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Semiconductor Lasers and Applications V
Editor(s): Ning Hua Zhu; Jinmin Li; Frank H. Peters; Changyuan Yu
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Volume Number: 8552
Date Published: 11 December 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8552
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Quantum dot lasers and relevant nanoheterostructures
Author(s): Alexey E. Zhukov; Natalia V. Kryzhanovskaya; Artem V. Savelyev; Alexey M. Nadtochiy; Ekaterina M. Arakcheeva; Fedor I. Zubov; Vladimir V. Korenev; Mikhail V. Maximov; Yuri M. Shernyakov; Marina M. Kulagina; Ilia A. Slovinskiy; Daniil A. Livshits; Alexandros Kapsalis; Charis Mesaritakis; Dimitris Syvridis; Alexander Mintairov
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Ultrafast nonlinear dynamics in semiconductor optical amplifiers for optical signal processing
Author(s): Yong Liu; Ligong Chen; Xiu Zheng; Shangjian Zhang; Rongguo Lu
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VCSELs for exascale computing, computer farms, and green photonics
Author(s): Werner Hofmann; Philip Moser; Philip Wolf; Gunter Larisch; Hui Li; Wei Li; James Lott; Dieter Bimberg
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Retreving alpha factor of semiconductor lasers from a self-mixing interference waveform
Author(s): Yan Gao; Yanguang Yu; Jiangtao Xi
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Cavity optimization of 1.3um InAs/InGaAs quantum dot passively mode-locked lasers
Author(s): Tianhong Xu; Paolo Bardella; Ivo Montrosset
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The characteristics of spectral in vertical-cavity surfacing-emitting lasers based on defect layer structure
Author(s): B. L. Guan; G. Z. Shi; Q. Wang; X. Guo; G. D. Shen
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Holding beam injection for improving self-induced polarization rotation in a semiconductor optical amplifier
Author(s): S. J. Zhang; Y. L. Zhang; S. Liu; Y. Liu
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Single facet slotted Fabry-Perot laser and its application in photonic integrated circuits
Author(s): Hua Yang; Padraic Morrissey; Qiao Y. Lu; William Cotter; Chris L. L. M. Daunt; James O’Callaghan; Wei H. Guo; Wei Han; John F. Donegan; Brian Corbett; Frank H. Peters
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High-power narrow far-field broad-stripe semiconductor lasers with second-order metal grating feedback
Author(s): Yong Yi Chen; Li Qin; Peng Jia; Yong Qiang Ning; Yun Liu; Li Jun Wang; Jin Long Zhang
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InGaAsP/InP DFB laser array monolithically integrated with MMI combiner and SOA
Author(s): Li Ma; Hongliang Zhu; Minghua Chen; Can Zhang; Baojun Wang
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Time delay signatures of chaotic output in 1550nm VCSELs with double variable-polarization optical feedback
Author(s): Ping Xiao; Zheng-Mao Wu; Jia-Gui Wu; Long Jiang; Guang-Qiong Xia
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Photonics-assistant spectra shaping of ultra-wideband signals for dynamic spectrum access in cognitive network
Author(s): Jianyu Zheng; Ninghua Zhu; Lixian Wang; Hui Wang; Yuanxin Du; Jianguo Liu
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Design of laser echo data acquisition system based on USB2.0
Author(s): Fuzhou Shang; Yong Song; Qun Hao; Kai Zhang; Meinan Li; Wenlong Zhang
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40-Gbps random bit generation by oversampling chaos from an injected semiconductor laser
Author(s): Xiao-Zhou Li; Sze-Chun Chan
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Raman spectroscopy system with hollow fiber probes
Author(s): Bing-hong Liu; Yi-Wei Shi
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All-optical sampling based on semiconductor optical amplifiers towards high-speed optical analog-to-digital conversion
Author(s): S. J. Zhang; Y. L. Zhang; S. Liu; H. P. Li; Y. Liu
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0.5Gbits/s message bidirectional encryption and decryption based on two synchronized chaotic semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Jia-Gui Wu; Zheng-Mao Wu; Tao Deng; Xi Tang; Li Fan; Yi-Yuan Xie; Guang-Qiong Xia
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The influence of sampling duty cycle fabrication error in an SBG semiconductor laser on its lasing wavelength
Author(s): Yating Zhou; Weichun Li; Rui Liu; Linlin Lu; Yuechun Shi; Xiangfei Chen
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Thermal effects of pulsed pumping in semiconductor disk lasers
Author(s): Peng Zhang; Teli Dai; Yiping Liang; Siqiang Fan; Yu Zhang
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Low threshold 980-nm tunable vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): Guo-Zhu Shi; Bao-Lu Guan; Xia Guo; Shuo Li; Qiang Wang; Guang-Di Shen
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Wavelength tunable VCSELs based on voltage-dependent birefringence of liquid crystal
Author(s): Qiang Wang; Baolu Guan; Guozhu Shi; Xin Liu; Xia Guo; Guangdi Shen
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A novel four-section DBR tunable laser with dual-wavelength lasing
Author(s): Liqiang Yu; Lingjuan Zhao; Dan Lu; Yan Li; JiaoQing Pan; HongLiang Zhu; Wei Wang
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Numerical simulation on output performance of continuous-wave Raman silicon lasers
Author(s): Hongxin Su; Lijing Xu; Zhitao Dai; Xiaoming Li; Xu Li
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The amplified spontaneous emission in EDF with small pulse pump
Author(s): Fu Wang; Chongqing Wu; Lanlan Liu; Zhi Wang; Zhenchao Sun; Yaya Mao
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A high power laser diode driver and collimating optical system design for laser 3D imaging
Author(s): Wenlong Zhang; Qun Hao; Yong Song; Fuzhou Shang; He Sun; Tengfei Li
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A balanced optical heterodyne detection for local-oscillator excess-noise suppression
Author(s): Jie Yang; Zhaohui Hu; Yuchi Zhang
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Speckle characteristics of a broad-area laser diode
Author(s): Shengtao Zhang; Wenhong Gao; Yunbo Shi; Pengfei Zhao; Xuyuan Chen
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