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Integrated Optics: Physics and Simulations
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Volume Number: 8781
Date Published: 23 May 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8781
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Integrated design for integrated photonics: from the physical to the circuit level and back
Author(s): Wim Bogaerts; Yanlu Li; Shibnath Pathak; Alfonso Ruocco; Martin Fiers; Antonio Ribeiro; Emmanuel Lambert; Pieter Dumon
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Analysis of parasitic effects in PICs using circuit simulation
Author(s): Emil Kleijn; Meint K. Smit; Xaveer J. M. Leijtens
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Thermo-optic simulations of silicon nitride / polymer hybrid waveguides
Author(s): Anjin Liu; Ziyang Zhang; Dongliang Liu; Norbert Keil; Norbert Grote
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Numerical simulation of multi-splitting widely tunable filter on SOI
Author(s): A. Tsarev
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A 30 GHz silicon photonic platform
Author(s): Ari Novack; Yang Liu; Ran Ding; Michael Gould; Tom Baehr-Jones; Qi Li; Yisu Yang; Yangjin Ma; Yi Zhang; Kishore Padmaraju; Karen Bergmen; Andy Eu-Jin Lim; Guo-Qiang Lo; Michael Hochberg
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A general approach for robust integrated polarization rotators
Author(s): C. Alonso-Ramos; R. Halir; Al. Ortega-Moñux; P. Cheben; L. Vivien; Iñ. Molina-Fernández; D. Marris-Morini; Si. Janz; D.-X. Xu; J. Schmid
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Design and analysis of ultra small radius micro-ring resonator
Author(s): Cheng Yu Wang; Chih Wei Tseng; Chun Yen Chen; Chun Ta Wang; Yung Jui Chen
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Analysis of couplers between photonic nanowires and subwavelength grating waveguides
Author(s): Jirí Ctyroký; Pavel Kwiecien; Ivan Richter; Pavel Cheben
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Simultaneous optimization of confinement and thermal performance for heteroepitaxial InP on SoI hybrid lasers
Author(s): C. Pang; H. Benisty; M. Besbes
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Dual-wavelength operation of monolithically integrated arrayed waveguide grating lasers for optical heterodyning
Author(s): Robinson C. Guzmán M.; Álvaro Jimenez; Katarzyna Lawniczuk; Antonio Corradi; Xaveer J. M. Leijtens; Erwin A.J. M. Bente; Guillermo Carpintero
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Chirp reduction and on/off contrast enhancement via optical injection locking and coherent carrier manipulation
Author(s): Radan Slavík; Joseph Kakande; Richard Phelan; John O'Carroll; Brian Kelly; David J. Richardson
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Selective amplification of frequency comb modes via optical injection locking of a semiconductor laser: influence of adjacent unlocked comb modes
Author(s): David S. Wu; David J. Richardson; Radan Slavík
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Enchancemnt of the optical power stimulated by impact ionization in GaSb-based heterostructures with deep quantum wells
Author(s): M. Mikhailova; G. Zegrya; L. Danilov; E. Ivanov; K. Kalinina; N. Stoyanov; Kh. Salikhov; Yu. Yakovlev; E. Hulicius; A. Hospodkova; J. Pangrac; M. Zikova
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Ultra-long and ultra high quality fibre Bragg gratings
Author(s): Mathieu Gagné; Raman Kashyap
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New insight in guided resonances with negative refracting photonic crystals
Author(s): S. Romano; Ivo Rendina; S. Cabrini; V. Mocella
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A parallel computational FDTD approach to the analysis of the light scattering from an opal photonic crystal
Author(s): A. Vaccari; A. Cala' Lesina; L. Cristoforetti; A. Chiappini; F. Prudenzano; A. Bozzoli; M. Ferrari
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Low-power nanophotonics: material and device technology
Author(s): Lars Thylén; Petter Holmstrom; Lech Wosinski; Sebastian Lourdudoss
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Energy-per-bit and noise limits in plasmonic intergrated photodetectors
Author(s): Pierre Wahl; Takuo Tanemura; Christof Debaes; Nathalie Vermeulen; Jürgen Van Erps; David A. B. Miller; Hugo Thienpont
