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Nonlinear Optics and Applications VII
Editor(s): Mario Bertolotti; Joseph Haus; Alexei M. Zheltikov
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Volume Number: 8772
Date Published: 15 May 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8772
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Measurement of the circular dichroism in the second harmonic optical signal produced by Au covered self ordered dielectric nanospheres
Author(s): A. Belardini; A. Benedetti; M. Centini; G. Leahu; F. Mura; S. Sennato; E. Fazio; C. Sibilia; V. Robbiano; M. C. Giordano; C. Martella; Da. Comoretto; F. Buatier de Mongeot
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Angular-tuning of optical parametric generation efficiency in 2D periodically poled lithium tantalate
Author(s): Mohamed Lazoul; Lotfy Mokhtar Simohamed; Lung Han Peng; Alexi Fischer ; Azzedine Boudrioua
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Self-diffraction of laser beams in the case of resonant excitation of excitons in colloidal CdSe/ZnS quantum dots
Author(s): V. Dneprovskii; A. Smirnov; M. Kozlova
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Nonlinearly chirped quasi-phase-matching for production of ultra-broadband twin photons
Author(s): A. R. Tamazyan; G. Y. Kryuchkyan
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Ultra-broadband, mid IR and coherent supercontinuum generated in aperiodic chalcogenide photonic crystal fibers
Author(s): Rim Cherif; Amira Baili; Mourad Zghal
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Nonlinear optical properties of Au nanoparticles in solution
Author(s): M. Trejo-Durán; D. Cornejo-Monroy; E. Alvarado-Méndez; A. Olivares-Vargas; J. M. Estudillo-Ayala; V. Castaño-Meneses
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Generation of entangled polaritons in doped media
Author(s): Igor O. Barinov; Alexei V. Prokhorov; Sergey M. Arakelian
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Introduction of optical Newton cradle model for understanding the N-solitons fission process under the action of higher order dispersion
Author(s): R. Driben; B. A. Malomed; D. V. Skryabin; A. V. Yulin
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The optical control of spatial dissipative solitons in optical fibers filled with a cold atomic gas
Author(s): M. Yu. Gubin; A. V. Prokhorov; M. G. Gladush; A. Yu. Leksin; S. M. Arakelian
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Influence of non-maxwellian electron distribution in low-Z elements iluminated by a high intensity x-ray lasers
Author(s): Alberto G. de la Varga; François de Gaufridy; Pedro Velarde; Manuel Cotelo; David Portillo; Alfonso Barbas; Agustín González; Philippe Zeitoun
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Experimental study of a crystalline-resonator based optoelectronic oscillator
Author(s): Patrice Salzenstein; Aurelien Coillet; Rémi Henriet; Laurent Larger; Yanne K. Chembo
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Nonlinear self-reflection of intense ultra-wideband femtosecond pulses in optical fiber
Author(s): Leonid S. Konev; Yuri A. Shpolyanskiy
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Silicon nitride waveguide with flattened chromatic dispersion
Author(s): J. M. Chavez Boggio; D. Bodenmueller; T. Fremberg; R. Haynes; M. M. Roth; R. Eisermann; L. Zimmermann; M. Bohm
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Numerical model for DGD estimation in optical transmission system
Author(s): Jan Litvik; Daniel Benedikovic; Marc Wuilpart; Milan Dado; Michal Kuba
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Double-frequency Brillouin fiber lasers
Author(s): Vasily V. Spirin; Cesar A. López-Mercado; Damien Kinet; Ekaterina A. Zlobina; Sergei I. Kablukov; Patrice Mégret; Igor O. Zolotovskiy; Andrei A. Fotiadi
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Tunable multiwavelength quantum dot external-cavity lasers
Author(s): Chen-Hung Pai; Gray Lin
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Analytical model of ground-state lasing phenomenon in broadband semiconductor quantum dot lasers
