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Remote Sensing of the Marine Environment II
Editor(s): Robert J. Frouin; Naoto Ebuchi; Delu Pan; Toshiro Saino
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Volume Number: 8525
Date Published: 11 December 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8525
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Evaluation of sea surface salinity observed by Aquarius on SAC-D
Author(s): Naoto Ebuchi; Hiroto Abe
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Effective monitoring for marine debris after the Great East Japan Earthquake by using spaceborne synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): Motofumi Arii; Yoshifumi Aoki; Masakazu Koiwa
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A new PolSAR ship detector on RADARSAT-2 data
Author(s): Yuan Sun; Chao Wang; Hong Zhang; Fan Wu; Bo Zhang
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Civilian ship classification based on structure features in high resolution SAR images
Author(s): Shaofeng Jiang; Chao Wang; Hong Zhang; Fan Wu; Bo Zhang
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A novel normalized scanning algorithm for wake detection in SAR images
Author(s): Jie Nan; Hong Zhang; Chao Wang; Fan Wu; Bo Chen; Bo Zhang
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Seasonal and inter-annual variability of sea surface temperature and sea surface wind in the eastern part of the Indonesian Sea: ten years analysis of satellite remote sensing data
Author(s): I Dewa Nyoman Nurweda Putra; Tasuku Tanaka
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Estimation of inherent optical properties using in situ hyperspectral radiometer and MODIS data along the East Coast of New Caledonia
Author(s): Hiroshi Murakami; Cécile Dupouy; Rüdiger Röttgers; Robert J. Frouin
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Estimation of total suspended matter from three near infrared bands
Author(s): Mitsuhiro Toratani; Joji Ishizaka; Yoko Kiyomoto; Yu-Hwan Ahn; Sinjae Yoo; Sang-Woo Kim; Junwu Tang
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Improved ocean-color remote sensing in the Arctic using the POLYMER algorithm
Author(s): Robert Frouin; Pierre-Yves Deschamps; Didier Ramon; François Steinmetz
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Spatial and temporal variations of satellite-derived phytoplankton biomass in the Malacca Straits
Author(s): Eko Siswanto; Katsuhisa Tanaka
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Retrieval of Chlorophyll-a using satellite and ground spectral data in Japanese and Sri Lankan water bodies
Author(s): D.D.G. L. Dahanayaka; Hideyuki Tonooka; M.J. S. Wijeyaratne; Atsushi Minato; Satoru Ozawa
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Remote sensing application for Sardinella lemuru assessment: a case study of the south waters of Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia
Author(s): Abu B. Sambah; Fusanori Miura; Hanggar P. Kadarisman; Aida Sartimbul
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Ocean color variability in the southern Atlantic and southeastern Pacific
Author(s): Natalia M. Rudorff; Robert J. Frouin; Milton Kampel
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Detection of coral bleaching on Sekisei Lagoon using multispectral sensor data
Author(s): Emiko Ariyasu; Satomi Kakuta; Norichika Asada; Tsuneo Matsunaga
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Coral reef habitats mapping of Spermonde Archipelago using remote sensing compared with in situ survey of fish abundance
Author(s): Shuhei Sawayama; Teruhisa Komatsu; Nurjannah Nurdin
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Mapping seaweed forests with IKONOS image based on bottom surface reflectance
Author(s): Tatsuyuki Sagawa; Atsuko Mikami; Masakazu N. Aoki; Teruhisa Komatsu
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Comparison of contrast improvement of extracted laver cultivation area using parameters derived from polarimetric SAR data
Author(s): Mitsunobu Sugimoto; Kazuo Ouchi; Yasuhiro Nakamura
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Seagrass mapping using ALOS AVNIR-2 data in Lap An Lagoon, Thua Thien Hue, Viet Nam
Author(s): Ha Nam Thang; Kunihiko Yoshino; Tong Phuoc Hoang Son
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Using remote sensing technique for analyzing temporal changes of seagrass beds by human impacts in waters of Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam
Author(s): Phan Minh Thu; Tong Phuoc Hoang Son; Teruhisa Komatsu
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Mangrove analysis using ALOS imagery in Hai Phong City, Vietnam
Author(s): Tien Dat Pham; Kunihiko Yoshino
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Marine habitat mapping: using ALOS AVNIR-2 satellite image for seagrass beds at Rabbit (Koh Tonsay) Island, Cambodia
Author(s): Sophany Phauk; Teruhisa Komatsu; Shuhei Sawayama; Thidarat Noiraksar
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Evaluation of classification techniques for benthic habitat mapping
Author(s): Aidy M. Muslim; T. Komatsu; D. Dianachia
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Did huge tsunami on 11 March 2011 impact seagrass bed distributions in Shizugawa Bay, Sanriku Coast, Japan?
Author(s): Shuji Sasa; Shuhei Sawayama; Shingo Sakamoto; Ryo Tsujimoto; Genki Terauchi; Hiroshi Yagi; Teruhisa Komatsu
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Can ALOS-3/HISUI detect seaweed beds more precisely than ALOS/AVNIR-2?
Author(s): Tatsuyuki Sagawa; Tomohiro Watanabe; Akira Watanuki; Tetsu Koike; Haruchika Kamimura; Teruhisa Komatsu
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A preliminary study on the application of remotely sensed SST in locating evaporation duct height
Author(s): Muhammad Hasan Ali Baig; Zhenhui Wang; Lifu Zhang; Lu Yang
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Status and threats on seagrass beds using GIS in Vietnam
Author(s): Cao Van Luong; Nguyen Van Thao; Teruhisa Komatsu; Nguyen Dac Ve; Dam Duc Tien
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Monitoring of debris flowing in the ocean generated by huge tsunami caused by 2011 earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tohoku
Author(s): Takashi Aoyama
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A time series of photosynthetically available radiation at the ocean surface from SeaWiFS and MODIS data
Author(s): Robert Frouin; John McPherson; Kyozo Ueyoshi; Bryan A. Franz
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Spectral response of the coral rubble, living corals, and dead corals: study case on the Spermonde Archipelago, Indonesia
Author(s): Nurjannah Nurdin; Teruhisa Komatsu; Hiroya Yamano; Gulam Arafat; Chair Rani; M. Akbar AS
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Impact of huge tsunami in March 2011 on seaweed bed distributions in Shizugawa Bay, Sanriku Coast, revealed by remote sensing
Author(s): Shingo X. Sakamoto; Shuji Sasa; Shuhei Sawayama; Ryo Tsujimoto; Genki Terauchi; Hiroshi Yagi; Teruhisa Komatsu
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