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Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XXXI: Algorithms and Techniques
Editor(s): Juha Röning; David Casasent
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Volume Number: 9025
Date Published: 2 February 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9025
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Adaptation of human routines to support a robot's tasks planning and scheduling
Author(s): Antti Tikanmäki; Sandra T. Feliu; Juha Röning
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A novel lidar-driven two-level approach for real-time unmanned ground vehicle navigation and map building
Author(s): Chaomin Luo; Mohan Krishnan; Mark Paulik; Bo Cui; Xingzhong Zhang
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The 21st annual intelligent ground vehicle competition: robotists for the future
Author(s): Bernard L. Theisen
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Self-localization for an autonomous mobile robot based on an omni-directional vision system
Author(s): Shu-Yin Chiang; Kuang-Yu Lin; Tsorng-Lin Chia
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High-speed object matching and localization using gradient orientation features
Author(s): Xinyu Xu; Peter van Beek; Xiaofan Feng
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Automatic lip reading by using multimodal visual features
Author(s): Shohei Takahashi; Jun Ohya
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A Viola-Jones based hybrid face detection framework
Author(s): Thomas M. Murphy; Randy Broussard; Robert Schultz; Ryan Rakvic; Hau Ngo
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Towards automatic identification of mismatched image pairs through loop constraints
Author(s): Armagan Elibol; Jinwhan Kim; Nuno Gracias; Rafael Garcia
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Using short-wave infrared imaging for fruit quality evaluation
Author(s): Dong Zhang; Dah-Jye Lee; Alok Desai
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Planning perception and action for cognitive mobile manipulators
Author(s): Andre Gaschler; Svetlana Nogina; Ronald P. A. Petrick; Alois Knoll
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Motion lecture annotation system to learn Naginata performances
Author(s): Daisuke Kobayashi; Ryota Sakamoto; Yoshihiko Nomura
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Illumination-robust people tracking using a smart camera network
Author(s): Nyan Bo Bo; Peter Van Hese; Junzhi Guan; Sebastian Gruenwedel; Jorge Niño-Castañeda; Dimitri Van Cauwelaert; Dirk Van Haerenborgh; Peter Veelaert; Wilfried Philips
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Image-based indoor localization system based on 3D SfM model
Author(s): Guoyu Lu; Chandra Kambhamettu
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Using probabilistic model as feature descriptor on a smartphone device for autonomous navigation of unmanned ground vehicles
Author(s): Alok Desai; Dah-Jye Lee
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Classification and segmentation of orbital space based objects against terrestrial distractors for the purpose of finding holes in shape from motion 3D reconstruction
Author(s): T. Nathan Mundhenk; Arturo Flores; Heiko Hoffman
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Discrete and continuous curvature computation for real data
Author(s): Dirk Colbry; Neelima Shrikhande
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An evaluation of attention models for use in SLAM
Author(s): Samuel Dodge; Lina Karam
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3D vision system for intelligent milking robot automation
Author(s): M. A. Akhloufi
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SDTP: a robust method for interest point detection on 3D range images
Author(s): Shandong Wang; Lujin Gong; Hui Zhang; Yongjie Zhang; Haibing Ren; Seon-Min Rhee; Hyong-Euk Lee
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Real time moving object detection using motor signal and depth map for robot car
Author(s): Hao Wu; Wan-Chi Siu
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Research and development of Ro-boat: an autonomous river cleaning robot
Author(s): Aakash Sinha; Prashant Bhardwaj; Bipul Vaibhav; Noor Mohommad
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Real-time, resource-constrained object classification on a micro-air vehicle
Author(s): Louis Buck; Laura Ray
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New vision system and navigation algorithm for an autonomous ground vehicle
Author(s): Hokchhay Tann; Bicky Shakya; Alex C. Merchen; Benjamin C. Williams; Abhishek Khanal; Jiajia Zhao; David J. Ahlgren
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An effective trace-guided wavefront navigation and map-building approach for autonomous mobile robots
Author(s): Chaomin Luo; Mohan Krishnan; Mark Paulik; Gene Eu Jan
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An intelligent hybrid behavior coordination system for an autonomous mobile robot
Author(s): Chaomin Luo; Mohan Krishnan; Mark Paulik; Samer Fallouh
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Increasing signal-to-noise ratio of registered images by using light spatial noise portrait of camera's photosensor
Author(s): Nikolay N. Evtikhiev; Pavel A. Cheremkhin; Vitaly V. Krasnov; Vladislav G. Rodin; Sergey N. Starikov
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Color back projection for fruit maturity evaluation
Author(s): Dong Zhang; Dah-Jye Lee; Alok Desai
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Unmanned ground vehicle: controls and dynamics
Author(s): Ebrahim Attarwala; Pranav Maheshwari; Kumar Keshav; Pranjal Jain; Arpit Gupta; Kriti Gupta; Ravi Yadav
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