Author(s): Vladimir V. Korenev; Artem V. Savelyev; Alexey E. Zhukov; Alexander V. Omelchenko; Mikhail V. Maximov
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DNA translocation through a periodically patterned nanoprobe
Author(s): Seong Soo Choi; Myoung Jin Park; Nam kyou Park; Seung Min Park; Luke Lee
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Reflection and propagation of laser pulse with a few cycles in medium with time-dependent dielectric permittivity
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Ivan V. Mishanov
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Numerical investigation of the Gaussian pulses propagating in optical fibers with refractive indices stochastically changed due to environmental conditions
Author(s): L. Ladányi; R. Menkyna; J. Müllerová
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Two-photon polymerization of diacrylate mesogen for producing polymer with patterned orientation structures
Author(s): W. Zheng; W.-Z. Huang
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Determination of the uncertainty for phase noise delivered by an optoelectronic based system
Author(s): Patrice Salzenstein; Ekaterina Pavlyuchenko
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Polarization properties of vector solitons generated by modulation instability in circularly birefringent fibers
Author(s): E. A. Kuzin; A. Flores-Rosas; J. I. Peralta-Hernandez; B. A. Villagomez-Bernabe; B. Ibarra-Escamilla; A. Gonzalez-Garcia; O. Pottiez; M. Duran-Sanchez
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Frequency doubling of cw 1560nm laser with single-pass, double-pass and cascaded MgO:PPLN crystals and frequency locking to Rb D2 line
Author(s): Shanlong Guo; Junmin Wang; Yashuai Han; Jun He
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Highly nonlinear tellurite fiber with engineered chromatic dispersion for broadband optical parametric amplification
Author(s): Edmund P. Samuel; Tong Hoang Tuan; Koji Asano; Takenobu Suzuki; Yasutake Ohishi
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Second order optical nonlinear processes as tools to probe anomalies inside high confinement microcavities
Author(s): Marc Collette; Normand Beaudoin; Serge Gauvin
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Experimental investigation of high power picosecond 1.06 um pulse propagation in Bragg fibers
Author(s): Michal Jelínek; Václav Kubeček; Helena JelÍnková; Vlastimil Matějec; Ivan Kašik; Ondřej Podrazký
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Enhancement of optical nonlinearity of LCs with gold-nanoparticle-doped alignment layers
Author(s): Hui-Chi Lin; Andy Y. G. Fuh; Ci-Yong Lin; Ming-Shian Li
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Electronic structure of KTiOAsO4, a novel material for non-linear optical applications
Author(s): Victor Atuchin; Oleg Y. Khyzhun; V.L. Bekenev; A.K. Sinelnichenko; L. I. Isaenko; S. A. Zhurkov
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Optical propagation loss measurements in electro optical host-guest waveguides
Author(s): E. Nitiss; J. Busenbergs; M. Rutkis
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C-band amplification through fibre ring laser in generating multi wavelength
Author(s): Mohd Nizam Abdullah; Sahbudin Shaari; Abang Annuar Ehsan; Susthitha Menon; Mohd Nasir Zainal Abidin; Abdul Rashid Zainal Abidin
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All-optical four-bit Toffoli gate with possible implementation in solids
Author(s): G. Grigoryan; V. Chaltykyan; E. Gazazyan; O. Tikhova
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Structural field of K2Al2B2O7-family crystals
Author(s): Victor V. Atuchin; Bair G. Bazarov; Victoria G. Grossman; Maxim S. Molokeev; Zhibzema G. Bazarova
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Laser-induced incandescence of carbon surface: a method for temperature estimation
Author(s): Serge E. Zelensky; Kateryna S. Zelenska
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Optimal doping of GaSe with isovalent elements
Author(s): Victor V. Atuchin; Yury M. Andreev; Konstantin A. Kokh; Grigory V. Lanskii; Anna V. Shaiduko; T. I. Izaak; V. A. Svetlichnyi
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