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Visual Information Processing and Communication III
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Volume Number: 8305
Date Published: 2 March 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8305
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A novel distortion model for quadtree coding in high efficiency video coding
Author(s): Bumshik Lee; Sangsoo Ahn; Munchurl Kim
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Weighted prediction for HEVC
Author(s): Philippe Bordes; Dominique Thoreau; Philippe Salmon; Pierre Andrivon
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Impact of video parameters on the DCT coefficient distribution for H.264-like video coders
Author(s): Nejat Kamaci; Ghassan Al-Regib
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Adaptive loop filter with directional features and similarity mapping for video coding
Author(s): PoLin Lai; Felix C. A. Fernandes
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Distributed video coding with progressive significance map
Author(s): Yang Hu; William A. Pearlman
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Improving side information generation using dynamic motion estimation for distributed video coding
Author(s): Insu Park; David Capson
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Directional frame interpolation for MPEG compressed video
Author(s): Chang Zhao; Xinwei Gao; Xiaopeng Fan; Debin Zhao
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A fast intra prediction method using Hadamard transform in high efficiency video coding
Author(s): Younhee Kim; DongSan Jun; Soonheung Jung; JinSoo Choi
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Lossless description of 3D range models
Author(s): Neslihan Bayramoğlu; A. Aydin Alatan
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Reference frame selection for loss-resilient depth map coding in multiview video conferencing
Author(s): Bruno Macchiavello; Camilo Dorea; Edson M. Hung; Gene Cheung; Wai-Tian Tan
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Low-complexity automated depth-order estimation for 2D-to-3D video conversion
Author(s): Robert Klepko
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Block-layer optimal bit allocation based on constant perceptual quality
Author(s): Chao Wang; Xuanqin Mou; Lei Zhang
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Patch-wise ideal stopping time for anisotropic diffusion
Author(s): Hossein Talebi; Peyman Milanfar
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Video attention deviation estimation using inter-frame visual saliency map analysis
Author(s): Yunlong Feng; Gene Cheung; Patrick Le Callet; Yusheng Ji
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Robust grid registration for non-blind PSF estimation
Author(s): Jonathan D. Simpkins; Robert L. Stevenson
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Fast pseudo-semantic segmentation for joint region-based hierarchical and multiresolution representation
Author(s): Rafiq Sekkal; Clement Strauss; François Pasteau; Marie Babel; Olivier Deforges
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Optimal local dimming for LED-backlit LCD displays via linear programming
Author(s): Xiao Shu; Xiaolin Wu; Søren Forchhammer
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Gestures for natural interaction with video
Author(s): Nesrine Fourati; Emmanuel Marilly
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Improving underwater visibility using vignetting correction
Author(s): K. Sooknanan; A. Kokaram; D. Corrigan; G. Baugh; J. Wilson; N. Harte
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Defect pixel interpolation for lossy compression of camera raw data
Author(s): Michael Schöberl; Joachim Keinert; Jürgen Seiler; Siegfried Foessel; André Kaup
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Cubic-panorama image dataset compression
Author(s): Saeed Salehi; Eric Dubois
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Lossless halftone image compression using adaptive context template update
Author(s): Sungbum Park; Jaehyun Kim; Yongje Kim
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Recognition of sport players' numbers using fast-color segmentation
Author(s): Cédric Verleysen; Christophe De Vleeschouwer
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On the use of clustering for resource allocation in wireless visual sensor networks
Author(s): Angeliki V. Katsenou; Lisimachos P. Kondi; Konstantinos E. Parsopoulos
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Kalai-Smorodinsky bargaining solution for optimal resource allocation over wireless DS-CDMA visual sensor networks
Author(s): Katerina Pandremmenou; Lisimachos P. Kondi; Konstantinos E. Parsopoulos
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State-of-the-art lossy compression of Martian images via the CMA-ES evolution strategy
Author(s): Brendan Babb; Frank Moore; Shawn Aldridge; Michael R. Peterson
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Survey of computer vision in roadway transportation systems
Author(s): Natesh Manikoth; Robert Loce; Edgar Bernal; Wencheng Wu
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Compression of 2D navigation sequences with rotational and translational motion
Author(s): D. Springer; F. Simmet; D. Niederkorn; A. Kaup
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A semi-automatic traffic sign detection, classification, and positioning system
Author(s): I. M. Creusen; L. Hazelhoff; P. H. N. de With
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Image simulation for automatic license plate recognition
Author(s): Raja Bala; Yonghui Zhao; Aaron Burry; Vladimir Kozitsky; Claude Fillion; Craig Saunders; José Rodríguez-Serrano
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Traffic camera markup language (TCML)
Author(s): Yang Cai; Andrew Bunn; Kerry Snyder
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Passive detection of vehicle loading
Author(s): Troy R. McKay; Carl Salvaggio; Jason W. Faulring; Philip S. Salvaggio; Donald M. McKeown; Alfred J. Garrett; David H. Coleman; Larry D. Koffman
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Application of the SNoW machine learning paradigm to a set of transportation imaging problems
Author(s): Peter Paul; Aaron M. Burry; Yuheng Wang; Vladimir Kozitsky
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An on-board pedestrian detection and warning system with features of side pedestrian
Author(s): Ruzhong Cheng; Yong Zhao; ChupChung Wong; KwokPo Chan; Jiayao Xu; Xin'an Wang
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