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Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere XVIII; and Optics in Atmospheric Propagation and Adaptive Systems XVI
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Volume Number: 8890
Date Published: 31 October 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8890
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
LACROS: the Leipzig Aerosol and Cloud Remote Observations System
Author(s): Johannes Bühl; Patric Seifert; Ulla Wandinger; Holger Baars; Thomas Kanitz; Jörg Schmidt; Alexander Myagkov; Ronny Engelmann; Annett Skupin; Birgit Heese; André Klepel; Dietrich Althausen; Albert Ansmann
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Tropospheric IWV profiles estimation through multifrequency signal attenuation measurements between two counter-rotating LEO satellites: performance analysis
Author(s): Luca Facheris; Fabrizio Cuccoli; Enrica Martini
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Monitoring of nitrogen dioxide, ozone and halogens radicals in Antarctica
Author(s): Daniele Bortoli; Fabrizio Ravegnani; Maria Joao Costa; Silvia Genco; Pavan K. Kulkarni; Rui Mendes; Ana Filipa Domingues; Manuel Anton; Giorgio Giovanelli; Ana Maria Silva
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Remote sensing monitoring of the global ozonosphere
Author(s): S. Genco; D. Bortoli; F. Ravegnani
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Spectral reference data of molecules relevant to Earth's atmosphere: impact of European metrology research on atmospheric remote sensing
Author(s): O. Werhahn; A. Pogány; J. Nwaboh; V. Werwein; V. Ebert
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Retrievals of atmospheric CO2, CH4 and optical path modifications from the GOSAT observations
Author(s): Andrey Bril; Sergey Oshchepkov; Tatsuya Yokota; Yukio Yoshida; Isamu Morino; Osamu Uchino; Dmitry Belikov; Shamil Maksyutov
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Long-term study of air urban quality together with mixing layer height
Author(s): Klaus Schäfer; Hong Ling; Christoph Münkel; Stefan Emeis
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Investigation of boundary layer dynamics, dust and volcanic ash clouds with laser ceilometer
Author(s): Christoph Münkel; Klaus Schäfer; Stefan Emeis
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A static birefringent interferometer for the measurement of upper atmospheric winds
Author(s): Jeffery A. Langille; William E. Ward; William A. Gault; Alan Scott; Driss Touahri; Andrew Bell
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Capability and limitations in measuring atmospheric nitrogen dioxide column amounts by means of the MKIV Brewer spectrophotometers
Author(s): Henri Diémoz; Vladimir Savastiouk; Anna Maria Siani
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Optimum interpolation algorithms for ABI multiple channel radiance down-scaling processing
Author(s): Haibing Sun; W. Wolf; T. King; Eric Maddy; Shanna Sampson
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GOMOS one-step retrieval algorithm
Author(s): Janne Hakkarainen; Marko Laine; Johanna Tamminen
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Use of satellite data for air quality applications in northern China
Author(s): Stefanie Schrader; Irina N. Sokolik; Bernhard Vogel; Heike Vogel; Peter Suppan; Klaus Schäfer; Stefan Norra
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The principle of fragmentary spectrum registration for acousto-optical spectrometers based on differential optical absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): A. V. Fadeyev; Vitold E. Pozhar; V. I. Pustovoit
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Contemplating synergistic algorithms for the NASA ACE Mission
Author(s): Gerald G. Mace; David O.'C. Starr; Roger Marchand; Steven A. Ackerman; Steven E. Platnick; Ann Fridlind; Steven Cooper; Deborah G. Vane; Graeme L. Stephens
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Automated cloud classification using a ground based infra-red camera and texture analysis techniques
Author(s): Emal Rumi; David Kerr; Jeremy M. Coupland; Andrew P. Sandford; Mike J. Brettle
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Remote sensing of water clouds temperature with an IR camera on board the ISS in the frame of JEM-EUSO Mission
Author(s): Susana Briz; Antonio J. de Castro; Isabel Fernández-Gómez; Irene Rodríguez; Fernando López
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Estimation of a radiative transfer model in the longwave spectral range: sensitivity study and application to real cases
