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Behavior and Mechanics of Multifunctional Materials and Composites 2013
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Volume Number: 8689
Date Published: 16 April 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8689
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Ultra high energy density and fast discharge nanocomposite capacitors
Author(s): Haixiong Tang; Henry A. Sodano
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Analysis of the impedance resonance of piezoelectric multi-fiber composite stacks
Author(s): S. Sherrit; A. Djrbashian; S. C. Bradford
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A quantum informed continuum model for ferroelectric and flexoelectric materials
Author(s): William S. Oates
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Thermal and mechanical effects on large field dielectric loss in lanthanum-doped lead zirconate titanate
Author(s): John A. Gallagher; Hwan Ryul Jo; Christopher S. Lynch
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Coupled effects of hydrostatic pressure and bipolar electric field on the FE-AFE phase transformation in 95/5 PZT
Author(s): J. C. Valadez; David M. Pisani; C. S. Lynch
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Effects of compositional modification in lead lanthanum zirconate stannate titanate ceramics on electric energy storage properties
Author(s): Hwan R. Jo; Christopher S. Lynch
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Lamb wave dispersion under finite plastic deformation
Author(s): Kuang C. Liu; Anindya Ghoshal
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Micromechanical analysis and finite element modeling of electromechanical properties of active piezoelectric structural fiber (PSF) composites
Author(s): Qingli Dai; Kenny Ng
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Feasibility study of shape control with zero applied voltage utilizing hysteresis in strain-electric field relationship of piezoelectric ceramics
Author(s): T. Ikeda; T. Takahashi
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Nonlinear dynamics and thermodynamics of azobenzene polymer networks
Author(s): William S. Oates; Jonghoon Bin
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Development of novel multifunctional biobased polymer composites with tailored conductive network of micro-and-nano-fillers
Author(s): Siu N. Leung; Shahriar Ghaffari; Hani E. Naguib
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Network modeling of membrane-based artificial cellular systems
Author(s): Eric C. Freeman; Michael K. Philen; Donald J. Leo
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Meso-decorated self-healing gels: network structure and properties
Author(s): Jin Gong; Kensuke Sawamura; Susumu Igarashi; Hidemitsu Furukawa
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Observation instrument of dynamic friction interface of gel engineering materials with polarized optical microscopic
Author(s): Naoya Yamada; Masato Wada; M. Hasnat Kabir; Jin Gong; Hidemitsu Furukawa
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Aging effects of epoxy shape memory polymers
Author(s): Kannan Dasharathi; John A. Shaw
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The shape memory effect in crosslinked polymers: effects of polymer chemistry and network architecture
Author(s): Jacob D. Davidson; Yali Li; N. C. Goulbourne
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Modeling mechanical behavior of epoxy-shape memory polymers
Author(s): Jianguo Chen; Liwu Liu; Fan Fei; Yixing Wang; Yanju Liu; Jinsong Leng
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A constitutive theory for shape memory polymers: coupling of small and large deformation
Author(s): Qiao Tan; Liwu Liu; Yanju Liu; Jinsong Leng; Xiangqiao Yan; Haifang Wang
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Electro-mechanical performance of shape-memory nanocomposites with graphene/CNF nanopaper
Author(s): Haibao Lu; Ting Zheng; Jian Wang
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Three dimensional experimental characterization of a NiMnGa alloy
Author(s): Isaac Nelson; Constantin Ciocanel; Doug LaMaster; Heidi Feigenbaum
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Shape memory thermal lag and superelastic rate sensitivity of SMA cellular structures
Author(s): Ryan T. Watkins; John A. Shaw; David S. Grummon
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Fatigue properties of NiTi shape-memory alloy thin plates
Author(s): Hiroshi Yamamoto; Minoru Taya; Yuanchang Liang; Onur C. Namli; Makoto Saito
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Experiments on functional fatigue of thermally activated shape memory alloy springs and correlations with driving force intensity
Author(s): Ashwin Rao; A. R. Srinivasa
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Semi-empirical modeling of hysteresis compensation in magnetostrictive actuator
