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Lasers in Dentistry XX
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Volume Number: 8929
Date Published: 3 March 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 8929
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Characterization, diagnosis and ablation of human teeth using blue laser at 457 nm
Author(s): Ashraf F. El-Sherif; Walid Gomaa; Yasser H. El-Sharkawy
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Does ozone enhance the remineralizing potential of nanohydroxyapatite on artificially demineralized enamel? A laser induced fluorescence study
Author(s): Samuelraj Srinivasan; Vijendra Prabhu; Subhash Chandra; Shalini Koshy; Shashidhar Acharya; Krishna Kishore Mahato
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Guided fluorescence diagnosis of childhood caries: preliminary measures correlate with depth of carious decay
Author(s): Mari-Alina Timoshchuk; Liang Zhang; Brian A. Dickinson; Jeremy S. Ridge; Amy S. Kim; Camille T. Baltuck; Leonard Y. Nelson; Joel H. Berg; Eric J. Seibel
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Viability of imaging structures inside human dentin using dental transillumination
Author(s): C. L. Grandisoli; F. D. Alves-de-Souza; M. M. Costa; L. Castro; P. A. Ana; D. M. Zezell; E. C. Lins
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SOPROCARE - 450 nm wavelength detection tool for microbial plaque and gingival inflammation: a clinical study
Author(s): P. Rechmann; Shasan W. Liou; Beate M.T. Rechmann; John D.B. Featherstone
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Structure and chemical composition of the dentin-enamel junction analyzed by Confocal Raman Microscopy
Author(s): A. Desoutter; H. Salehi; A. Slimani; P. Marquet; B. Jacquot; H. Tassery; F. J. G. Cuisinier
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Ablation of human carious dentin with a nanosecond pulsed laser at a wavelength of 5.85 µm: relationship between hardness and ablation depth
Author(s): Katsunori Ishii; Tetsuya Kita; Kazushi Yoshikawa; Kenzo Yasuo; Kazuyo Yamamoto; Kunio Awazu
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Er:YAG laser delivery sytems and sonic-activated bulk composite restoration: sculpturing and microleakage evaluation
Author(s): Tatjána Dostálová M.D.; Helena Jelínková; Jan Šulc; Michal Němec; Michaela Bučková; Magdalena Kašparová; Pavel Bradna
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3D photomechanical model of tooth enamel ablation by Er-laser radiation
Author(s): Andrey V. Belikov; Ksenia V. Shatilova; Alexei V. Skrypnik
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Cavitation bubbles induced by Erbium lasers: implications for dentistry
Author(s): Marja Verleng; Rudolf Verdaasdonk; Albert van der Veen; Vladimir Lemberg; Dmitri Boutoussov
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Transillumination and reflectance probes for in vivo near-IR imaging of dental caries
Author(s): Jacob C. Simon; Seth A. Lucas; Michal Staninec; Henry Tom; Kenneth H. Chan; Cynthia L. Darling; Daniel Fried
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Automated detection of remineralization in simulated enamel lesions with PS-OCT
Author(s): Robert C. Lee; Cynthia L. Darling; Daniel Fried
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Monitoring the inhibition of erosion by a CO2 laser with OCT
Author(s): Kenneth H. Chan; Henry Tom; Daniel Fried
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Change in clinical indices following laser or scalpel treatment for periodontitis: A split-mouth, randomized, multi-center trial
Author(s): David M. Harris; Dawn M. Nicholson D.D.S.; Delwin McCarthy D.D.S.; Raymond A. Yukna; Mark A. Reynolds D.D.S.; Henry Greenwell; James Finley; Thomas K. McCawley D.D.S.; Pinelopi Xenoudi D.D.S.; Robert H. Gregg II
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Pulsed Nd:YAG laser treatment for failing dental implants due to peri-implantitis
Author(s): Dawn Nicholson D.D.S.; Kris Blodgett D.D.S.; Charles Braga D.D.S.; Larry Finkbeiner D.D.S.; Jeanne Fourrier D.D.S.; John George D.D.S.; Robert Gregg D.D.S.; Allen Honigman D.D.S.; Bruce Houser D.D.S.; William Lamas D.D.S.; Neal Lehrman D.D.S.; Eric Linden D.D.S.; Delwin McCarthy D.D.S.; Tom McCawley D.D.S.; Randy McCormick D.D.S.; Ed Marcus D.D.S.; Kirk Noraian D.D.S.; Peter Rubelman D.D.S.; Maurice Salama D.D.S.; Steven Saunders D.D.S.; Brandon Seamons D.D.S.; David Thein D.D.S.; Michael Toms D.D.S.; George Vassos D.D.S.; David M. Harris
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Effect of simvastatin versus low level laser therapy (LLLT) on bone regeneration in rabbit's tibia
Author(s): Mostafa E. Gheith; Maggie A. Khairy
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Evaluation of the effect of a CO2 laser and fluoride on the reduction of carious lesions progression in primary teeth: an in vitro study
Author(s): Bruna R. Zancopé; Marina Moron C. Cesar; Lidiany Karla A. Rodrigues; Marinês Nobre-dos-Santos
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Longitudinally excited CO2 laser with short laser pulse for hard tissue drilling
Author(s): Kazuyuki Uno; Hiroyuki Hayashi; Tetsuya Akitsu; Takahisa Jitsuno
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Attenuation of near-IR light through dentin at wavelengths from 1300-1650-nm
Author(s): Andrew C. Chan; Cynthia L. Darling; Kenneth H. Chan; Daniel Fried
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Integral ceramic superstructure evaluation using time domain optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Cosmin Sinescu; Adrian Bradu; Florin Ionel Topala; Meda Lavinia Negrutiu; Virgil-Florin Duma; Adrian Gh. Podoleanu
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Enhancing the detection of hidden occlusal caries lesions with OCT using high index liquids
Author(s): Hobin Kang; Cynthia L. Darling; Daniel Fried
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High contrast optical imaging methods for image guided laser ablation of dental caries lesions
Author(s): Nicole R. LaMantia; Henry Tom; Kenneth H. Chan; Jacob C. Simon; Cynthia L. Darling; Daniel Fried
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Near-IR imaging of cracks in teeth
Author(s): William A. Fried; Jacob C. Simon; Seth Lucas; Kenneth H. Chan; Cynthia L. Darling; Michal Staninec; Daniel Fried
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Multispectral near-infrared imaging of composite restorations in extracted teeth
Author(s): Cooper M. Logan; Katrina U. Co; William A. Fried; Jacob C. Simon; Michal Staninec; Daniel Fried; Cynthia L. Darling
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Near-IR imaging of demineralization under sealants
Author(s): Henry Tom; Kenneth H. Chan; Cynthia L. Darling; Daniel Fried
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Indocyanine green (ICG) as a new adjuvant for the antimicrobial photo-dynamic therapy (aPDT) in dentistry
Author(s): Joerg Meister; Michael Hopp; Johannes Schäfers; Jonas Verbeek; Dominik Kraus; Matthias Frentzen
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