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Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology XV
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Volume Number: 8887
Date Published: 7 November 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8887
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Mapping tropical rainforest canopies using multi-temporal spaceborne imaging spectroscopy
Author(s): Ben Somers; Gregory P. Asner
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Optimization of spectral bands for hyperspectral remote sensing of forest vegetation
Author(s): Egor V. Dmitriev; Vladimir V. Kozoderov
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Alternating least-squares unmixing for the extraction of sub-pixel information from agricultural areas
Author(s): Laurent Tits; Ben Somers; Wouter Saeys; Pol Coppin
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Ingesting MODIS land surface classification into AOD retrievals
Author(s): Adam A. Atia; Ana Picon; Nabin Malakar; Barry Gross; Fred Moshary
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Using high resolution CIR imagery in the classification of non-cropped areas in agricultural landscapes in the UK
Author(s): Jerome O'Connell; Ute Bradter; Tim G. Benton
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Integrated analysis of Aster and Landsat data to map land cover change using vegetation indices
Author(s): Wafa Nori; Elmar Csaplovics
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Estimation of turbidity along the Guadalquivir estuary using Landsat TM and ETM+ images
Author(s): M. Carpintero; E. Contreras; A. Millares; M. J. Polo
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Comparison of approaches for water surface area segmentation using high resolution TerraSAR-X data for reservoir monitoring in a large semi-arid catchment in northeastern Brazil
Author(s): Iris Kleine; Christian Rogass; Pedro H. A. Medeiros; Nora Meyer zu Erpen; Till Francke; Axel Bronstert; Saskia Förster
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Correlation between the habitats productivity and species richness (amphibians and reptiles) in Portugal through remote sensed data
Author(s): A. C. Teodoro; N. Sillero; S. Alves; L. Duarte
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Water surface temperature profiles for the Rhine River derived from Landsat ETM+ data
Author(s): Katharina Fricke; Björn Baschek
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Fluorescence LIDAR remote sensing of oils: merging spectral and time-decay measurements
Author(s): Lorenzo Palombi; David Lognoli; Valentina Raimondi
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A case study of a precision fertilizer application task generation for wheat based on classified hyperspectral data from UAV combined with farm history data
Author(s): Jere Kaivosoja; Liisa Pesonen; Jouko Kleemola; Ilkka Pölönen; Heikki Salo; Eija Honkavaara; Heikki Saari; Jussi Mäkynen; Ari Rajala
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Assessing pasture quality and degradation status using hyperspectral imaging: a case study from western Tibet
Author(s): Lukas W. Lehnert; Hanna Meyer; Nele Meyer; Christoph Reudenbach; Jörg Bendix
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Hyperspectral imaging based biomass and nitrogen content estimations from light-weight UAV
Author(s): I. Pölönen; H. Saari; J. Kaivosoja; E. Honkavaara; L. Pesonen
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Estimating snow albedo patterns in a Mediterranean site from Landsat TM and ETM+ images
Author(s): Rafael Pimentel; Javier Herrero; María José Polo
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Accuracy of fuzzy burned area mapping as a function of the aerosol parameterization of atmospheric correction
Author(s): Ramin Azar; Daniela Stroppiana; Mariano Bresciani; Claudia Giardino; Mirco Boschetti; Pietro A. Brivio
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ARIN® procedure for the normalization of multitemporal remote images through vegetative pseudo-invariant features
Author(s): L. García-Torres; J. J. Caballero-Novella; D. Gómez-Candón; M. Jurado-Expósito
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Details of the use or NIR reflectance as a tool for crop monitoring
Author(s): Fermin Pascual-Ramirez; Jacovo Morales-Morales; Marcos Perez-Sato; Delfino Reyes-Lopez
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Strategic system development toward biofuel, desertification, and crop production monitoring in continental scales using satellite-based photosynthesis models
Author(s): Daijiro Kaneko
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Forest biomass estimation from the fusion of C-band SAR and optical data using wavelet transform
Author(s): Md. Latifur Rahman Sarker; Janet Nichol
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Using spatio-temporal Markov model for flood mapping: the case study of Yialias River in Cyprus
Author(s): Dimitrios D. Alexakis; Aristeidis Koutroulis; Manolis Gryllakis; Athos Agapiou; Kyriacos Themistocleous; Ioannis Tsanis; Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis
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Dynamic characterization of vegetation using remote sensing for hydrological modelling at basin scale
Author(s): E. Carpintero; M. P. González-Dugo; M. J. Polo
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Spatial processing techniques for satellite altimetry applications in continental hydrology
Author(s): Philippe Maillard; Stéphane Calmant
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Correcting the influence of vegetation on surface soil moisture indices by using hyperspectral artificial 3D-canopy models
Author(s): D. Spengler; T. Kuester; A. Frick; D. Scheffler; H. Kaufmann
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Data assimilation of surface soil moisture, temperature, and evapotranspiration estimates in a SVAT model over irrigated areas in semi-arid regions: what’s best to constraint evapotranspiration predictions?