Author(s): Michaël Sicard; Santi Bertolín; Marc Mallet; Philippe Dubuisson; Adolfo Comerón
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Temporal variability of aerosol properties during TCAP: impact on radiative forcing
Author(s): Evgueni Kassianov; James Barnard; Mikhail Pekour; Larry K. Berg; Jerome Fast; Joseph Michalsky; Kathy Lantz; Gary Hodges
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Application of MAIAC high spatial resolution aerosol retrievals over Po Valley (Italy)
Author(s): Barbara Arvani; Robert B. Pierce; Alexei I. Lyapustin; Yujie Wang; Sergio Teggi; Grazia Ghermandi
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Ground-based high resolution Fourier transform spectrometer and its application in Beijing
Author(s): Dongdong Fan
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Retrieval of water cloud top and bottom heights and the validation with ground-based observations
Author(s): Makoto Kuji
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Analytical model and spectral correction of vibration effects on Fourier transform spectrometer
Author(s): Irina Shatalina; Frederic Schmidt; Bortolino Saggin; Nicolas Gac; Matthieu Kowalski; Marco Giuranna
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MicroMIMA FTS: design of spectrometer for Mars atmosphere investigation
Author(s): Irina Shatalina; Bortolino Saggin; Diego Scaccabarozzi; Roberto Panzeri; Giancarlo Bellucci
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Assessing satellite based PM2.5 estimates against CMAQ model forecasts
Author(s): Lina Cordero; Nabin Malakar; Yonghua Wu; Barry Gross; Fred Moshary; Mike Ku
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Uncertainty quantification in aerosol optical thickness retrieval from Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) measurements
Author(s): A. Määttä; M. Laine; J. Tamminen; J. P. Veefkind
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Measurements of PM2.5 in megacity
Author(s): M. Nakata; I. Sano; S. Mukai
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Analysis of the relation between GPS tropospheric delay and intense precipitation
Author(s): P. Benevides; J. Catalão; P. Miranda; M. J. Chinita
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Focused sun's rays and forest fire danger: new concept
Author(s): Geniy V. Kuznetsov; Nikolay V. Baranovskiy
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Two-stage algorithm for cloud detection with ZY-1 02C multi-spectral measurements
Author(s): Ye-Yao Wang; Wei-Min Wang; Lijun Yang; Hong Liang
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Measuring non-Kolmogorov turbulence
Author(s): Szymon Gladysz; Karin Stein; Erik Sucher; Detlev Sprung
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Comparison of slant-path scintillometry, sonic anemometry and high-speed videography for vertical profiling of turbulence in the atmospheric surface layer
Author(s): Derek J. Griffith; Detlev Sprung; Erik Sucher; Arshath Ramkilowan; Lufuno Vhengani
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Characterization of optical turbulence at the solar observatory at the Mount Teide, Tenerife
Author(s): Detlev Sprung; Erik Sucher
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Characterizing inertial and convective optical turbulence by detrended fluctuation analysis
Author(s): Gustavo Funes; Eduardo Figueroa; Damián Gulich; Luciano Zunino; Darío G. Pérez
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Validation of MATISSE background images and cloud simulations: comparing results with MODIS satellite images
Author(s): Caroline Schweitzer; Claire Malherbe; Karin Stein
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Density oscillations generated by vortex rings and their effect on scintillation of a Gaussian beam
Author(s): Fedor V. Shugaev; Evgeni N. Terentiev; Ludmila S. Shtemenko; Oxana A. Nikolaeva
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Imaging through atmospheric turbulence for laser based C-RAM systems: an analytical approach
Author(s): Ivo Buske; Wolfgang Riede; Jürgen Zoz
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High-resolution imaging through strong atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Stuart M. Jefferies; Douglas A. Hope; Michael Hart; James G. Nagy
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Solar adaptive optics at the Observatorio del Teide, Tenerife
Author(s): Dirk Soltau; Thomas Berkefeld; Dirk Schmidt; Oskar von der Lühe
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Characterization of the holographic wavefront sensor for free-space optical communications
Author(s): Andreas Zepp
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