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Sensing Technologies for Global Health, Military Medicine, Disaster Response, and Environmental Monitoring II; and Biometric Technology for Human Identification IX
Editor(s): Sárka O. Southern; Arend H. J. Kolk; Kevin N. Montgomery; Carl W. Taylor; B. V. K. Vijaya Kumar; Salil Prabhakar; Arun A. Ross
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Volume Number: 8371
Date Published: 6 June 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8371
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Recent advances in the use of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) as a rapid point-of-care pathogen diagnostic
Author(s): Steven J. Rehse; Andrzej W. Miziolek
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Breath-based biomarkers for tuberculosis
Author(s): Arend H. J. Kolk; Joep J. B. N. van Berkel; Mareli M. Claassens; Elisabeth Walters; Sjoukje Kuijper; Jan W. Dallinga; Fredrik-Jan van Schooten
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Rapid HIV testing for developing countries: the challenge of false-negative tests
Author(s): Ram Yogev M.D.
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Mathematical model for Dengue with three states of infection
Author(s): Doracelly Hincapie; Juan Ospina
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DARPA challenge: developing new technologies for brain and spinal injuries
Author(s): Christian Macedonia; Monica Zamisch; Jack Judy; Geoffrey Ling
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EYE-TRAC: monitoring attention and utility for mTBI
Author(s): Jun Maruta; Jianliang Tong; Stephanie W. Lee; Zarah Iqbal; Alison Schonberger; Jamshid Ghajar
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Chronic pain management in the active-duty military
Author(s): David Jamison M.D.; Steven P. Cohen M.D.
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Decision support systems for robotic surgery and acute care
Author(s): Peter Kazanzides
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Antimicrobial resistance determinant microarray for analysis of multi-drug resistant isolates
Author(s): Chris Rowe Taitt; Tomasz Leski; David Stenger; Gary J. Vora; Brent House; Matilda Nicklasson; Guillermo Pimentel; Daniel V. Zurawski; Benjamin C. Kirkup; David Craft; Paige E. Waterman; Emil P. Lesho; Umaru Bangurae; Rashid Ansumana
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A field-deployable device for the rapid detection of cyanide poisoning in whole blood
Author(s): Hans Boehringer; Winnie Tong; Roy Chung; Gerry Boss; Brendan O'Farrell
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Nanosensing platforms: physics, technology, and applications
Author(s): Edwin T. Carlen; Songyue Chen; Mingliang Jin; Arpita De; Jan van Nieuwkasteele; Johan Bomer
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Verification and validation of a patient simulator for test and evaluation of a laser doppler vibrometer
Author(s): Kenneth A. Byrd; Sunny Yauger
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Streaming video-based 3D reconstruction method compatible with existing monoscopic and stereoscopic endoscopy systems
Author(s): Henri Bouma; Wannes van der Mark; Pieter T. Eendebak; Sander H. Landsmeer; Adam W. M. van Eekeren; Frank B. ter Haar; F. Pieter Wieringa; Jean-Paul van Basten
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The global assimilation of information for action (GAIA) initiative: understanding the impact of climate change on national security and public health
Author(s): Shadrian B. Strong; Larry J. Paxton; Alpana Kaushiva; Maegen Nix; William H. Swartz; Michele B. Weiss; Robert Schaefer
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An overview of suite for automated global electronic biosurveillance (SAGES)
Author(s): Sheri L. Lewis; Brian H. Feighner; Wayne A. Loschen; Richard A. Wojcik; Joseph F. Skora; Jacqueline S. Coberly; David L. Blazes
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Chemical and biological sensing needs for health effects studies
Author(s): Patrick N. Breysse
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Remote detection of human toxicants in real time using a human-optimized, bioluminescent bacterial luciferase gene cassette bioreporter
Author(s): Dan Close; James Webb; Steven Ripp; Stacey Patterson; Gary Sayler
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Using hosted payloads on iridium NEXT to provide global warning of volcanic ash
Author(s): Robert E. Erlandson; Michael A. Kelly; Charles A. Hibbitts; C. K. Kumar; Hugo Darlington; Lars Dyrud; Om P. Gupta
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Analytical determination and detection of individual odor signatures
Author(s): Ryan M. Kramer; Claude C. Grigsby
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Analysis of carbon soil content by using tagged neutron activation
Author(s): Jasmina Obhodas; Davorin Sudac; Lidija Matjacic; Vladivoj Valkovic
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Modeling antimonite-based distributed feedback lasers for carbon-dioxide gas sensing
Author(s): Meng-Mu Shih
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Millimeter wave I-Q standoff biosensor
Author(s): Shaolin Liao; Sasan Bakhtiari; Thomas Elmer; Apostolos C. Raptis; Ilya V. Mikhelson; Alan V. Sahakian
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MiniMAX: miniature, mobile, agile, x-ray system
Author(s): Scott A. Watson; Gwynneth Cunningham; Samuel Gonzales
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Impedance spectroscopy for the detection and identification of unknown toxins
Author(s): B. C. Riggs; G. E. Plopper; J. L. Paluh; T. B. Phamduy; D. T. Corr; D. B. Chrisey
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GC-MS analysis of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in Lake Erie
Author(s): Mary C. Vagula; Marissa Vartak; Weslene Tallmadge
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Cost effective malaria risk control using remote sensing and environmental data
Author(s): Md. Z. Rahman; Leonid Roytman; Abdel Hamid Kadik
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Quantum model of a biological attack using MAPLE
Author(s): Leidy Lorena Alzate Vargas
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A study on using mid-wave infrared images for face recognition
Author(s): Thirimachos Bourlai; Arun Ross; Cunjian Chen; Lawrence Hornak
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Thermal to visible face recognition
Author(s): Jonghyun Choi; Shuowen Hu; S. Susan Young; Larry S. Davis
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Full-hand 3D non-contact scanner using sub-window-based structured light-illumination technique
Author(s): Veeraganesh Yalla; Laurence Hassebrook; Ray Daley; Colby Boles; Mike Troy
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Relaxing the constraints on image capture for iris recognition systems
Author(s): Peter A. Smith; John M. Rickman; Jeremy W Hartsell
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Design and implementation of a contactless multiple hand feature acquisition system
Author(s): Qiushi Zhao; Wei Bu; Xiangqian Wu; David Zhang
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Gait identification from invisible shadows
Author(s): Yumi Iwashita; Koji Uchino; Ryo Kurazume; Adrian Stoica
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Biometrics via IR spectroscopy of the epidermis: potential and difficulties
Author(s): David M. Mackie
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Fusion of footsteps and face biometrics on an unsupervised and uncontrolled environment
Author(s): Ruben Vera-Rodriguez; Pedro Tome; Julian Fierrez; Javier Ortega-Garcia
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A study on quality-adjusted impact of time lapse on iris recognition
Author(s): Nadezhda Sazonova; Fang Hua; Xuan Liu; Jeremiah Remus; Arun Ross; Lawrence Hornak; Stephanie Schuckers
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CUE: counterfeit-resistant usable eye movement-based authentication via oculomotor plant characteristics and complex eye movement patterns
Author(s): Oleg V. Komogortsev; Alexey Karpov; Corey D. Holland
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Hand vein recognition based on orientation of LBP
Author(s): Wei Bu; Xiangqian Wu; Enying Gao
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