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Sensors, Systems, and Next-Generation Satellites XVII
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Volume Number: 8889
Date Published: 4 November 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8889
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Overview of Japanese Earth observation programs
Author(s): Haruhisa Shimoda
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Onboard electrical calibration of the ASTER VNIR
Author(s): Fumihiro Sakuma; Masakuni Kikuchi; Hitomi Inada
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ALOS-2 current status and operation plan
Author(s): Shinichi Suzuki; Yukihiro Kankaku; Yuji Osawa
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EarthCARE/CPR design results and PFM performance
Author(s): Yoshihisa Aida; Eichi Tomita; Hirotaka Nakatsuka; Yoshihiro Seki; Kazuyuki Okada; Gaku Kadosaki; Yoshiya Iide; Hiroaki Horie; Kenji Sato; Yuichi Ohno; Nobuhiro Takahashi
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Ground-based demonstration of imaging SWIR-FTS for space-based detection of air pollution and greenhouse gases
Author(s): Tadashi Imai; Jumpei Murooka; Akihiko Kuze; Hiroshi Suto; Ryota Sato
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NASA Earth science missions
Author(s): Steven P. Neeck; Stephen M. Volz
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Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) L-6
Author(s): Steven P. Neeck; Ramesh K. Kakar; Ardeshir A. Azarbarzin; Arthur Y. Hou
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The EUMETSAT Polar System-Second Generation (EPS-SG) micro-wave and sub-millimetre wave imaging missions
Author(s): Christophe Accadia; Peter Schlüssel; Pepe L. Phillips; J. Julian W. Wilson
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The Multi-Viewing, -Channel, -Polarisation Imager (3MI) of the EUMETSAT Polar System - Second Generation (EPS-SG) dedicated to aerosol characterisation
Author(s): T. Marbach; P. Phillips; A. Lacan; P. Schlüssel
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The MetOp second generation 3MI instrument
Author(s): Ilias Manolis; Semen Grabarnik; Jérôme Caron; Jean-Loup Bézy; Marc Loiselet; Maurizio Betto; Hubert Barré; Graeme Mason; Roland Meynart
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Overview of Sentinel-2
Author(s): Valerie Fernandez; Philippe Martimort; Francois Spoto; Omar Sy; Paolo Laberinti
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Sentinel-2: next generation satellites for optical land observation from space
Author(s): G. Lautenschläger; R. Gessner; W. Gockel; C. Haas; G. Schweickert; S. Bursch; M. Welsch; H. Sontag
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The multispectral instrument of the Sentinel-2 PFM program results
Author(s): V. Chorvalli; A. Laborie; S. Espuche; F. Delbru; C. Haas; P. Martimort; V. Fernandez; V. Kirshner
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The TROPOMI instrument: first H/W results
Author(s): Robert Voors; Johan de Vries; Nick C. J. van der Valk; Ianjit Bhatti; David M. Woods; Ilse Aben; Ruud Hoogeveen; Pepijn Veefkind; Quintus Kleipool
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Progress in the hyperspectral payload for PRISMA programme
Author(s): Marco Meini; Fabrizio Battazza; Roberto Formaro; Alessandro Bini
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FLORIS: phase A status of the fluorescence imaging spectrometer of the Earth Explorer mission candidate FLEX
Author(s): S. Kraft; J.-L. Bézy; U. Del Bello; R. Berlich; M. Drusch; R. Franco; A. Gabriele; B. Harnisch; R. Meynart; P. Silvestrin
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Status of MODIS on-orbit calibration and characterization
Author(s): X. Xiong; B. Wenny; J. Sun; A. Angal; A. Wu; H. Chen; X. Geng; T. Choi; S. Madhavan; D. Link; W. Barnes; Vincent Salomonson
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MODIS and VIIRS lunar observations and applications
Author(s): Xiaoxiong Xiong; Zhipeng Wang; Junqiang Sun; Amit Angal; Jon Fulbright; James Butler
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Sentinel-2 diffuser on-ground calibration
