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The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2013
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Volume Number: 8649
Date Published: 15 March 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8649
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
CalVR: an advanced open source virtual reality software framework
Author(s): Jürgen P. Schulze; Andrew Prudhomme; Philip Weber; Thomas A. DeFanti
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CAVE2: a hybrid reality environment for immersive simulation and information analysis
Author(s): Alessandro Febretti; Arthur Nishimoto; Terrance Thigpen; Jonas Talandis; Lance Long; J. D. Pirtle; Tom Peterka; Alan Verlo; Maxine Brown; Dana Plepys; Dan Sandin; Luc Renambot; Andrew Johnson; Jason Leigh
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MASCARET: creating virtual learning environments from system modelling
Author(s): Ronan Querrec; Paola Vallejo; Cédric Buche
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Employing WebGL to develop interactive stereoscopic 3D content for use in biomedical visualization
Author(s): Semay Johnston; Luc Renambot; Daniel Sauter
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FreeVR: honoring the past, looking to the future
Author(s): William R. Sherman; Daniel Coming; Simon Su
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An industrial approach to design compelling VR and AR experience
Author(s): Simon Richir; Philippe Fuchs; Domitile Lourdeaux; Cédric Buche; Ronan Querrec
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3D interactive augmented reality-enhanced digital learning systems for mobile devices
Author(s): Kai-Ten Feng; Po-Hsuan Tseng; Pei-Shuan Chiu; Jia-Lin Yang; Chun-Jie Chiu
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Using the computer-driven VR environment to promote experiences of natural world immersion
Author(s): Lisa A. Frank
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One’s Colonies: a virtual reality environment of oriental residences
Author(s): Catherine Chi
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Mrs. Squandertime
Author(s): Josephine Anstey; Dave Pape
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There's an app for that shirt! Evaluation of augmented reality tracking methods on deformable surfaces for fashion design
Author(s): Silvia Ruzanka; Ben Chang; Katherine Behar
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Augmented reality: past, present, future
Author(s): Laura Inzerillo
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Vroom: designing an augmented environment for remote collaboration in digital cinema production
Author(s): Todd Margolis; Tracy Cornish
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New perspectives and limitations in the use of virtual reality in the rehabilitation of motor disorders
Author(s): Alessandro De Mauro; Aitor Ardanza; Esther Monge; Francisco Molina Rueda
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Art, science, and immersion: data-driven experiences
Author(s): Ruth G. West; Laura Monroe; Jacquelyn Ford Morie; Julieta Aguilera
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Nomad devices for interactions in immersive virtual environments
Author(s): Paul George; Andras Kemeny; Frédéric Merienne; Jean-Rémy Chardonnet; Indira Mouttapa Thouvenin; Javier Posselt; Emmanuel Icart
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Analysis of tactors for wearable simulator feedback: a tactile vest architecture
Author(s): David Prater; Stephen Gilbert; Eliot Winer
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Use of virtual reality to promote hand therapy post-stroke
Author(s): Daria Tsoupikova; Nikolay Stoykov; Randy Vick; Yu Li; Derek Kamper; Molly Listenberger
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Collaborative imaging of urban forest dynamics: augmenting re-photography to visualize changes over time
Author(s): Ruth West; Abby Halley; Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne; Daniel Gordon; Robert Pless
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Integral virtual display for long distance view
Author(s): Kosuke Shimazu; Tomohiro Yendo
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