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Computational Imaging XII
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Volume Number: 9020
Date Published: 17 March 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9020
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Video colorization based on optical flow and edge-oriented color propagation
Author(s): Mayu Otani; Hirohisa Hioki
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Image enhancement with blurred and noisy image pairs using a dual edge-preserving filtering technique
Author(s): Yuushi Toyoda; Hiroyasu Yoshikawa; Masayoshi Shimizu
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Computational efficiency improvements for image colorization
Author(s): Chao Yu; Gaurav Sharma; Hussein Aly
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Structured light 3D depth map enhancement and gesture recognition using image content adaptive filtering
Author(s): Vikas Ramachandra; James Nash; Kalin Atanassov; Sergio Goma
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Architectures and algorithms for x-ray diffraction imaging
Author(s): Ke Chen; David A. Castañón
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Joint metal artifact reduction and material discrimination in x-ray CT using a learning-based graph-cut method
Author(s): Limor Martin; Ahmet Tuysuzoglu; Prakash Ishwar; W. Clem Karl
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Digital filter based on the Fisher linear discriminant to reduce dead-time paralysis in photon counting
Author(s): Shane Z. Sullivan; Paul D. Schmitt; Emma L. DeWalt; Ryan D. Muir; Garth J. Simpson
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Magnified neutron radiography with coded sources
Author(s): Philip R. Bingham; Hector Santos-Villalobos; Nickolay Lavrik; Hassina Bilheux; Jens Gregor
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A super-resolution algorithm for enhancement of flash lidar data: flight test results
Author(s): Alexander Bulyshev; Farzin Amzajerdian; Eric Roback; Robert Reisse
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Automatic image assessment from facial attributes
Author(s): Raymond Ptucha; David Kloosterman; Brian Mittelstaedt; Alexander Loui
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Closely spaced object resolution using a quantum annealing model
Author(s): J. J. Tran; R. F. Lucas; K. J. Scully; D. L. Semmen
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3D quantitative microwave imaging from sparsely measured data with Huber regularization
Author(s): Funing Bai; Aleksandra Pižurica
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Novel tensor transform-based method of image reconstruction from limited-angle projection data
Author(s): Artyom M. Grigoryan; Nan Du
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Statistical x-ray computed tomography imaging from photon-starved measurements
Author(s): Zhiqian Chang; Ruoqiao Zhang; Jean-Baptiste Thibault; Ken Sauer; Charles Bouman
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Model-based iterative tomographic reconstruction with adaptive sparsifying transforms
Author(s): Luke Pfister; Yoram Bresler
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Structured illumination for compressive x-ray diffraction tomography
Author(s): Joel A. Greenberg; David J. Brady
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Effects of powder morphology and particle size on CT number estimates
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Kallman; Sabrina dePiero; Stephen Azevedo; Harry E. Martz Jr.
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Coded aperture x-ray scatter tomography
Author(s): Andrew D. Holmgren; Kenneth P. MacCabe; Martin P. Tornai; David J. Brady
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Model-based, one-sided, time-of-flight terahertz image reconstruction
Author(s): Stephen M. Schmitt; Jeffrey A. Fessler; Greg D. Fichter; David A. Zimdars
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Fast edge-preserving image denoising via group coordinate descent on the GPU
Author(s): Madison G. McGaffin; Jeffrey A. Fessler
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Light field panorama by a plenoptic camera
Author(s): Zhou Xue; Loic Baboulaz; Paolo Prandoni; Martin Vetterli
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Efficient volumetric estimation from plenoptic data
Author(s): Paul Anglin; Stanley J. Reeves; Brian S. Thurow
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Computationally efficient background subtraction in the light field domain
Author(s): Alireza Ghasemi; Mahdad Hosseini Kamal; Martin Vetterli
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Texture mapping 3D models of indoor environments with noisy camera poses
Author(s): Peter Cheng; Michael Anderson; Stewart He; Avideh Zakhor
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Reconstruction of compressively sampled ray space by using DCT basis and statistically weighted L1 norm optimization
Author(s): Qiang Yao; Keita Takahashi; Toshiaki Fujii
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Image matching in Bayer raw domain to de-noise low-light still images, optimized for real-time implementation
Author(s): I. V. Romanenko; E. A. Edirisinghe; D. Larkin
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Real-time focal stack compositing for handheld mobile cameras
Author(s): Mashhour Solh
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Image deblurring using the direction dependence of camera resolution
Author(s): Yukio Hirai; Hiroyasu Yoshikawa; Masayoshi Shimizu
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Illumination modelling and optimization for indoor video surveillance
Author(s): Krishna Reddy Konda; Nicola Conci
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Nonlinear and non-Gaussian Bayesian based handwriting beautification
Author(s): Cao Shi; Jianguo Xiao; Canhui Xu; Wenhua Jia
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LCAV-31: a dataset for light field object recognition
Author(s): Alireza Ghasemi; Nelly Afonso; Martin Vetterli
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Scale-invariant representation of light field images for object recognition and tracking
Author(s): Alireza Ghasemi; Martin Vetterli
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Comparative analysis of the speed performance of texture analysis algorithms on a graphic processing unit (GPU)
Author(s): J. Triana-Martinez; S. A. Orjuela-Vargas; W. Philips
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