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Design and Performance Validation of Phantoms Used in Conjunction with Optical Measurement of Tissue VI
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Volume Number: 8945
Date Published: 14 March 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 8945
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Estimating the spatial resolution of fNIRS sensors for BCI purposes
Author(s): Rand Kasim Almajidy; Robert D. Kirch; Olaf Christ; Ulrich G. Hofmann
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Development and characterization of a brain tumor mimicking fluorescence phantom
Author(s): Neda Haj-Hosseini; Benjamin Kistler; Karin Wårdell
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The development of a simplified epithelial tissue phantom for the evaluation of an autofluorescence mitigation algorithm
Author(s): Vivian W. Hou; Chenying Yang; Leonard Y. Nelson; Eric J. Seibel
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CI Slide: calibration slide for quantitative microscopy imaging in absorbance
Author(s): Fahime Sheikhzadeh; Qian Ye; Nasir Zulkafly; Anita Carraro; Jagoda Korbelic; Zhaoyang Chen; Alan Harrison; Michele Follen; Calum MacAulay; Rabab K. Ward; Martial Guillaud
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Construction of a digital and physical mouse model aimed at the study of electrical shock
Author(s): Thu T. A. Nguyen; Jeffrey W. Shupp; Lauren T. Moffatt; Jessica C. Ramella-Roman
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3D printing method for freeform fabrication of optical phantoms simulating heterogeneous biological tissue
Author(s): Minjie Wang; Shuwei Shen; Jie Yang; Erbao Dong; Ronald Xu
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New polymer-based phantom for photoacoustic imaging
Author(s): Yasushi Kawaguchi; Hideaki Iwazaki; Taiichiro Ida; Taiji Nishi; Yukari Tanikawa; Naotaka Nitta
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Tissue phantoms for multimodal approaches: Raman spectroscopy and optoacoustics
Author(s): Merve Meinhardt-Wollweber; Christian Suhr; Ann-Kathrin Kniggendorf; Bernhard Roth
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On mimicking diffuse reflectance spectra in the visible and near-infrared ranges for tissue-like phantom design
Author(s): N. Debernardi; P. Dunias; B. van El; A. E. Statham
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Photon path depth in tissue phantoms: a comparison of visible and near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths
Author(s): Karin M. Asplund; Kenneth A. Schenkman; Wayne A. Ciesielski; Lorilee S. L. Arakaki
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Multilayered disease-mimicking bladder phantom with realistic surface topology for optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Gennifer T. Smith; Kristen L. Lurie; Saara A. Khan; Joseph C. Liao; Audrey K. Ellerbee
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Development of a widefield phantom eye for retinal optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Anthony T. Corcoran; Gonzalo Muyo; Jano I. van Hemert; Andrew R. Harvey
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