Author(s): A. Tavernier; L. Jarlan; S. Er-Raki; G. Bigeard; S. Khabba; A. Saaidi; M. Le Page; Jonas Chirouze; Gilles Boulet
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Enhancing TIR image resolution via bayesian smoothing for IRRISAT irrigation management project
Author(s): Paolo Addesso; Fulvio Capodici; Guido D'Urso; Maurizio Longo; Antonino Maltese; Rita Montone; Rocco Restaino; Gemine Vivone
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Soil water content monitoring: a verification of thermal inertia approaches on low spatial, high temporal resolutions images
Author(s): Antonino Maltese; Fulvio Capodici; Guido D'Urso; Paolo Addesso; Maurizio Longo; Rita Montone; Rocco Restaino; Gemine Vivone
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Multisensor characterization of subsurface structures in a desert plain area in Egypt with implications for groundwater exploration
Author(s): Magaly Koch; Ahmed Gaber; Mohamed H. Geriesh; El-Sayed Zaghloul; Sayed M. Arafat; Mostafa AbuBakr
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Retrieving water productivity parameters by using Landsat images in the Nilo Coelho irrigation scheme, Brazil
Author(s): Antônio H. de C. Teixeira; Hélio L. Lopes; Fernando B. T. Hernandez; Morris Scherer-Warren; Ricardo G. Andrade; Christopher M. U. Neale
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On the relationship between some production parameters and a vegetation index in viticulture
Author(s): Tanino Santangelo; R. Di Lorenzo; G. La Loggia; A. Maltese
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Modelling surface energy fluxes over a dehesa ecosystem using a two-source energy balance model and medium resolution satellite data
Author(s): A. Andreu; M. P. González-Dugo; William P. Kustas; M. J. Polo; M. C. Anderson
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Assessing daily actual evapotranspiration through energy balance: an experiment to evaluate the selfpreservation hypothesis with acquisition time
Author(s): A. Maltese; F. Capodici; G. Ciraolo; G. La Loggia; G. Rallo
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Application of MODIS images for modeling the energy balance components in the semi-arid conditions of Brazil
Author(s): Antônio H. de C. Teixeira; Morris Sherer-Warren; Hélio L. Lopes; Fernando B. T. Hernandez; Ricardo G. Andrade; Christopher M. U. Neale
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Multi-temporal classification of TerraSAR-X data for wetland vegetation mapping
Author(s): Julie Betbeder; Sébastien Rapinel; Thomas Corpetti; Eric Pottier; Samuel Corgne; Laurence Hubert Moy
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Coupling SAR X-band and optical data for NDVI retrieval: model calibration and validation on two test areas
Author(s): Fulvio Capodici; Guido D'Urso; Antonino Maltese; Giuseppe Ciraolo
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Integration of multispectral and C-band SAR data for crop classification
Author(s): L. Ianninia; R. A. Molijn; R. F. Hanssen
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Mapping and monitoring land-cover/land-use change in the gash agricultural scheme (Eastern Sudan) using remote sensing
Author(s): Majdaldin Rahamtallah Abualgasim Mohammed; Elmar Csaplovics; Osunmadewa Babatunde
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Evaluation of land ecological environment in Zhoushan Islands by remotely sensed impervious surfaces
Author(s): Xiaoping Zhang; Delu Pan; Jianyu Chen; Peng Chen; Yonghong Jia
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Monte Carlo method based radiative transfer simulation of stochastic open forest generated by circle packing application
Author(s): Shengye Jin; Masayuki Tamura
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Using the ratio of optical channels in satellite image decoding in monitoring biodiversity of boreal forests
Author(s): Yurj Ph. Rozhkov; Maria Y. Kondakova
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11-year variability of summer snow cover extent over Himalayas
Author(s): Jung-Mok Ha; Kyung-Soo Han; Jae-Il Cho; Chang-Suk Lee; Kyoung-jin Pi; In-Hwan Kim; Jae-Hyun Ryu; Eun-Bin Park
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Variations of spectral signature profiles of wet and dry targets for supporting the detection of water-leakages using satellite data
Author(s): Athos Agapiou; Kyriacos Themistocleous; Dimitrios D. Alexakis; Nikolas Kourtis; Apostolos Sarris; Skevi Perdikou; Chris R. I. Clayton; Helena Phinikaridou; Andreas Manoli; Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis
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A validation of a thermal inertia approach to map soil water content on soils characterized by low fractional cover
Author(s): Antonino Maltese; Fulvio Capodici; Goffredo La Loggia; Chiara Corbari; Marco Mancini
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Estimating catechin concentrations of new shoots in the green tea field using ground-based hyperspectral image
Author(s): C. S. Ryu; M. Suguri; S. B. Park; M. Mikio
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Retrieve leaf area index from HJ-CCD image based on support vector regression and physical model
Author(s): Jingjing Pan; Hua Yang; Wei He Sr.; Peipei Xu
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Seasonal spectral response patterns of winter wheat canopy for crop performance monitoring
Author(s): Rumiana Kancheva; Georgi Georgiev
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Estimating potential soil erosion for environmental services in a sugarcane growing area using multisource remote sensing data
Author(s): B. Mulianga; A. Bégué D.D.S.; M. Simoes; P. Clouvel; P. Todoroff
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Estimation of maximum air temperature using COMS data in Northeast Asia
Author(s): Jae-Hyun Ryu; Kyung-Soo Han; Jae-Il Cho; Chang-Suk Lee; In-Hwan Kim; Kyoung-Jin Pi; Jung-Mok Ha; Eun-Bin Park
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Remote sensing terminology: past experience and recent needs
Author(s): Rumiana Kancheva
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Urban vegetation land covers change detection using multi-temporal MODIS Terra/Aqua data
Author(s): Maria A. Zoran; Roxana S. Savastru; Dan M. Savastru; Adrian I. Dida; Ovidiu M. Ionescu
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Urban thermal environment and its biophysical parameters derived from satellite remote sensing imagery
Author(s): Maria A. Zoran; Roxana S. Savastru; Dan M. Savastru; Marina N. Tautan; Laurentiu V. Baschir
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Monitoring gully erosion at Nyaba river of Enugu state southeastern Nigeria, using remote sensing
Author(s): V. U. Okwu-Delunzu; I. C. Enete; A. S. Abubakar; S. Lamidi
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