Author(s): E. Mazy; F. Camus; V. Chorvalli; I. Domken; A. Laborie; S. Marcotte; Y. Stockman
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Sentinel 2: implementation of the means and methods for the CAL/VAL commissioning phase
Author(s): Thierry L. Trémas; Cécile Déchoz; Sophie Lacherade; Julien Nosavan; Beatrice Petrucci; P. Martimort; Claudia Isola
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Calibration plan for the sea and land surface temperature radiometer
Author(s): David L. Smith; Tim J. Nightingale; Hugh Mortimer; Kevin Middleton; Ruben Edeson; Caroline V. Cox; Chris T. Mutlow; Brian J. Maddison
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Calibration of a monochromator using a lambdameter
Author(s): T. Schwarzmaier; A. Baumgartner; P. Gege; K. Lenhard
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Stray light testing of the PROBA V payload
Author(s): Y. Stockman; L. Aballea; A. Baeke; D. Beghuin; M. François; M-L. Hellin; S. Marcotte; E. Mazy; M. Taccola; J. Versluys
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Stray light calibration of the Dawn Framing Camera
Author(s): Gabor Kovacs; Holger Sierks; Andreas Nathues; Michael Richards; Pablo Gutierrez-Marques
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Characterization results of the TROPOMI Short Wave InfraRed detector
Author(s): R. W. M. Hoogeveen; R. Voors; M. S. Robbins; P. J. J. Tol; T. I. Ivanov
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The sea and land surface temperature radiometer (SLSTR) detection assembly design and performance
Author(s): Peter Coppo; Carmine Mastrandrea; Moreno Stagi; Luciano Calamai; Marco Barilli; Jens Nieke
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The PRISMA hyperspectral imaging spectrometer: detectors and front-end electronics
Author(s): Massimo Camerini; Mauro Mancini; Enrico Fossati; Fabrizio Battazza; Roberto Formaro
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SWIR space detectors and future developments at SOFRFADIR
Author(s): Cédric Leroy; Bruno Fièque; Nicolas Jamin; Philippe Chorier
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MTF optimization of MCT detectors
Author(s): L. Martineau; L. Rubaldo; F. Chabuel; Olivier Gravrand
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High performance multispectral TDI CCD image sensors
Author(s): Yichun Luo; Charles Smith; Nixon O; Melanie Ledgerwood; Sukhbir Kullar
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Investigations on performance of Electron Multiplied CCD detectors (EMCCDs) after radiation for observation of low light star-like objects in scientific space missions
Author(s): H. Michaelis; T. Behnke; S. Mottola; A. Krimlowski; B. Borgs; A. Holland; M. Schmid
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High resolution, high bandwidth global shutter CMOS area scan sensors
Author(s): Naser Faramarzpour; Matthias Sonder; Binqiao Li
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CMOS image sensors optimised for GEO observation
Author(s): Michel Bréart de Boisanger; Franck Larnaudie; Olivier Saint-Pé
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An earth imaging camera simulation using wide-scale construction of reflectance surfaces
Author(s): Kiran Murthy; Alexandra H. Chau; Minesh B. Amin; M. Dirk Robinson
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Architecting next 30 years of climate monitoring from space with instructive examples from NPOESS and GCOS plus new rule-based decision tools: suggesting and promoting global collaborative paths forward (Part V)
Author(s): Douglas B. Helmuth; Raymond M. Bell; Christopher A. Lentz
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LOCUS: Low cost upper atmosphere sounder
Author(s): Daniel Gerber; Bruce M. Swinyard; Brian N. Ellison; John M. C. Plane; Wuhu Feng; Nimal Navarathinam; Stuart J. Eves; Rachel Bird; Edmund H. Linfield; A. Giles Davies; Steve Parkes
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On-ground evaluation of MTG Image Navigation and Registration (INR) performances
Author(s): T. Chambon; V. Soulignac; F. Olivier; P. Tanguy
