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Integrated Photonics: Materials, Devices, and Applications II
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Volume Number: 8767
Date Published: 29 May 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8767
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Systematic optimization of the storage capacity of slow light photonic crystal waveguides
Author(s): Panagiotis Kanakis; Thomas Kamalakis; Thomas Sphicopoulos
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Fano lineshapes of 'Peak-tracking chip' spatial profiles analyzed with correlation analysis for bioarray imaging and refractive index sensing
Author(s): K. Bougot-Robin; S. Li; W. Yue; L. Q. Chen; X. X. Zhang; W. J. Wen; H. Benisty
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Monolithic integration of high-Q wedge resonators with vertically coupled waveguides
Author(s): Fernando Ramiro-Manzano; Nikola Prtljaga; Lorenzo Pavesi; Georg Pucker; Mher Ghulinyan
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Talbot effect from periodic and quasi-periodic structures: application to 3D quasi-crystalline photonic lattices formation
Author(s): A. Badalyan; P. Mantashyan; V. Mekhitaryan; V. Nersesyan; R. Drampyan
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Hydrogenated amorphous silicon nanowires with high nonlinear figure of merit and stable nonlinear optical response
Author(s): L. Carletti; C. Grillet; P. Grosse; B. Ben Bakir; S. Menezo; J. M. Fédéli; D. J. Moss; C. Monat
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Travelling wave resonators fabricated with low-loss hydrogenated amorphous silicon
Author(s): Timo Lipka; Julia Amthor; Hoc Khiem Trieu; Jörg Müller
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High-resolution 3D structural and optical analyses of hybrid or composite materials by means of scanning probe microscopy combined with the ultramicrotome technique: an example of application to engineering of liquid crystals doped with fluorescent quantum dots
Author(s): Konstantin E. Mochalov; Anton E. Efimov; Alexey Yu. Bobrovsky; Igor I. Agapov; Anton A. Chistyakov; Vladimir A. Oleinikov; Igor Nabiev
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Ge on Si waveguide-integrated photodiodes for high speed and low power receivers
Author(s): Léopold Virot; Laurent Vivien; Jean Michel Hartmann; Jean-Marc Fédéli; Delphine Marris-Morini; Eric Cassan; Charles Baudot; Frédéric Boeuf
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Phase-shift in waveguide integrated Ge quantum wells
Author(s): Jacopo Frigerio; Papichaya Chaisakul; Delphine Marris-Morini; Stefano Cecchi; Mohamed-Said Rouifed; Giovanni Isella; Laurent Vivien
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Franz-Keldysh effect of Ge-on-Si pin diodes at common chip temperatures
Author(s): M. Schmid; M. Kaschel; M. Gollhofer; M. Oehme; J. Werner; K. Ulbricht; E. Kasper; J. Schulze
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Resistance-capacitance limitation of fast double heterojunction Ge p-i-n photodetectors
Author(s): Mathias Kaschel; Marc Schmid; Martin Gollhofer; Michael Oehme; Erich Kasper; Jörg Schulze
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TriPleX waveguide platform: low-loss technology over a wide wavelength range
Author(s): A. Leinse; R. G. Heideman; M. Hoekman; F. Schreuder; F. Falke; C. G. H. Roeloffzen; L. Zhuang; M. Burla; D. Marpaung; D. H. Geuzebroek; R. Dekker; E. J. Klein; P. W. L. van Dijk; R. M. Oldenbeuving
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Generic process for low-cost InP integrated photonics in industrial foundries
Author(s): Luc Augustin; Huub Ambrosius; Peter Thijs; Francisco Soares; Norbert Grote; Dominik Szymanski; Mike Wale; Meint Smit
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A CMOS-compatible silicon photonic platform for high-speed integrated opto-electronics
Author(s): Christophe Galland; Ari Novack; Yang Liu; Ran Ding; Michael Gould; Tom Baehr-Jones; Qi Li; Yisu Yang; Yangjin Ma; Yi Zhang; Kishore Padmaraju; Keren Bergmen; Andy Eu-Jin Lim; Guo-Qiang Lo; Michael Hochberg
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ePIXfab: the silicon photonics platform
