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Polarization: Measurement, Analysis, and Remote Sensing X
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Volume Number: 8364
Date Published: 14 June 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8364
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Task-specific snapshot Mueller matrix channeled spectropolarimeter optimization
Author(s): Andrey S. Alenin; J. Scott Tyo
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Modulated polarimeter operators in the presence of stochastic signals
Author(s): Charles LaCasse; Scott Tyo
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Mueller matrix by imaging polarimeter
Author(s): Charles C. Kim; Bea Thai; David Edwards; Charles Coker
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Polarimetric wavelet fractal remote sensing principles for space materials
Author(s): George C. Giakos; Richard H. Picard; Phan D. Dao; Peter N. Crabtree; Patrick J. McNicholl; Jeff Petermann; Suman Shrestha; Chaya Narayan; Stefanie Marotta
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Optimization of a mid-wave tunable polarimetric optical scatter instrument
Author(s): Jason C. Vap; Stephen E. Nauyoks; Michael A. Marciniak
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Development of a polarization hyperspectral image projector
Author(s): Teresa K. Ewing; Sharon V. King; Hugh M. Masterson; Nicholas Gonzales; Dane Elshof
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Implementation of liquid crystal-based polarimeters: trade-off between speed and performance
Author(s): L. Bigué
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Exact first order scattering correction for vector radiative transfer in coupled atmosphere and ocean systems
Author(s): Peng-Wang Zhai; Yongxiang Hu; Damien B. Josset; Charles R. Trepte; Patricia L. Lucker; Bing Lin
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Calibration of a visible polarimeter
Author(s): Mark Gibney
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Real-time sub-pixel registration of imagery for an IR polarimeter
Author(s): Jonathan B. Hanks; J. Larry Pezzaniti; David B. Chenault; João M. Romano
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Polarimetric discrimination of atmospheric particulate matter
Author(s): Prashant Raman; Kirk Fuller; Don Gregory
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Relation between degree of polarization and Pauli color coded image to characterize scattering mechanisms
Author(s): Sanjit Maitra; Michael G. Gartley; John P. Kerekes
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Image processing: digital versus polarization-based enhancement\encoding techniques
Author(s): Aed El-Saba; Salim Alsharif
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Achromatic wave plates for the mid-infrared
Author(s): J. Donald Beasley; Philip D. Marlowe
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Optical tests of 200mm MWIR polarizer wafers: methodology and results
Author(s): Peter S. Erbach; J. Larry Pezzaniti; John C. Reinhardt; David B. Chenault; Dennis H. Goldstein
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A division-of-focal-plane spectral-polarization imaging sensor
Author(s): Meenal Kulkarni; Viktor Gruev
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A correlation-based interpolation algorithm for division-of-focal-plane polarization sensors
Author(s): Xiaoxiao Xu; Meenal Kulkarni; Arye Nehorai; Viktor Gruev
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Optical characterization of a micro-grid polarimeter
Author(s): Kenneth Fourspring; Zoran Ninkov
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Adaptive scene-based correction algorithm for removal of residual fixed pattern noise in microgrid image data
Author(s): Bradley M. Ratliff; Daniel A. LeMaster
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Plasmonic micropolarizers for full Stokes vector imaging
Author(s): J. J. Peltzer; K. A. Bachman; J. W. Rose; P. D. Flammer; T. E. Furtak; R. T. Collins; R. E. Hollingsworth
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Evaluation of the suitability of polarimetric scattering and emissivity models with scene generation software
Author(s): Michael G. Gartley
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Examining epsilon near zero structures through effective medium theory and optical thin film analysis
Author(s): Jason C. Vap; Michael A. Marciniak; Mark Moran; Linda Johnson
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Mueller matrix of a dicot leaf
Author(s): Vern C. Vanderbilt; Craig S. T. Daughtry
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Classification using active polarimetry
Author(s): Israel J. Vaughn; Brian G. Hoover; J. Scott Tyo
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Polarimetric imaging and radiometry in shallow waters
Author(s): Alberto Tonizzo; Alexander Gilerson; Carlos Carrizo; Jean-Paul Israel; Sam Ahmed
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