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Energetic analysis of the plasmonic lens structure: a first step to simplification
Author(s): Quentin Levesque; Patrick Bouchon; Fabrice Pardo; Jean-Luc Pelouard; Riad Haïdar
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Resonance effects in the optical antennas shaped as finite comb-like gratings of noble-metal nanostrips
Author(s): Olga V. Shapoval; Alexander I. Nosich; Jiří Čtyroký
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Group IV platforms for the mid-infrared
Author(s): G. Z. Mashanovich; M. Nedeljkovic; X. Chen; T. M. Ben Masaud; M. Muneeb; M. Strain; M. Sorel; T. F. Krauss; G. C. Roelkens; A. C. Peacock; H. M. H. Chong; G. T. Reed
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Silicon nitride back-end optics for biosensor applications
Author(s): Sebastian Romero-García; Florian Merget; Frank C. Zhong; Hod Finkelstein; Jeremy Witzens
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Hybrid plasmonic microdisk resonators for optical interconnect applications
Author(s): Fei Lou; Lars Thylen; Lech Wosinski
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Ge/SiGe quantum well optical modulator
Author(s): Delphine Marris-Morini; Papichaya Chaisakul; Mohamed-Saïd Rouifed; Jacopo Frigerio; Giovanni Isella; Daniel Chrastina; Xavier Le Roux; Samson Edmond; Jean-René Coudevylle; Laurent Vivien
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Multi-scale simulation of an optical device using a novel approach for combining ray-tracing and FDTD
Author(s): Claude Leiner; Susanne Schweitzer; Volker Schmidt; Maria Belegratis; Franz-Peter Wenzl; Paul Hartmann; Ulrich Hohenester; Christian Sommer
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Mirror transformation and super-focusing of Airy pulses under the action of third order dispersion
Author(s): R. Driben; Y. Hu; Z. Chen; B. A. Malomed; R. Morandotti
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Almost lossless multiple crossing of silicon wires by means of vertical coupling with a polymer strip waveguide
Author(s): A. Tsarev; E. Kolosovsky
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Recent progress in opto-mechanical design of cavity developed for the OSQAR experiment
Author(s): Karolina Macúchová; Jan Hošek; Šárka Němcová; Miroslav Šulc; Josef Zicha
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Near infrared elastic light scattering by a silicon microsphere
Author(s): Ulaş S. Gökay; Ali Serpengüzel
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Determination of amplifying parameters of LMA Yb:silica fiber amplifier
Author(s): Maryam Ilchi-Ghazaani; Parviz Parvin; Sajjad Mohammadian
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Fabrication and evaluation of chalcogenide glass molding lens for car night-vision system
Author(s): Du Hwan Cha; Yeon Hwang; Jeong-Ho Kim; Hye-Jeong Kim
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Modeling of CW Yb-doped silica fiber laser by considering loss mechanism
Author(s): Maryam Ilchi-Ghazaani; Parviz Parvin
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Competition between various techniques for power scaling of fiber laser output power
Author(s): Maryam Ilchi-Ghazaani; Parviz Parvin; Vajiheh Daneshafrooz
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Silicon nitride waveguides and micro ring-resonators for astronomical optical frequency comb generation
Author(s): T. Fremberg; J. M. Chavez Boggio; D. Bodenmüller; R. Haynes; M. M. Roth; R. Eisermann; L. Zimmermann; M. Böhm
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Numerical investigation of propagation constant in silicon nitride waveguides with different refractive index profiles
Author(s): D. Bodenmüller; J. M. Chavez Boggio; M. Böhm; T. Fremberg; R. Haynes; M. M. Roth
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Optical characterization of the aperiodic multilayered anisotropic structure based on Kolakoski sequence
Author(s): Vladimir R. Tuz; Volodymyr I. Fesenko; Igor A. Sukhoivanov
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Revisiting the superprism effect: a theory close to the Bragg condition
Author(s): P. Ciancia; I. Rendina; G. Cocorullo; V. Mocella
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A performance comparison between 33RZ-POMUX-DQPSK and 33RZ-DC-DQPSK using coherent detection for 1.6 Tb/s (16x100 Gb/s) over 1200 km
Author(s): Abir Hraghi; Mourad Menif
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