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Three-Dimensional Image Processing (3DIP) and Applications 2013
Editor(s): Atilla M. Baskurt; Robert Sitnik
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Volume Number: 8650
Date Published: 29 March 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8650
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Depth image post-processing method by diffusion
Author(s): Yun Li; Mårten Sjöström; Ulf Jennehag; Roger Olsson
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Beta-function B-spline smoothing on triangulations
Author(s): Lubomir T. Dechevsky; Peter Zanaty
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Evaluation of efficient high quality depth upsampling methods for 3DTV
Author(s): L. P. J. Vosters; C. Varekamp; G. de Haan
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Multiview ToF sensor fusion technique for high-quality depth map
Author(s): Deukhyeon Kim; Jinwook Choi; Kwanghoon Sohn
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Time-of-flight depth image enhancement using variable integration time
Author(s): Sun Kwon Kim; Ouk Choi; Byongmin Kang; James Dokyoon Kim; Chang-Yeong Kim
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Pseudo-random modulation for multiple 3D time-of-flight camera operation
Author(s): Dong-Ki Min; Ilia Ovsiannikov; Yohwan Noh; Wanghyun Kim; Sunhwa Jung; Joonho Lee; Deokha Shin; Hyekyung Jung; Lawrence Kim; Grzegorz Waligorski; Lilong Shi; Yoondong Park; Chilhee Chung
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Lossy contour-coding in segmentation-based intra-depth map coding
Author(s): Jan Hanca; Adrian Munteanu; Peter Schelkens
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Estimation of spreading fire geometrical characteristics using near infrared stereovision
Author(s): L. Rossi; T. Toulouse; M. Akhloufi; A. Pieri; Y. Tison
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Uniform grid upsampling of 3D lidar point cloud data
Author(s): Prudhvi Gurram; Shuowen Hu; Alex Chan
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Improvements on a MMI-based method for automatic texture mapping of 3D dense models
Author(s): P. Ferrara; F. Uccheddu; A. Pelagotti
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Analysis of weighting of normals for spherical harmonic cross-correlation
Author(s): Robert L. Larkins; Michael J. Cree; Adrian A. Dorrington
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Edge-aided virtual view rendering for multiview video plus depth
Author(s): Suryanarayana M. Muddala; Mårten Sjöström; Roger Olsson; Sylvain Tourancheau
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Novel calibration procedure for SVBRDF estimation of 3D objects using directional illumination and structured light projection
Author(s): Jakub F. Krzesłowski; Robert Sitnik; Grzegorz Mączkowski
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Wide range time-of-flight camera: design, analysis, and simulation
Author(s): Ouk Choi
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Efficient intensity-based camera pose estimation in presence of depth
Author(s): Maha El Choubassi; Oscar Nestares; Yi Wu; Igor Kozintsev; Horst Haussecker
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Depth correction in ToF camera
Author(s): Byong Min Kang; Keechang Lee; James D. K. Kim; Chang-Yeong Kim
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Karate moves recognition from skeletal motion
Author(s): Simone Bianco; Francesco Tisato
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Analyzing the relevance of shape descriptors in automated recognition of facial gestures in 3D images
Author(s): Julian S. Rodriguez A.; Flavio Prieto
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3D segmentation of the true and false lumens on CT aortic dissection images
Author(s): Nawel Fetnaci; Paweł Łubniewski; Bruno Miguel; Christophe Lohou
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Adaptive quality assurance of the product development process of additive manufacturing with modern 3D data evaluation methods
Author(s): Julia Kroll; Sabine Botta; Jannis Breuninger; Alexander Verl
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Quality assessment of adaptive 3D video streaming
Author(s): Samira Tavakoli; Jesús Gutiérrez; Narciso García
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Introducing the cut-out star target to evaluate the resolution performance of 3D structured-light systems
Author(s): Tom Osborne; Vikas Ramachandra; Kalin Atanassov; Sergio Goma
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Discovering unexpected information using a building energy visualization tool
Author(s): B. Lange; N. Rodriguez; W. Puech; X. Vasques
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An efficient anaglyph stereo video compression pipeline
Author(s): Adhatus Solichah Ahmadiyah; Guan-Ming Su; Kai-Lung Hua; Yu-Chi Lai
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Passive stereoscopic panomorph system
Author(s): Anne-Sophie Poulin-Girard; Simon Thibault; Denis Laurendeau
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3D/2D image registration by image transformation descriptors (ITDs) for thoracic aorta imaging
Author(s): Paweł J. Łubniewski; Laurent Sarry; Bruno Miguel; Christophe Lohou
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Stereo matching with partial information
Author(s): Y. Cem Sübakan; Ömer Can Gürol; Çağatay Dikici
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Self-calibration of depth sensing systems based on structured-light 3D
Author(s): Vikas Ramachandra; James Nash; Kalin Atanassov; Sergio Goma
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3D hand localization by low-cost webcams
Author(s): Cheng-Yuan Ko; Chung-Te Li; Chen-Han Chung; Liang-Gee Chen
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3D shape extraction of internal and external surfaces of glass objects
Author(s): A. Bajard; O. Aubreton; F. Truchetet
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Smarter compositing with the Kinect
Author(s): A. Karantza; R.L. Canosa
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