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Infrared Imaging Systems: Design, Analysis, Modeling, and Testing XXV
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Volume Number: 9071
Date Published: 10 June 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9071
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Comparison of IRST systems by SNR
Author(s): Charles C. Kim; Ron Meyer
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Field of view selection for optimal airborne imaging sensor performance
Author(s): Tristan M. Goss; P. Werner Barnard; Halidun Fildis; Mustafa Erbudak; Tolga Senger; Mehmet E. Alpman
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Thermal imager sources of non-uniformities: modeling of static and dynamic contributions during operations
Author(s): B. Sozzi; M. Olivieri; P. Mariani; C. Giunti; S. Zatti; A. Porta
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Comparing and contrasting different broadband MTF definitions and the relationship to range performance predictions
Author(s): Jonathan G. Hixson; David P. Haefner; Brian Teaney
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Method for quantifying image quality in push-broom hyperspectral cameras
Author(s): Gudrun Hoeye; Trond Løke; Andrei Fridman
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An analysis of the performance trade space for multifunction EO-IR systems
Author(s): Keith A. Krapels; Ron Driggers; Orges Furxhi
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Observer analysis and its impact on task performance modeling
Author(s): Eddie L. Jacobs; Jeremy B. Brown
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Lab and field measurements to evaluate a differential polarimetric IR (DPIR) search sensor
Author(s): Roger Thompson Jr.; Keith Krapels; Van Hodgkin; Bradley Preece; Kevin Leonard; Kristan Gurton
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Modeling segmentation performance in NV-IPM
Author(s): Micah J. Lies; Eddie L. Jacobs; Jeremy B. Brown
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Predicted NETD performance of a polarized infrared imaging sensor
Author(s): Bradley Preece; Van A. Hodgkin; Roger Thompson; Kevin Leonard; Keith Krapels
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Technologies for low-bandwidth high-latency unmanned ground vehicle control
Author(s): Teresa Pace; Ken Cogan; Lee Hunt; Paul Restine
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High-dynamic range imaging using FAST-IR imagery
Author(s): Frédérick Marcotte; Vincent Farley; Myron Pauli; Jason Auxier; Pierre Tremblay; Martin Chamberland
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A virtual environment for modeling and testing sensemaking with multisensor information
Author(s): Denise Nicholson; Kathleen Bartlett; Robert Hoppenfeld; Margaret Nolan; Sae Schatz
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Performance assessment of compressive sensing imaging
Author(s): Todd W. Du Bosq; David P. Haefner; Bradley L. Preece
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Low-cost computational imaging infrared sensor
Author(s): Kyle Bryant; W. Derrick Edwards; Ryan K. Rogers
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Color camera measurement and modeling for use in the Night Vision Integrated Performance Model (NV-IPM)
Author(s): David P. Haefner; Jonathan D. Fanning; Brian P. Teaney; Stephen D. Burks
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Imaging system sensitivity analysis with NV-IPM
Author(s): Jonathan Fanning; Brian Teaney
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Modeling laser radar systems in the Night Vision Integrated Performance Model (NV-IPM)
Author(s): Kevin R. Leonard; Van Hodgkin; Bradley Preece; Roger Thompson; Keith Krapels
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Modeling static and dynamic detection of humans in rural terrain
Author(s): Eric Flug
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Uncertainty analysis of sensor performance parameters in the shortwave infrared spectral range based on nightglow as the main lightsource
Author(s): Thomas Svensson; David Bergström
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A uniform method for analytically modeling mulit-target acquisition with independent networked imaging sensors
Author(s): Melvin Friedman
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SWIR range performance prediction for long-range applications
Author(s): E. Guadagnoli; P. Ventura; Gianni Barani; A. Porta
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NIST traceable measurements of radiance and luminance levels of night-vision-goggle test-instruments
Author(s): G. P. Eppeldauer; V. B. Podobedov
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Methodology for lens transmission measurement in the 8-13 micron waveband: integrating sphere versus camera-based
Author(s): Norbert Schuster; Jan Verplancke; Bergeron Salethaiyan; John Franks
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Modulation transfer function measurement of microbolometer focal plane array by Lloyd's mirror method
