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Optical Coherence Tomography and Coherence Techniques VI
Editor(s): Brett E. Bouma; Rainer A. Leitgeb
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Volume Number: 8802
Date Published: 20 June 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8802
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Advanced integrated spectrometer designs for miniaturized optical coherence tomography systems
Author(s): B. I. Akca; B. Považay; L. Chang; A. Alex; K. Wörhoff; R. M. de Ridder; W. Drexler; M. Pollnau
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An advanced algorithm for dispersion encoded full range frequency domain optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Felix Köttig; Peter Cimalla; Maria Gärtner; Edmund Koch
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Bone regeneration assessment by optical coherence tomography and MicroCT synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Meda L. Negruţiu; Cosmin Sinescu; Silvana Canjau; Adrian Manescu; Florin I. Topalᾰ; Bogdan Hoinoiu; Mihai Romînu; Corina Mᾰrcᾰuţeanu; Virgil Duma; Adrian Bradu; Adrian Gh. Podoleanu
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Towards increase of diagnostic efficacy in gynecologic OCT
Author(s): Mikhail Kirillin; Olga Panteleeva; Darya Eliseeva; Olga Kachalina; Ekaterina Sergeeva; Lyubov Dubasova; Pavel Agrba; Gyular Mikailova; Maxim Prudnikov; Natalia Shakhova
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Evaluating the benefits of using balance detection in Fourier domain optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Adrian Bradu; Adrian Podoleanu
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Preliminary study of digital image correlation based optical coherence elastography
Author(s): Cuiru Sun; Barry Vuong; Xiao-Yan Wen; Victor Yang
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Correlation-stability elastography in OCT: algorithm and in vivo demonstrations
Author(s): Vladimir Y. Zaitsev; Lev A. Matveev; Alexandr L. Matveyev; Grigory V. Gelikonov; Valentin M. Gelikonov
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Mirau-based full-field time-domain optical coherence tomography using Ce3+:YAG crystal fiber light source
Author(s): Chien-Chung Tsai; Yu-Ta Wang; Tuan-Shu Ho; Ming-Yi Lin; Jeng-Wei Tjiu; Kuang-Yu Hsu; Chia-Kai Chang; Sheng-Lung Huang
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Dynamic imaging by full-field optical coherence microscopy with a sCMOS detector and Riesz transform-based demodulation
Author(s): Stefan E. Schausberger; Bettina Heise; David Stifter
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Real-time depth-resolved Shack-Hartmann measurements
Author(s): Jingyu Wang; Adrian Gh. Podoleanu
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Control of focusing in high resolution eye imaging and microscopy using a deformable mirror
Author(s): Christopher Costa; John Rogers; Adrian Bradu; Adrian Podoleanu
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Estimation of weighted multi-scatterer contributions for improvement of lateral resolution of optical coherence tomography images
Author(s): Evgenia Bousi; Costas Pitris
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High speed 3D endoscopic optical frequency domain imaging probe for lung cancer diagnosis
Author(s): Jianan Li; Fabio Feroldi; Jianhua Mo; Frank Helderman; Mattijs de Groot; Johannes F. de Boer
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Four-dimensional optical coherence tomography imaging of total liquid ventilated rats
Author(s): Lars Kirsten; Christian Schnabel; Maria Gaertner; Edmund Koch
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Optical coherence tomography assessment of vessel wall degradation in aneurysmatic thoracic aortas
Author(s): Eusebio Real; Alma Eguizabal; Alejandro Pontón; J. Fernando Val-Bernal; Marta Mayorga; José M. Revuelta; José López-Higuera; Olga M. Conde
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Angio-OCT as a noninvasive tool for three-dimensional vascular network visualization in retinal diseases
Author(s): D. Bukowska; D. Ruminski; B. L. Sikorski; I. Gorczynska; D. Borycki; M. Szkulmowski; M. Wojtkowski
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High-resolution optical coherence tomography in mouse models of genetic and induced retinal degeneration
Author(s): Peter Cimalla; Madalena Carido; Sheik Pran Babu; Tiago Santos-Ferreira; Maria Gaertner; Simon Kordowich; Dierk Wittig; Marius Ader; Mike Karl; Edmund Koch
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Segmentation of the macular choroid in OCT images acquired at 830nm and 1060nm
Author(s): Sieun Lee; Mirza Faisal Beg; Marinko V. Sarunic
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Velocity noise reduction by using enhanced joint spectral and time domain optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Julia Walther; Edmund Koch
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Speckle suppression in Fourier domain optical coherence tomography by fractional Fourier domain compounding
Author(s): Norman Lippok; Frédérique Vanholsbeeck; Poul Nielsen
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Magnetomotive imaging of iron oxide nanoparticles as cellular contrast agents for optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Peter Cimalla; Theresa Werner; Maria Gaertner; Claudia Mueller; Julia Walther; Dierk Wittig; Marius Ader; Mike Karl; Edmund Koch
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Dispersion mapping at the micron scale using tri-band optical frequency domain imaging
Author(s): Norman Lippok; Stuart Murdoch; Kun-Lin Wu; Poul Nielsen; Frédérique Vanholsbeeck
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Ultrahigh-speed intravascular optical coherence tomography imaging at 3200 frames per second
Author(s): Tianshi Wang; Wolfgang Wieser; Geert Springeling; Robert Beurskens; Charles T. Lancee; Tom Pfeiffer; Antonius F. W. van der Steen; Robert Huber; Gijs van Soest
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In-vivo imaging of keratoconic corneas using high-speed high-resolution swept-source OCT
Author(s): S. Marschall; A. Gawish; Y. Feng; L. Sorbara; P. Fieguth; K. Bizheva
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Single fiber perfusion phantom for optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Petra Podlipná; Radim Kolář
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Optical coherence tomography as a reference method for the detection of nanoparticles in thin-film polymer matrices
Author(s): Lars Kirsten; Mirko Mehner; Ringo Grombe; Thomas Linsinger; Hendrik Emons; Edmund Koch
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Texture based segmentation method to detect atherosclerotic plaque from optical tomography images
Author(s): Ammu Prakash; Mark Hewko; Michael Sowa; Sherif Sherif
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