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Diffuse Optical Imaging IV
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Volume Number: 8799
Date Published: 25 June 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8799
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
In-vivo optical spectroscopy in the time-domain beyond 1100 nm
Author(s): I. Bargigia; A. Tosi; A. Bahgat Shehata; A. Della Frera; A. Farina; A. Bassi; P. Taroni; A. Dalla Mora; F. Zappa; R. Cubeddu; A. Pifferi
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Experimental results on time-resolved reflectance diffuse optical tomography with fast-gated SPADs
Author(s): Agathe Puszka; Laura Di Sieno; Alberto Dalla Mora; Antonio Pifferi; Davide Contini; Gianluca Boso; Alberto Tosi; Anne Planat-Chrétien; Lionel Hervé; Anne Koenig; Jean-Marc Dinten
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Probing biological tissues in depth with elliptically polarized light
Author(s): Anabela da Silva; Anne Planat-Chrétien; Michel Berger; Simon Rehn; Jean-Marc Dinten; Carole Deumié
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Comparison of organic phantom recipes and characterization by time-resolved diffuse optical spectroscopy
Author(s): G. Quarto; A. Pifferi; I. Bargigia; A. Farina; R. Cubeddu; P. Taroni
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Time-resolved diffuse spectroscopy measurements using a hybrid Green’s function for the radiative transfer equation
Author(s): Emanuel Simon; Florian Foschum; Alwin Kienle
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Utilising the coupled radiative transfer - diffusion model in diffuse optical tomography
Author(s): Tanja Tarvainen; Ville Kolehmainen; Ossi Lehtikangas; Jari P. Kaipio; Simon R. Arridge
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Utilizing Fokker-Planck-Eddington approximation in modeling light transport in tissues-like media
Author(s): Ossi Lehtikangas; Tanja Tarvainen
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Information-theoretic method for wavelength selection in bioluminescence tomography
Author(s): Hector R. A. Basevi; James A. Guggenheim; Hamid Dehghani; Iain B. Styles
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Detection and localization in depth with TR-DOT based on Mellin Laplace transforms
Author(s): Anne Planat-Chrétien; Lionel Hervé; Michel Berger; Agathe Puszka; Jean-Marc Dinten
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Developing a robust time domain diffuse optical tomography system
Author(s): Ali Hasnain; Kalpesh Mehta; Zhang Qiang; Nanguang Chen
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Multiple artificial neural networks to determine the optical properties of semi-infinite media
Author(s): M. Jäger; F. Foschum; A. Kienle
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Comparison of four Monte Carlo methods for photon migration in biological tissues
Author(s): F. Martelli; A. Sassaroli
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A hybrid MC-FEM model for analysis of light propagation in highly scattering medium
Author(s): Kazuki Kurihara; Xue Wu; Eiji Okada; Hamid Dehghani
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Quantitative evaluation of registration methods for atlas-based diffuse optical tomography
Author(s): Xue Wu; Adam T. Eggebrecht; Joseph P. Culver; Yuxuan Zhan; Hector Basevi; Hamid Dehghani
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Bioluminescence tomography improves quantitative accuracy for pre-clinical imaging
Author(s): James A. Guggenheim; Hector R. A. Basevi; Iain B. Styles; Jon Frampton; Hamid Dehghani
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Efficient image reconstruction in fluorescence diffuse optical tomography (fDOT) using data and solution compression
Author(s): Teresa Correia; Timothy Rudge; Simon Arridge
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Region informed fluorescence tomography without image segmentation
Author(s): Robert W. Holt; Scott Davis; Alisha V. D'Souza; Brendan P. Flynn; Brian W. Pogue
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Random matrix-based dimensionality reduction for bioluminescence tomography reconstruction
Author(s): Iain B. Styles; Hector R. A. Basevi; James A. Guggenheim; Hamid Dehghani
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Multiple source positions in time-domain optical brain imaging: a novel approach
Author(s): Oliver Steinkellner; Heidrun Wabnitz; Alfred Walter; Rainer Macdonald
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A non-contact time-domain scanning brain imaging system: first in-vivo results
Author(s): M. Mazurenka; L. Di Sieno; G. Boso; D. Contini; A. Pifferi; A. Dalla Mora; A. Tosi; H. Wabnitz; R. Macdonald
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Three-dimensional cortex model including vascular structure for estimation of path length for optical imaging
Author(s): Takahiro Kikuchi; Hiroyuki Takuwa; Kazuto Masamoto; Hiroshi Ito; Eiji Okada
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Wavelength selection for the improvement of the signal to noise ratio for imaging of haemoglobin oxygenation with RGB reflectometry
Author(s): A. Steimers; S. Steinke; M. Kohl-Bareis
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Optical identification of subjects at high risk for developing breast cancer
Author(s): Paola Taroni; Giovanna Quarto; Antonio Pifferi; lorenzo Spinelli; Alessandro Torricelli; Francesca Ieva; Anna Maria Paganoni; Francesca Abbate; Nicola Balestreri; Simona Menna; Enrico Cassano; Rinaldo Cubeddu
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Predicting tumor response in breast cancer patients using diffuse optical tomography
Author(s): Jacqueline E. Gunther; Emerson Lim; Hyun Keol Kim; Molly Flexman; Susan Refice; Mindy Brown; Kevin Kalinsky M.D.; Dawn Hershman; Andreas H. Hielscher
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Time-resolved optical spectroscopy of the chest: is it possible to probe the lung?
Author(s): G. Quarto; A. Farina; A. Pifferi; P. Taroni; M. Miniati
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Development and evaluation of a multislice fluorescence molecular tomography using finite element method
Author(s): Marjaneh Hejazi; Saeed Sarkar; Hanieh Mohammadreza; Toktam Jahanfar; Mansoureh Karimi
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Voxel-based Monte Carlo simulation for light propagation in inhomogeneous turbid media
Author(s): Katsuhiro Ishii; Tatsuhiro Okada; Izumi Nishidate; Toshiaki Iwai
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Negative refraction induced modes of Diffuse Photon Density Waves (DPDW) from an interface of absorbing-amplifying random media
Author(s): Lalruatfela Lalruatfela; S. Anantha Ramakrishna; Harshwardhan Wanare
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Approximating the time-domain radiative transfer equation using truncated Fourier series
Author(s): Aki Pulkkinen; Tanja Tarvainen
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Reconstruction in fluorescence diffuse tomography based on non-negativity condition
Author(s): Ilya Fiks; Mikhail Kleshnin; Ilya Turchin
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Optical sensing of a pulsating liquid in a brain-mimicking phantom
Author(s): Teemu Myllylä; Alexey Popov; Vesa Korhonen; Alexander Bykov; Matti Kinnunen
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Mesoscopic tomography imaging of reporter genes in thick printed tissue constructs
Author(s): Mehmet S. Ozturk; Vivian K. Lee; Lingling Zhao; Guohoa Dai; Xavier Intes
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