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Image Sensors and Imaging Systems 2014
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Volume Number: 9022
Date Published: 5 March 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9022
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A time-resolved image sensor for tubeless streak cameras
Author(s): Keita Yasutomi; SangMan Han; Min-Woong Seo; Taishi Takasawa; Keiichiro Kagawa; Shoji Kawahito
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Pixel structure with 10 nsec fully charge transfer time for the 20m frame per second burst CMOS image sensor
Author(s): K. Miyauchi; Tohru Takeda; K. Hanzawa; Y. Tochigi; S. Sakai; R. Kuroda; H. Tominaga; R. Hirose; K. Takubo; Y. Kondo; S. Sugawa
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Novel CMOS time-delay integration using single-photon counting for high-speed industrial and aerospace applications
Author(s): Munir M. El-Desouki; Badeea Al-Azem
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Ultra-high speed video capturing of time dependent dielectric breakdown of metal-oxide-silicon capacitor up to 10M frame per second
Author(s): F. Shao; D. Kimoto; K. Furukawa; H. Sugo; T. Takeda; K. Miyauchi; Y. Tochigi; R. Kuroda; S. Sugawa
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Low data rate architecture for smart image sensor
Author(s): Amani Darwish; Gilles Sicard; Laurent Fesquet
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Frameless, time domain continuous image capture
Author(s): Henry Gordon Dietz
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Smart imaging for power-efficient extraction of Viola-Jones local descriptors
Author(s): J. Fernández-Berni; R. A. Carmona-Galán; R. del Río; Juan A. Leñero-Bardallo; M. Suárez-Cambre; Á. Rodríguez-Vázquez
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Time-to-digital converter based on analog time expansion for 3D time-of-flight cameras
Author(s): Muhammad Tanveer; Ilkka Nissinen; Jan Nissinen; Juha Kostamovaara; Johan Borg; Jonny Johansson
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Experiment on digital CDS with 33-M pixel 120-fps super hi-vision image sensor
Author(s): J. Yonai; T. Yasue; K. Kitamura; T. Hayashida; T. Watabe; H. Shimamoto; S. Kawahito
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Pixel structure for asymmetry removal in ToF 3D camera
Author(s): Byongmin Kang; Jungsoon Shin; Jaehyuk Choi; James D. K. Kim
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A stimulated Raman scattering imager using high-speed lateral electric field modulator and lock-in pixels amplifiers
Author(s): Kamel Mars; Beak Guseul; Sang Man Han; Taishi Takasawa; Keita Yasutomi; Keiichiro Kagawa; Mamoru Hashimoto; Shoji Kawahito
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Estimating an image sensor's temperature for darksignal-correction
Author(s): Julian Achatzi; Gregor Fischer; Volker Zimmer; Dietrich Paulus
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A statistical evaluation of effective time constants of random telegraph noise with various operation timings of in-pixel source follower transistors
Author(s): A. Yonezawa; R. Kuroda; A. Teramoto; T. Obara; S. Sugawa
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Correcting high-density hot pixel defects in digital imagers
Author(s): Glenn H. Chapman; Rohit Thomas; Zahava Koren; Israel Koren
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Comparison of two optimized readout chains for low light CIS
Author(s): A. Boukhayma; A. Peizerat; A. Dupret; C. Enz
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Review of ADCs for imaging
Author(s): Juan A. Leñero-Bardallo; Jorge Fernández-Berni; Ángel Rodríguez-Vázquez
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Color image sensor using stacked organic photoconductive films with transparent readout circuits separated by thin interlayer insulator
Author(s): Toshikatsu Sakai; Hokuto Seo; Satoshi Aihara; Hiroshi Ohtake; Misao Kubota; Mamoru Furuta
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Real-time compact multispectral imaging solutions using dichroic filter arrays
Author(s): Eric V. Chandler; David E. Fish; Karin J. Evanson
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A 1024×1 linear photodiode array sensor with fast readout speed flexible pixel-level integration time and high stability to UV light exposure
Author(s): Takahiro Akutsu; Shun Kawada; Yasumasa Koda; Taiki Nakazawa; Rihito Kuroda; Shigetoshi Sugawa
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A high fill-factor low dark leakage CMOS image sensor with shared-pixel design
Author(s): Min-Woong Seo; Keita Yasutomi; Keiichiro Kagawa; Shoji Kawahito
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Co-integration of a smart CMOS image sensor and a spatial light modulator for real-time optical phase modulation
Author(s): Timothé Laforest; Arnaud Verdant; Antoine Dupret; Sylvain Gigan; François Ramaz; Gilles Tessier
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A CMOS time-of-flight range image sensor using draining only modulation structure
Author(s): Sangman Han; Keita Yasutomi; Keiichiro Kagawa; Shoji Kawahito
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A high speed 2D time-to-impact algorithm targeted for smart image sensors
Author(s): Anders Åström; Robert Forchheimer
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Real-time 3D millimeter wave imaging based FMCW using GGD focal plane array as detectors
Author(s): Assaf Levanon; Daniel Rozban; Natan S. Kopeika; Yitzhak Yitzhaky; Amir Abramovich
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Iterative compressive sampling for hyperspectral images via source separation
Author(s): S. Kamdem Kuiteing; Mauro Barni
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Hyperspectral imaging applied to end-of-life concrete recycling
Author(s): Silvia Serranti; Giuseppe Bonifazi
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An indirect time-of-flight measurement technique for sub-mm range resolution using impulse photocurrent response
Author(s): Takahiro Usui; Keita Yasutomi; Han San Man; Taishi Takasawa; Keiichiro Kagawa; Shoji Kawahito
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Theoretical study of an efficient bracketing camera system architecture
Author(s): Amine Besrour; Hichem Snoussi; Mohamed Siala; Fatma Abdelkefi
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