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Digital Photography IX
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Volume Number: 8660
Date Published: 21 January 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8660
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multichannel camera calibration
Author(s): Wei Li; Julie Klein
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Direct spatio-spectral datacube reconstruction from raw data using a spatially adaptive spatio-spectral basis
Author(s): Yusuke Monno; Masayuki Tanaka; Masatoshi Okutomi
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Joint focus stacking and high dynamic range imaging
Author(s): Qinchun Qian; Bahadir K. Gunturk; Aziz U. Batur
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FUJIFILM X10 white orbs and DeOrbIt
Author(s): Henry Gordon Dietz
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Automated calibration and optical testing of the AWARE-2 gigapixel multiscale camera
Author(s): David S. Kittle; Daniel L. Marks; David J. Brady
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Across-resolution adaptive dictionary learning for single-image super-resolution
Author(s): Masayuki Tanaka; Ayumu Sakurai; Masatoshi Okutomi
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Aesthetic scoring of digital portraits for consumer applications
Author(s): S. Battiato; M. Moltisanti; F. Ravì; A. R. Bruna; F. Naccari
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Correcting saturated pixels in images based on human visual characteristics
Author(s): Jun Fu; Hui Peng; Xi Chen; Xuanqin Mou
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Spectrally tunable pixel sensors
Author(s): G. Langfelder; C. Buffa; A. F. Longoni; F. Zaraga
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Design, simulation, and evaluation of imaging oximeters
Author(s): Steve Dai; Ye Tian; Joyce Farrell
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A collection of hyperspectral images for imaging systems research
Author(s): Torbjørn Skauli; Joyce Farrell
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Evaluation of multispectral plenoptic camera
Author(s): Lingfei Meng; Ting Sun; Rich Kosoglow; Kathrin Berkner
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Median filtering in multispectral filter array demosaicking
Author(s): Xingbo Wang; Jean-Baptiste Thomas; Jon Yngve Hardeberg; Pierre Gouton
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A novel blind image quality assessment metric and its feature selection strategy
Author(s): Ying Chu; Xuanqin Mou; Wei Hong; Zhen Ji
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Edge patterns extracted from natural images and their statistics for reduced-reference image quality assessment
Author(s): Wenting Shao; Xuanqin Mou
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SPCA: a no-reference image quality assessment based on the statistic property of the PCA on nature images
Author(s): Yun Zhang; Chao Wang; Xuanqin Mou
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Local binary pattern statistics feature for reduced reference image quality assessment
Author(s): Min Zhang; Xuanqin Mou; Hiroshi Fujita; Lei Zhang; Xiangrong Zhou; Wufeng Xue
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Evaluation of a high dynamic range video camera with non-regular sensor
Author(s): Michael Schöberl; Joachim Keinert; Matthias Ziegler; Jürgen Seiler; Marco Niehaus; Gerald Schuller; André Kaup; Siegfried Foessel
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Spectral characterization of COTS RGB cameras using a linear variable edge filter
Author(s): Daniel L. Bongiorno; Mitch Bryson; Donald G. Dansereau; Stefan B. Williams
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Focus finding using scale invariant patterns
Author(s): David Morgan-Mar; Matthew R. Arnison
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Frequency division multiplexed imaging
Author(s): Bahadir K. Gunturk; Martin Feldman
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Bayesian estimation of device spectral sensitivities and its application for improvement of color accuracy using color balancing filter
Author(s): Yusuke Murayama; Jay Arre Toque; Pengchang Zhang; Ari Ide-Ektessabi
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Achieving equal image quality at lower bit rates using evolved image reconstruction transforms
Author(s): Brendan J. Babb; Frank W. Moore
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Computer graphics solutions for pottery colors specification
Author(s): F. Stanco; A. M. Gueli
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Investigating the lateral resolution in a plenoptic capturing system using the SPC model
Author(s): Mitra Damghanian; Roger Olsson; Mårten Sjöström; Hector Navarro Fructuoso; Manuel Martinez-Corral
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