Author(s): Amit Khanna; Youssef Drissi; Pieter Dumon; Roel Baets; Philippe Absil; J. Pozo; D. M. R. Lo Cascio; M. Fournier; J-M. Fédéli; L. Fulbert; L. Zimmermann; B. Tillack; T. Aalto; P. O'Brien; D. Deptuck; J. Xu; D. Gale
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Electrically pumped Er-doped light emitting slot waveguides for on-chip optical routing at 1.54 µm
Author(s): J. M. Ramírez; Y. Berencén; D. Navarro-Urrios; F. Ferrarese Lupi; Aleksei Anopchenko; N. Prtljaga; P. Rivallin; A. Tengattini; J. P. Colonna; J. M. Fedeli; L. Pavesi; B. Garrido
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Light emission at telecom wavelengths from single-walled carbon nanotubes
Author(s): A. Noury; E. Gaufrès; X. Le Roux; M. Tange; T. Okazaki; R. Martel; L. Vivien; N. Izard
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Warm white LED light by frequency down-conversion of mixed yellow and red Lumogen
Author(s): Mauro Mosca; Fulvio Caruso; Leandro Zambito; Biagio Seminara; Roberto Macaluso; Claudio Calì; Eric Feltin
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Semi-insulating substrate based generic InP photonic integration platform
Author(s): Francisco M. Soares; Klemens Janiak; Jochen Kreissl; Martin Moehrle; Norbert Grote
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Heterogeneously integrated III-V/Si single mode lasers based on a MMI-ring configuration and triplet-ring reflectors
Author(s): S. Keyvaninia; S. Verstuyft; F. Lelarge; G.-H. Duan; S. Messaoudene; J. M. Fédéli; E. J. Geluk; T. De Vries; B. Smalbrugge; J. Bolk; M. Smit; D. Van Thourhout; G. Roelkens
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Characterization of spectral optical responsivity of Si-photodiode junction combinations available in a 0.35µm HV-CMOS technology
Author(s): A. Kraxner; E. Wachmann; I. Jonak-Auer; J. Teva; J. M. Park; R. Minixhofer
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A dense spot size converter array fabricated in a generic process on InP
Author(s): D. D'Agostino; E. Kleijn; R. Santos; H. P. M. M. Ambrosius; M. K. Smit
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SWG dispersion engineering for ultra-broadband photonic devices
Author(s): Robert Halir; Alejandro Maese-Novo; Sebastián Romero-García; Diego Pérez-Galacho; Luis Zavargo-Peche; Alejandro Ortega-Moñux; Íñigo Molina-Fernández; J. Gonzalo Wangüemert-Pérez; Pavel Cheben
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Theoretical model of an interleave-chirped arrayed waveguide grating (IC-AWG)
Author(s): B. Gargallo; P. Muñoz
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Metamaterial-based sensor for skin disease diagnostics
Author(s): L. La Spada; R. Iovine; R. Tarparelli; L. Vegni
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Low-loss silicon nitrite waveguides in polymer
Author(s): Ziyang Zhang; Dongliang Liu; Norbert Keil; Norbert Grote
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Colloidal PbS nanocrystals integrated to Si-based photonics for applications at telecom wavelengths
Author(s): M. Humer; R. Guider; W. Jantsch; T. Fromherz
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Experimental studies of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles doped silica matrix 3D magneto-photonic crystals
Author(s): E. Abou Diwan; F. Royer; R. Kekesi; D. Jamon; M. F. Blanc-Mignon; S. Neveu; J. J. Rousseau
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Direct imprinting on chalcogenide glass and fabrication of infrared wire-grid polarizer
Author(s): Itsunari Yamada; Naoto Yamashita; Toshihiko Einishi; Mitsunori Saito; Kouhei Fukumi; Junji Nishii
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Si-based light emitter in an integrated photonic circuit for smart biosensor applications
Author(s): S. Germer; C. Cherkouk; L. Rebohle; M. Helm; W. Skorupa
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Liquid-crystal tunable plasmonic stripe directional coupler switches
Author(s): D. C. Zografopoulos; R. Beccherelli
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Analysis of the Drever-Pound-Hall technique for the simultaneous detection of the detuning of more cavities on a single channel
Author(s): Martina De Laurentis; Michele Riccio; Giuseppe De Falco; Luca Maresca; Andrea Irace; Giovanni Breglio
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