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Medical Imaging 2014: Digital Pathology
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Volume Number: 9041
Date Published: 22 April 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9041
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Automatic detection of invasive ductal carcinoma in whole slide images with convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Angel Cruz-Roa; Ajay Basavanhally; Fabio González; Hannah Gilmore; Michael Feldman; Shridar Ganesan; Natalie Shih; John Tomaszewski; Anant Madabhushi
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Zooming in: high resolution 3D reconstruction of differently stained histological whole slide images
Author(s): Johannes Lotz; Judith Berger; Benedikt Müller; Kai Breuhahn; Niels Grabe; Stefan Heldmann; André Homeyer; Bernd Lahrmann; Hendrik Laue; Janine Olesch; Michael Schwier; Oliver Sedlaczek; Arne Warth
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Detection of felt tip markers on microscope slides
Author(s): David Friedrich; Dietrich Meyer-Ebrecht; Alfred Böcking; Dorit Merhof
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Hot spot detection for breast cancer in Ki-67 stained slides: image dependent filtering approach
Author(s): M. Khalid Khan Niazi; Erinn Downs-Kelly; Metin N. Gurcan
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Breast histopathology using random decision forests-based classification of infrared spectroscopic imaging data
Author(s): David M. Mayerich; Michael Walsh; Andre Kadjacsy-Balla; Shachi Mittal; Rohit Bhargava
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Quantitative analysis of stain variability in histology slides and an algorithm for standardization
Author(s): Babak Ehteshami Bejnordi; Nadya Timofeeva; Irene Otte-Höller; Nico Karssemeijer; Jeroen A. W. M. van der Laak
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Does the choice of display system influence perception and visibility of clinically relevant features in digital pathology images?
Author(s): Tom Kimpe; Johan Rostang; Ali Avanaki; Kathryn Espig; Albert Xthona; Ioan Cocuranu; Anil V. Parwani; Liron Pantanowitz
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Towards automatic patient selection for chemotherapy in colorectal cancer trials
Author(s): Alexander Wright; Derek Magee; Philip Quirke; Darren E. Treanor
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Cascaded ensemble of convolutional neural networks and handcrafted features for mitosis detection
Author(s): Haibo Wang; Angel Cruz-Roa; Ajay Basavanhally; Hannah Gilmore; Natalie Shih; Mike Feldman; John Tomaszewski; Fabio Gonzalez; Anant Madabhushi
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Grading vascularity from histopathological images based on traveling salesman distance and vessel size
Author(s): M. Khalid Khan Niazi; Jessica Hemminger; Habibe Kurt; Gerard Lozanski; Metin Gurcan
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Automated high-throughput assessment of prostate biopsy tissue using infrared spectroscopic chemical imaging
Author(s): Paul Bassan; Ashwin Sachdeva; Jonathan H. Shanks; Mick D. Brown; Noel W. Clarke; Peter Gardner
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A fast method for approximate registration of whole-slide images of serial sections using local curvature
Author(s): Nicholas Trahearn; David Epstein; David Snead; Ian Cree; Nasir Rajpoot
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Classification of glioblastoma and metastasis for neuropathology intraoperative diagnosis: a multi-resolution textural approach to model the background
Author(s): Mohammad Faizal Ahmad Fauzi; Hamza Numan Gokozan; Brad Elder; Vinay K. Puduvalli; Jose J. Otero; Metin N. Gurcan
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3D reconstruction of digitized histological sections for vasculature quantification in the mouse hind limb
Author(s): Yiwen Xu; J. Geoffrey Pickering; Zengxuan Nong; Eli Gibson; Aaron D. Ward
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Toward digital staining using stimulated Raman scattering and statistical machine learning
Author(s): K. Tanji; Y. Otsuka; S. Satoh; H. Hashimoto; Y. Ozeki; Kazuyoshi Itoh
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Accuracy and variability of tumor burden measurement on multi-parametric MRI
Author(s): Mehrnoush Salarian; Eli Gibson; Maysam Shahedi; Mena Gaed; José A. Gómez; Madeleine Moussa; Cesare Romagnoli; Derek W. Cool; Matthew Bastian-Jordan; Joseph L. Chin; Stephen Pautler; Glenn S. Bauman; Aaron D. Ward
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Tissue imaging using optical projection tomographic microscopy
Author(s): Qin Miao; Vivan Hu; Eric J. Seibel
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Prostate malignancy grading using gland-related shape descriptors
Author(s): Ulf-Dietrich Braumann; Patrick Scheibe; Markus Loeffler; Glen Kristiansen; Nicolas Wernert
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Multiparametric MR imaging of prostate cancer foci: assessing the detectability and localizability of Gleason 7 peripheral zone cancers based on image contrasts
Author(s): Eli Gibson; Mena Gaed; Thomas Hrinivich; José A. Gómez; Madeleine Moussa; Cesare Romagnoli; Jonathan Mandel; Matthew Bastian-Jordan; Derek W. Cool; Suha Ghoul; Stephen E. Pautler; Joseph L. Chin; Cathie Crukley; Glenn S. Bauman; Aaron Fenster; Aaron D. Ward
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Selection of the best features for leukocytes classification in blood smear microscopic images
Author(s): Omid Sarrafzadeh; Hossein Rabbani; Ardeshir Talebi; Hossein Usefi Banaem
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A discriminant multi-scale histopathology descriptor using dictionary learning
Author(s): David Romo; Juan D. García-Arteaga; Pablo Arbeláez; Eduardo Romero
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A multiview boosting approach to tissue segmentation
Author(s): Jin Tae Kwak; Sheng Xu; Peter A. Pinto; Baris Turkbey; Marcelino Bernardo; Peter L Choyke; Bradford J. Wood
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Cell density in prostate histopathology images as a measure of tumor distribution
Author(s): Hayley M. Reynolds; Scott Williams; Alan M. Zhang; Cheng Soon Ong; David Rawlinson; Rajib Chakravorty; Catherine Mitchell; Annette Haworth
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Type II fuzzy systems for amyloid plaque segmentation in transgenic mouse brains for Alzheimer's disease quantification
Author(s): April Khademi; Danoush Hosseinzadeh
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Perceptual uniformity of commonly used color spaces
Author(s): Ali Avanaki; Kathryn Espig; Tom Kimpe; Albert Xthona; Cedric Marchessoux; Johan Rostang; Bastian Piepers
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Feature-enhancing zoom to facilitate Ki-67 hot spot detection
Author(s): Jesper Molin; Kavitha Shaga Devan; Karin Wårdell; Claes Lundström
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Requirements, desired characteristics and architectural proposal for a visualization framework for digital pathology
Author(s): Tom Kimpe; Ali Avanaki; Kathryn Espig; Johan Rostang; Cedric Marchessoux; Bastian Piepers; Albert Xthona
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Novel computer-aided diagnosis of mesothelioma using nuclear structure of mesothelial cells in effusion cytology specimens
Author(s): Akif Burak Tosun; Oleksandr Yergiyev; Soheil Kolouri; Jan F. Silverman; Gustavo K. Rohde
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A Bayesian framework for cell-level protein network analysis for multivariate proteomics image data
Author(s): Violet N. Kovacheva; Korsuk Sirinukunwattana; Nasir M Rajpoot
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Automatic scale-independent morphology-based quantification of liver fibrosis
Author(s): J. Coatelen; A. Albouy-Kissi; B. Albouy-Kissi; J. -P. Coton; L. Sifre; P. Dechelotte; A. Abergel
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Color accuracy and reproducibility in whole slide imaging scanners
Author(s): Prarthana Shrestha; Bas Hulsken
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