela M. Kim; Scott C. Runyon; Andre Jalobeanu; Chelsea H. Esterline; Fred A. Kruse
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Correlation between lidar-derived intensity and passive optical imagery
Author(s): Jeremy P. Metcalf; Angela M. Kim; Fred A. Kruse; Richard C. Olsen
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A calibration method of the multi-channel imaging lidar
Author(s): Weiming Xu; Jun Liu; Rong Shu
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Using an eyesafe military laser range finder for atmospheric sensing
Author(s): Ove Steinvall; Rolf Persson; Folke Berglund; Ove K. S. Gustafsson; Frank Gustafsson
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Development of a fluorescence lidar for measurement of atmospheric formaldehyde
Author(s): Anand Radhakrishnan Mylapore; Mikhail Yakshin; Alexander Achey; In Heon Hwang; Sangwoo Lee; Nikhil Mehta; Geary K. Schwemmer; Coorg R. Prasad; Thomas F. Hanisco
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A three-beam aerosol backscatter correlation lidar for three-component wind profiling
Author(s): Anand Radhakrishnan Mylapore; Geary K. Schwemmer; Coorg R. Prasad; Sangwoo Lee; Alexander Achey; In Heon Hwang; Nikhil Mehta; Mikhail Yakshin; Konstantin Novoselov; Narasimha S. Prasad
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Laser remote sensing of species concentrations and dynamical processes
Author(s): C. Russell Philbrick; Hans D. Hallen
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Remote aerosol species-identification using IR scattering spectroscopy
Author(s): Shupeng Niu; C. Russell Philbrick; Hans D. Hallen
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Offshore wind measurements using Doppler aerosol wind lidar (DAWN) at NASA Langley Research Center
Author(s): Jeffrey Y. Beyon; Grady J. Koch; Michael J. Kavaya
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Clipping of TE-CO2 laser pulse using gas breakdown technique for high spatial resolution gas plume detection
Author(s): Taieb Gasmi
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Scintillation fluctuations of optical communication lasers in atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Michael G. Panich; Joseph T. Coffaro; Sara B. Belichki; Landon J. Splitter; Ronald L. Phillips; Larry C. Andrews; Wayne Fountain; Frank M. Tucker
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Internal anisotropy of the turbulent scintillations
Author(s): Mikhail Charnotskii
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Simulation of partially spatially coherent laser beam and comparison with field test data for both terrestrial and maritime environments
Author(s): N. Mosavi; C. Nelson; B. S. Marks; B. G. Boone; C. R. Menyuk
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Atmospheric turbulence effects on a monostatic and bistatic retroreflecting link
Author(s): Rita Mahon; Mike S. Ferraro; Peter G. Goetz; Christopher I. Moore; James Murphy; William S. Rabinovich
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Demonstrating capacity-approaching FSO communications
Author(s): Michael P. Fitz; Thomas R. Halford; Cenk Kose; Jonathan Cromwell; Steven Gordon
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Implementation and performance of stochastic parallel gradient descent algorithm for atmospheric turbulence compensation
Author(s): Greg A. Finney; Christopher M. Persons; Stephan Henning; Jessie Hazen; Daniel Whitley
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Image processing techniques for laser propagation through atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Sara B. Belichki; Landon J. Splitter; Larry C. Andrews; Ronald L. Phillips; Joseph T. Coffaro; Michael G. Panich
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Diversity effects in modulating retro-reflector links
Author(s): William S. Rabinovich; Rita Mahon; Mike S. Ferraro; Peter G. Goetz; James Murphy
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Integration of a concentric five element InAIAs/InGaAs avalanche photodiode array in a stabilized bi-static optical assembly
Author(s): Mike S. Ferraro; Rita Mahon; William S. Rabinovich; James L. Murphy; Wade T. Freeman; Steve Frawley; Peter G. Goetz; Harris R. Burris; Linda M. Thomas; William R. Clark; William D. Waters; Kenneth Vaccaro; Brian Krejca; Barry M. Mathieu
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The integrated atmospheric characterization system (IACS)
Author(s): D. W. Roberts; K. R. Albers; E. A. Brown; T. A. Craney; M. M. Hosain; R. K. James; N. D. Meraz; A. J. Mercer; K. D. Nielson; R. L. Ortman; T. W. Pool; J. W. Wood; J. M. Stewart; T. M. Strike; G. G. Gimmestad; D. N. Whiteman
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Control of a small robot using a hybrid optical modulating retro-reflector/RF link
Author(s): James L. Murphy; Mike S. Ferraro; William S. Rabinovich; Peter G. Goetz; Michele R. Suite; Stanley H. Uecke
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Detecting binary non-return-to-zero data in free-space optical communication systems using FPGAs
Author(s): Vy Bui; Lan Tran; Esam El-Araby; Nader M. Namazi
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