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Optics Education and Outreach II
Editor(s): G. Groot Gregory
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Volume Number: 8481
Date Published: 23 October 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8481
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
On the role of professional societies in optics and photonics education
Author(s): Marc Nantel; Kathleen Robinson
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New teaching methods in use at UC Irvine's optical engineering and instrument design programs
Author(s): Donn M. Silberman; T. Scott Rowe; Joshua Jo; David Dimas
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Preparing technicians for photonics industries and organizations
Author(s): John Souders; Dan Hull
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Industry-based projects in photonics technician education
Author(s): Judith Donnelly; Nicholas M. Massa; Flemming Tinker; Giovanni Tomasi
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ABET accreditation and optics and photonics engineering: an association whose time has come
Author(s): Barry L. Shoop; Kathleen B. Robinson
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Meeting evolving technology education challenges in photonics and optics
Author(s): William R Woodward
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Research-centric project-based learning of optomechanical design
Author(s): Keith J. Kasunic; Marcus Bagnell; Jeff D'Archangel; Alexander W. Dillard; Kyle M. Douglass; M. S. Mills; Dan Ott; Victoriya Relina; Benjamin Webb
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Modules to enhance smart lighting education
Author(s): Robert M. Bunch; Charles Joenathan; Kenneth Connor; Mohamed Chouikha
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The development of a light and color teaching kit for astronomy
Author(s): Robert T. Sparks; Constance E. Walker; Stephen M. Pompea
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Teaching Fraunhofer diffraction via experimental and simulated images in the laboratory
Author(s): Alba Peinado; Josep Vidal; Juan Carlos Escalera; Angel Lizana; Juan Campos; Maria Yzuel
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The development of an innovative ecophotonics/illumination engineering education program for grades 6-12
Author(s): Constance E. Walker; Stephen M. Pompea; Robert T. Sparks
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Optics education through the Arizona Galileoscope program
Author(s): Stephen M. Pompea; Robert T. Sparks; Constance E. Walker; Erin F. C. Dokter
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Turning eyes to the big sky project: learning optics in middle-school
Author(s): Mary J. Leonard; Ryan M. Hannahoe; Gustav E. Nollmeyer
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Photonics Explorer: revolutionizing photonics in the classroom
Author(s): Amrita Prasad; Nathalie Debaes; Nina Cords; Robert Fischer; Johan Vlekken; Manfred Euler; Hugo Thienpont
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Lessons learned from student outreach: introducing optics to fifth graders
Author(s): Nancy Magnani; Matthew Donnelly; Gregory Mahan; Tiffany Rossi
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Teenagers science club
Author(s): Antonio Campos Calderón; Cristina Solano
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The optics of Jan van Eyck and Ibn al-Haytham
Author(s): Charles M Falco; Aimée L. Weintz Allen
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The Rochester OSA Optics Suitcase: 13 years of middle school outreach
Author(s): Cristina Canavesi; Theresa M Donlon; Stephen D Jacobs
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Careers in optics project: building around existing resources
Author(s): A.-Sophie Poulin-Girard; G. Thériault; Véronique Zambon
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Outreach facilities within a research center
Author(s): V. Zambon; G. Thériault; A.-S Poulin-Girard
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Science workshops in isolated communities in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico
Author(s): Cristina Solano; Antonio Campos; Eleonor Leon
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Family Optics Day: an optics outreach event for the general public
Author(s): Katherine W. Calabro
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Holography demonstrations and workshops for science and engineering outreach
Author(s): Weston Thomas; Kevin Kruse; Christopher Middlebrook
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Multispectral imaging system on tethered balloons for optical remote sensing education and outreach
Author(s): Joseph A. Shaw; Paul W. Nugent; Nathan Kaufman; Nathan J. Pust; Devin Mikes; Cassie Knierim; Nathan Faulconer; Randal Larimer; Angela DesJardins; Berk Knighton
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History of optics: a modern teaching tool
Author(s): D. Vazquez; A. Gonzalez-Cano; N. Diaz-Herrera; N. Llombart; J. Alda
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Looking at light through a pinhole
Author(s): Nancy Magnani; Karen Neville; Matthew Donnelly
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Optical design teaching by computing graphic methods
Author(s): D. Vazquez-Molini; J. Muñoz-Luna; A. A. Fernandez-Balbuena; A. Garcia-Botella; P. Belloni; J Alda
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Development of low cost optical fiber kit to promote fiber optics at the school level
Author(s): Phalguni Mathur; Parveen Kumar Jha; Deepak Kumar; Ajay Acharya; Sahil Srivastava; Pulkit Saxena; Amit Garg; Vishal Dhingra
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Design, construction, and implementation of a ground-based solar spectrograph for the national student solar spectrograph competition
Author(s): E. Keeler; D. Moen; C. Peck; C. Zimny; K. Repasky
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National Student Solar Spectrograph Competition overview
Author(s): Randal M. Larimer; Angela DesJardins; Joseph A. Shaw; Charles C. Kankelborg; Christopher Palmer; Larry Springer; Joey Key; W. Berk Knighton; Kevin S. Repasky; Nathan J. Pust; Mitchell K. Hobish; Edmond W. Wilson Jr.; Carrie Fitzgerald; Ryan Fitzgerald; Thomas Trickel; Clyde Jensen; Skye Dorsett; Matt Anderson; Jim Boger; Nate McCrady; Jaylene Naylor; Laurie Battle
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