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Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere, Clouds, and Precipitation IV
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Volume Number: 8523
Date Published: 27 November 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8523
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
JAXA earth observation program update
Author(s): M. Homma
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A potential DSD retrieval process for dual-frequency precipitation radar (DPR) on board GPM
Author(s): Minda Le; V. Chandresekar
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Impact of non-uniform beam filling on spaceborne cloud and precipitation radar retrieval algorithms
Author(s): Simone Tanelli; Gian Franco Sacco; Stephen L. Durden; Ziad S. Haddad
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Development of precipitation retrieval algorithm for passive microwave sounder over land
Author(s): S. Kida; T. Kubota; M. Kachi; S. Shige; R. Oki
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A development of rain retrieval algorithm from satellite microwave radiometers caused by orography and over high elevations area
Author(s): Munehisa K. Yamamoto; Aina Taniguchi; Shoichi Shige
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TRMM satellite rainfall estimates for landslide early warning in Italy: preliminary results
Author(s): Mauro Rossi; Dalia Kirschbaum; Silvia Luciani; Alessandro C. Mondini; Fausto Guzzetti
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Use of ASTER GDEM for separating rain echo and surface clutter in the radar observation of rain from space
Author(s): Jun Awaka; Toshio Iguchi
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Precipitation observation using a dual Ka-band radar system
Author(s): Kenji Nakamura; Masanori Nishikawa; Shuji Shimizu; Katsuhiro Nakagawa; Hiroshi Hanado
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Urban flash flood applications of high-resolution rainfall estimation by X-band dual-polarization radar network
Author(s): V. Chandrasekar; Haonan Chen; Masayuki Maki
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Recent observations of clouds and precipitation by the airborne precipitation radar 2nd generation in support of the GPM and ACE missions
Author(s): Stephen L. Durden; Simone Tanelli; Eastwood Im
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New cloud science derived from GCOMC satellite mission
Author(s): Husi Letu; Takashi Y. Nakajima; Takashi N. Matsui; Yoshiaki Matsumae
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Usefulness of dual-frequency precipitation SAR (PSAR) for next-generation space-based precipitation mission
Author(s): Toshiaki Kozu; Tatsuro Sasaki; Toyoshi Shimomai
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3D wind field retrieval from spaceborne Doppler radar
Author(s): Y. Lemaître; N. Viltard
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China Collection 1.1: an aerosol optical depth dataset at 1km resolution over mainland China retrieved from satellite data
Author(s): Yong Xue; Xingwei He; Hui Xu; Jie Guang; Leiku Yang
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Relationship between trace gases and aerosols from biomass burning in Southeast Asia using satellite and emission data
Author(s): Yoshimi Azuma; Maya Nakamura; Makoto Kuji
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Observed radiative effects caused by yellow dust aerosol at Sendai
Author(s): Shuichiro Katagiri; Kyohei Yamada; Atsushi Shimizu; Tadahiro Hayasaka; Nobuo Sugimoto; Tamio Takamura
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Aerosol models characterization in arctic region using cluster analysis based on long-term AERONET observations
Author(s): Chi Li; Yong Xue; Leiku Yang; Yingjie Li
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Modeling of tropospheric integrated water vapor content using GPS, radiosonde, radiometer, rain gauge and surface meteorological data in a tropical region (French Polynesia)
Author(s): Jonathan Serafini; Jean-Pierre Barriot; Marania Hopuare; Lydie Sichoix; Abdelali Fadil
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On the cloud observations in JAXA's next coming satellite missions
Author(s): Takashi Y. Nakajima; Takashi M. Nagao; Husi Letu; Haruma Ishida; Kentaroh Suzuki
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Simulation for spaceborne cloud profiling Doppler radar: EarthCARE/CPR
Author(s): Hiroaki Horie; Nobuhiro Takahashi; Yuichi Ohno; Kenji Sato
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Cloud liquid water retrieval using AMSR-E on land
Author(s): Dabin Ji; Jiancheng Shi
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Categorizing precipitating clouds by using radar and geostationary satellite
Author(s): P. Wetchayont; T. Hayasaka; S. Katagiri; T. Satomura
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Cloud optical depth measured with ground-based, uncooled infrared imagers
Author(s): Joseph A. Shaw; Paul W. Nugent; Nathan J. Pust; Brian J. Redman; Sabino Piazzolla
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Retrieval of cirrus cloud radiative properties from brightness temperatures in infrared window bands
Author(s): H. Iwabuchi; S. Yamada
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Influence and discrimination of clouds in the detection of dust and sandstorms using AVI
Author(s): Yoshinobu Kato
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Algorithm development for remote sensing of aerosol from MSI
Author(s): Satoru Fukuda; Teruyuki Nakajima; Hideaki Takenaka
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Satellite aerosol retrieval using dark target algorithm by coupling BRDF effect over AERONET site
Author(s): Leiku Yang; Yong Xue; Jie Guang; Chi Li
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HCl/Cly ratios just before the breakup of the Antarctic vortex as observed by SMILES/MLS/ACE-FTS
Author(s): T. Sugita; Y. Kasai; Y. Terao; S. Hayashida; G. L. Manney; W. H. Daffer; H. Sagawa; M. Suzuki; M. Shiotani
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DRAGON-Osaka experiment with local pollutants and long-range transported Asian aerosols
Author(s): M. Nakata; S. Mukai; I. Sano; Y. Nakaguchi; B. N. Holben; N. Sugimoto
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DRAGON-West Japan campaign in 2012: regional aerosol measurements over Osaka
Author(s): I. Sano; S. Mukai; B. N. Holben; M. Nakata; M. Yonemitsu; N. Sugimoto; T. Fujito; T. Hiraki; N. Iguchi; K. Kozai; M. Kuji; K. Muramatsu; Y. Okada; Y. Okada; Y. Sadanaga; S. Tohno; Yasuo Toyazaki; Kouhei Yamamoto
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Geographical and climatological characterization of aerosol optical depth distribution of MODIS in China
Author(s): Yuxiang Luo; Xiaobo Zheng; Tianliang Zhao; Hong Luo
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Microphysical properties of low clouds over the North Pacific Ocean
Author(s): Takumi Maruyama; Tadahiro Hayasaka
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Relationship between cloud base height retrieved from lidar and downward longwave irradiance
Author(s): Kyohei Yamada; Tadahiro Hayasaka; Nobuo Sugimoto
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A study on aspect sensitivity of clear-air turbulence using coherent radar imaging of VHF atmospheric radar
Author(s): J. -S. Chen; J. Furumoto
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Development of a land surface emissivity algorithm for use by microwave rain retrieval algorithms
Author(s): Fumie A. Furuzawa; Hirohiko Masunaga; Kenji Nakamura
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A comparison of performance of automatic cloud coverage assessment algorithm for Formosat-2 image using clustering-based and spatial thresholding methods
Author(s): Kuo-Hsien Hsu
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