Author(s): Ki-Hyun Ji; Hae-Jung Park; Young-Woo Park; Norman M. Wereley
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Characterization and finite element modeling of Galfenol minor flux density loops
Author(s): Zhangxian Deng; Marcelo J. Dapino
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Electrical resistivity and piezoresistivity of Ni-CNT filled epoxy-based composites
Author(s): Jinbao Jiang; Huigang Xiao; Hui Li
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A two species thermodynamic Preisach approach for simulating superelastic responses of shape memory alloys under tension and bending loading conditions
Author(s): Srikrishna Doraiswamy; Ashwin Rao; A. R. Srinivasa
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Magnetization in MSMA: 2D modeling and experimental characterization
Author(s): Douglas H. LaMaster; Heidi P. Feigenbaum; Isaac D. Nelson; Constantin Ciocanel
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Thermal response of infinitely extended layered nickel-titanium shape memory alloy thin film with variable material properties
Author(s): Abhijit Bhattacharyya; Mehmet Mete Ozturk
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Sensing of retained martensite during thermal cycling of shape memory alloy wires via electrical resistance
Author(s): Christopher B. Churchill
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Thermo-mechanical self-adaptive ball screw drive using thermal shape memory effect
Author(s): I. Navarro y de Sosa; A. Bucht; T. Junker; K. Pagel; W.-G. Drossel
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Assessing the morphology of selective laser melted NiTi-scaffolds for a three-dimensional quantification of the one-way shape memory effect
Author(s): Therese Bormann; Michael de Wild; Felix Beckmann; Bert Müller
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Lagoudas model for optomechanical mountings: parametric study and characterization campaign
Author(s): D. Rigamonti; F. Zanetti; M. Riva; E. Villa; F. Passaretti; F. M. Zerbi
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The challenges of achieving good electrical and mechanical properties when making structural supercapacitors
Author(s): C. Ciocanel; C. Browder; C. Simpson; R. Colburn
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Nanowire-graphene hybrids for lithium-ion-battery
Author(s): Mohammad Arif Ishtiaque Shuvo; Md Ashiqur Rahaman Khan; Hasanul Karim; Philip Morton; Tavis Wilson; Miguel Mendoza; Yirong Lin
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A finite element modeling of a multifunctional hybrid composite beam with viscoelastic materials
Author(s): Ya Wang; Daniel J. Inman
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Acoustic impedance matching using dynamic homogenization of periodic composites
Author(s): H. Sadeghi; A. Srivastava; S. Nemat-Nasser
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Modifying the acoustic impedance of polyurea-based composites
Author(s): Wiroj Nantasetphong; Alireza V. Amirkhizi; Zhanzhan Jia; Sia Nemat-Nasser
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Ultrasonic studies of fly ash/polyurea composites
Author(s): Jing Qiao; Alireza V. Amirkhizi; Sia Nemat-Nasser; Gaohui Wu
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Comparative study of nanomaterials for interlaminar reinforcement of fiber-composite panels
Author(s): Karen Rachel Chiu; Terrisa Duenas; Yuris Dzenis; Jase Kaser; Charles E. Bakis; J. Keith Roberts; Daniel Carter
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Fatigue damage evaluation of plain woven carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) modified with MFC (micro-fibrillated cellulose) by thermo-elastic damage analysis (TDA)
Author(s): Ryohei Aoyama; Kazuya Okubo; Toru Fujii
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Computational design of multifunctional composites made of shape memory alloys and fiber reinforced plastics
Author(s): Björn Senf; Christoph Eppler; André Bucht; Iñaki Navarro y de Sosa; Holger Kunze
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Phase transition of shape-memory effect in glassy shape-memory polymers
Author(s): Haibao Lu
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Simulation and experiment research on smart metamaterial structures for wave isolation
Author(s): Yun Li; Hongwei Sun; Zhiming Li
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A study of damping characteristics of alumina-filled epoxy nano-composites
Author(s): Priyanka Katiyar; Anand Kumar
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Interlaminar shear strength and thermo-mechanical properties of nano-enhanced composite materials under thermal shock
Author(s): G. Gkikas; D.-D. Douka; N.-M. Barkoula; A. S. Paipetis
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Fabrication and characterization of shape memory polystyrene foams
Author(s): Yongtao Yao; Pei Xiang; Jinsong Leng
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