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Color Imaging XIX: Displaying, Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications
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Volume Number: 9015
Date Published: 8 January 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9015
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Improving information perception from digital images for users with dichromatic color vision
Author(s): Omid Shayeghpour; Daniel Nyström; Sasan Gooran
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Spectral analysis of omnidirectional color signals in natural scenes
Author(s): Shoji Tominaga; Daiki Watanabe; Keita Hirai; Takahiko Horiuchi
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Realistic fetus skin color processing for ultrasound volume rendering
Author(s): Yun-Tae Kim; Kyuhong Kim; Sung-Chan Park; Jooyoung Kang; Jung-Ho Kim
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What impacts skin color in digital photos?
Author(s): Albrecht Lindner; Stefan Winkler
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Microscale halftone color image analysis: perspective of spectral color prediction modeling
Author(s): G. M. Atiqur Rahaman; Ole Norberg; Per Edström
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Reproducing the old masters: applying colour mixing and painting methodologies to inkjet printing
Author(s): Melissa Olen; Joseph Padfield; Carinna Parraman
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Color prediction modeling for five-channel CMYLcLm printing
Author(s): Yuanyuan Qu; Paula Zitinski Elias; Sasan Gooran
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Physical and optical dot gain: characterization and relation to dot shape and paper properties
Author(s): Mahziar Namedanian; Daniel Nyström; Paula Zitinski Elias; Sasan Gooran
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Gamut mapping in a high-dynamic-range color space
Author(s): Jens Preiss; Mark D. Fairchild; James A. Ferwerda; Philipp Urban
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Color preservation for tone reproduction and image enhancement
Author(s): Chengho Hsin; Zong Wei Lee; Zheng Zhan Lee; Shaw-Jyh Shin
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Color signal encoding for high dynamic range and wide color gamut based on human perception
Author(s): Mahdi Nezamabadi; Scott Miller; Scott Daly; Robin Atkins
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Design for implementation of color image processing algorithms
Author(s): Jamison Whitesell; Dorin Patru; Eli Saber; Gene Roylance; Brad Larson
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Dynamic histogram equalization based on gray level labeling
Author(s): Bongjoe Kim; Gi Yeong Gim; Hyung Jun Park
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Slide localization in video sequence by using a rapid and suitable segmentation in marginal space
Author(s): Sheetal Rajgure; Vincent Oria; Pierre Gouton
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SVM-based automatic scanned image classification with quick decision capability
Author(s): Cheng Lu; Jerry Wagner; Brandi Pitta; David Larson; Jan Allebach
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Optimal color temperature adjustment for mobile devices under varying illuminants
Author(s): Kyungah Choi; Hyeon-Jeong Suk
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Primary selection for uniform display response
Author(s): Carlos E. Rodríguez-Pardo; Gaurav Sharma; Xiao-Fan Feng
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Moire reduction using inflection point in frequency domain
Author(s): Dae-Chul Kim; Wang-Jun Kyung; Bong-Seok Choi; Yeong-Ho Ha
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Recalling white point of smartphone under varying illuminants
Author(s): Kyungah Choi; Jiho Jang; Hyeon-Jeong Suk
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Evaluation of static color breakup for natual images on field sequential displays
Author(s): Jae Uk Kim; Chang Mo Yang; Jang Hyeon Bae; Choon-Woo Kim; Ho-Seop Lee; Daesik Kim
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Preserving color fidelity for display devices using scalable memory compression architecture for text, graphics, and video
Author(s): Fritz Lebowsky; Marina Nicolas
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Simplifying irradiance independent color calibration
Author(s): Pouya Bastani; Brian Funt
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Using statistical analysis and artificial intelligence tools for automatic assessment of video sequences
Author(s): Brice Ekobo Akoa; Emmanuel Simeu; Fritz Lebowsky
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Hybrid halftoning using direct multi-bit search (DMS) screen algorithm
Author(s): Kartheek Chandu; Mikel Stanich; Chai Wah Wu; Barry Trager
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A Riesz energy based approach to generating dispersed dot patterns for halftoning applications
Author(s): Chai Wah Wu; Barry Trager; Kartheek Chandu; Mikel Stanich
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Yule-Nielsen effect in halftone prints: graphical analysis method and improvement of the Yule-Nielsen transform
Author(s): Mathieu Hébert
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Irregular clustered-dot periodic halftone screen design
Author(s): Chuohao Tang; Alex Veis; Robert Ulichney; Jan Allebach
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Effect of image capture device on the accuracy of black-box printer models
Author(s): Jason Youn; Jian Sun; Yanling Ju; Tamar Kashti; Tal Frank; Dror Kella; Mani Fischer; Robert Ulichney; Guy Adams; Jan Allebach
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Ink-constrained halftoning with application to QR codes
Author(s): Marzieh Bayeh; Erin Compaan; Theodore Lindsey; Nathan Orlow; Stephen Melczer; Zachary Voller
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ColorChecker at the beach: dangers of sunburn and glare
Author(s): John McCann
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You can't rely on color, yet we all do 2.0 (Manuscript Only)
Author(s): Floris L. van Nes
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