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High rejection VNIR-SWIR beam splitter for the multispectral instrument of Sentinel 2
Author(s): V. Moreau; M. Lappschies; F. Camus; V. Kirschner; C. Haas
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3D wind field from spaceborne Doppler radar
Author(s): Y. Lemaître; N. Viltard
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Validation and simulation examples of an end-to-end simulator for optical imaging systems
Author(s): Peter Coppo; Leandro Chiarantini; Luciano Alparone
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Miniaturized hyperspectral imager calibration and UAV flight campaigns
Author(s): Heikki Saari; Ilkka Pölönen; Heikki Salo; Eija Honkavaara; Teemu Hakala; Christer Holmlund; Jussi Mäkynen; Rami Mannila; Tapani Antila; Altti Akujärvi
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GeoCARB image navigation and registration performance
Author(s): Roel W. H. van Bezooijen; John B. Kumer; Charles S. Clark; Harald J. Weigl; Ketao Liu
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Responder fast steering mirror
Author(s): Andrew Bullard; Islam Shawki
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Development of a compressive sampling hyperspectral imager prototype
Author(s): Alessandro Barducci; Donatella Guzzi; Cinzia Lastri; Vanni Nardino; Paolo Marcoionni; Ivan Pippi
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Assessment of FLD-based algorithms for the retrieval of vegetation solar-induced fluorescence from the in-filling of the telluric O2-A and O2-B lines
Author(s): Lorenzo Palombi; Paola Di Ninni; Donatella Guzzi; David Lognoli; Vanni Nardino; Ivan Pippi; Valentina Raimondi
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Design and realization of linear APS-based sun sensor
Author(s): He Liang; Jianfu Zhang; Zhengxin Lv; Chengwu Yu; Jinzhong Jia
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A carbon dioxide radiance model of the earth planet using the conical earth sensor data
Author(s): Loulou Deng; Zhiwu Mei; Zhijun Tu; Jun Yuan; Ting He; Yi Wei
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Research on complicated imaging condition of GEO optical high-resolution remote sensing satellite
Author(s): Linghua Guo; Enyu Gao; Bo Liu; Dianjun Wang; Biru Wang
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TDRS satellite application to LEO satellite data link
Author(s): Hu Jiang; Xue-min Shen; Wenbin Gong; Jinpei Yu
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ALSAT-2A solar array in orbit performances after 32 months
Author(s): N. Larbi; Mehdi Attaba; F. Bouchiba; E. Beaufume
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Flight experience of 329K star tracker
Author(s): Ivan S. Kruzhilov; Vladimir V. Kuniaev; Victor I. Fedoseev; Gennadiy P. Titov; Oleg V. Shevlyakov; Sergey V. Latyncev
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Design and realization of the miniature long-life integrative coded sun sensor
Author(s): Yanan Mo; Jian Cui; Yuan Zhao; Ran Chen; Xin Liu
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Primary mirror alignment and assembly for a multispectral space telescope
Author(s): Wei-Cheng Lin; Shenq-Tsong Chang; Sheng-Hsiung Chang; Chen-Peng Chang; Yu-Chuan Lin; Po-Hsuan Huang; Ho-Lin Tsay; Chi-Chieh Chin; Hsu-Pin Pan; Ting-Ming Huang
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Analysis and design of grazing incidence x-ray optics for pulsar navigation
Author(s): Fuchang Zuo; Jianwu Chen; Liansheng Li; Zhiwu Mei
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X-ray photon time tagging error analysis and simulation for pulsar navigation
Author(s): Jianwu Chen; Liansheng Li; Fuchang Zuo; Zhiwu Mei
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New class of monolithic sensors for low frequency motion measurement and control of spacecrafts and satellites
Author(s): F. Acernese; G. Giordano; R. Romano; F. Barone
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Supercontinuum-source-based facility for evaluation of hyperspectral imagers
Author(s): Yu Yamaguchi; Yoshiro Yamada; Juntaro Ishii
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