Author(s): Guillaume Druart; Sylvain Rommeluere; Thibault Viale; Nicolas Guerineau; Isabelle Ribet-Mohamed; Arnaud Crastes; Alain Durand; Jean Taboury
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Reporting NETD: why measurement techniques matter
Author(s): Ryan K. Rogers; W. Derrik Edwards; Caleb E. Waddle; Christopher L. Dobbins; Sam B. Wood
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Test equipment and methods to characterize fully assembled SWIR digital imaging systems
Author(s): John Green; Tim Robinson
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Calibration of uncooled LWIR microbolometer imagers to enable long-term field deployment
Author(s): Paul W. Nugent; Joseph A. Shaw
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Spectral and angular responses of microbolometer IR FPA: a characterization method using a FTIR
Author(s): Aurélie Touvignon; Alain Durand; Fabien Romanens; Julien Favreau; Olivier Gravrand; Christel-Loïc Tisse
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NVLabCAP: an NVESD-developed software tool to determine EO system performance
Author(s): Stephen D. Burks; Joshua M. Doe; David P. Haefner; Brian P. Teaney
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An alternate method for performing MRTD measurements
Author(s): Alan Irwin; Jack Grigor
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Characterization of SWIR cameras by MRC measurements
Author(s): M. Gerken; H. Schlemmer; Hubertus A. Haan; Christofer Siemens; M. Münzberg
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Wafer level test solutions for IR sensors
Author(s): Sebastian Giessmann; Frank-Michael Werner
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Performance analysis of panoramic infrared systems
Author(s): Orges Furxhi; Ronald G. Driggers; Gerald Holst; Keith Krapels
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Evaluation of turbulence mitigation methods
Author(s): Adam W. M. van Eekeren; Claudia S. Huebner; Judith Dijk; Klamer Schutte; Piet B. W. Schwering
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Developing a broad spectrum atmospheric aerosol characterization for remote sensing platforms over desert regions
Author(s): Shadrian B. Strong; Andrea M. Brown
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FTIR characterization of atmospheric fluctuations along slant paths
Author(s): C. A. Martin; D. M. Brown; M. E. Thomas; S. Strong; Michele B. Lohr
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Validation of atmospheric turbulence simulations of extended scenes
Author(s): Kevin R. Leonard; Richard L. Espinola
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Aerosol MTF revisited
Author(s): Norman S. Kopeika; Arkadi Zilberman; Yitzhak Yitzhaky
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DARPA super resolution vision system (SRVS) robust turbulence data collection and analysis
Author(s): Richard L. Espinola; Kevin R. Leonard; Roger Thompson; David Tofsted; Sean D'Arcy
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Three dimensional temperature estimation of a fire plume using multiple longwave infrared camera views
Author(s): Michele B. Lohr; Michael E. Thomas; Todd M. Neighoff; Daniel T. Prendergast; Austin G. Dress; Sean T. Happel; Karen M. Siegrist; Yale Chang
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Development and evaluation of technologies for testing visible and infrared imaging sensors
Author(s): H. S. Lowry; S. L. Steely; W. J. Phillips; R. A. Nicholson
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Real-time scene and signature generation for ladar and imaging sensors
Author(s): Leszek Swierkowski; Chad L. Christie; Leonid Antanovskii; Efthimios Gouthas
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Real-time simulation of combined short-wave and long-wave infrared vision on a head-up display
Author(s): Niklas Peinecke; Sven Schmerwitz
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Ultrahigh-temperature emitter pixel development for scene projectors
Author(s): Kevin Sparkman; Joe LaVeigne; Steve McHugh; John Lannon; Scott Goodwin
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Scalable emitter array development for infrared scene projector systems
Author(s): Kevin Sparkman; Joe LaVeigne; Steve McHugh; Jason Kulick; John Lannon; Scott Goodwin
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Background character research for synthetical performance of thermal imaging systems
Author(s): Song-lin Chen; Ji-hui Wang; Xiao-wei Wang; Wei-qi Jin
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Application of responsivity and noise evaluation method to infrared thermal imaging sensors
Author(s): Dong-Ik Kim; Ghiseok Kim; Geon-Hee Kim; Ki Soo Chang
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WAHRSIS: A low-cost high-resolution whole sky imager with near-infrared capabilities
Author(s): Soumyabrata Dev; Florian M. Savoy; Yee Hui Lee; Stefan Winkler
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