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Visual Information Processing and Communication IV
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Volume Number: 8666
Date Published: 13 March 2013

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Fairness issues in resource allocation schemes for wireless visual sensor networks
Author(s): Katerina Pandremmenou; Lisimachos P. Kondi; Konstantinos E. Parsopoulos
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Discussion on information theoretic and simulation analysis of linear shift-invariant edge detection operators
Author(s): Bo Jiang
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Inter-layer motion field mapping for the scalable extension of HEVC
Author(s): Xiaoyu Xiu; Yan Ye; Yong He; Yuwen He
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An HEVC extension for spatial and quality scalable video coding
Author(s): Tobias Hinz; Philipp Helle; Haricharan Lakshman; Mischa Siekmann; Jan Stegemann; Heiko Schwarz; Detlev Marpe; Thomas Wiegand
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Towards a next generation open-source video codec
Author(s): Jim Bankoski; Ronald S. Bultje; Adrian Grange; Qunshan Gu; Jingning Han; John Koleszar; Debargha Mukherjee; Paul Wilkins; Yaowu Xu
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Scalable extensions of HEVC for next generation services
Author(s): Kiran Misra; Andrew Segall; Jie Zhao; Seung-Hwan Kim
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An improved hypothetical reference decoder for HEVC
Author(s): Sachin Deshpande; Miska M. Hannuksela; Kimihiko Kazui; Thomas Schierl
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On lossless coding for HEVC
Author(s): Wen Gao; Minqiang Jiang; Haoping Yu
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Edge adaptive intra field de-interlacing of video images
Author(s): Vladimir Lachine; Gregory Smith; Louie Lee
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On the efficiency of image completion methods for intra prediction in video coding with large block structures
Author(s): Dimitar Doshkov; Oscar Jottrand; Thomas Wiegand; Patrick Ndjiki-Nya
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Depth-layer-based multiview image synthesis and coding for interactive z- and x-dimension view switching
Author(s): Yu Mao; Gene Cheung; Yusheng Ji
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Wyner-Ziv coding of depth maps exploiting color motion information
Author(s): Matteo Salmistraro; Marco Zamarin; Søren Forchhammer
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Multimodal image registration by iteratively searching keypoint correspondences
Author(s): Yong Li; Robert Stevenson
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A spatially varying PSF model for Seidel aberrations and defocus
Author(s): Jonathan D. Simpkins; Robert L. Stevenson
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Cubic-panorama image dataset analysis for storage and transmission
Author(s): Saeed Salehi; Eric Dubois
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Efficient streaming of stereoscopic depth-based 3D videos
Author(s): Dogancan Temel; Mohammed Aabed; Mashhour Solh; Ghaassan AlRegib
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Block-layer bit allocation for quality constrained video encoding based on constant perceptual quality
Author(s): Chao Wang; Xuanqin Mou; Wei Hong; Lei Zhang
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A bilateral hole filling algorithm for time-of-flight depth camera
Author(s): Seung-Won Jung
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Front Matter: Volume 8666
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