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Sensors, Cameras, and Systems for Industrial and Scientific Applications XIII
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Volume Number: 8298
Date Published: 21 February 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8298
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
High-speed VGA resolution CMOS image sensor with global shutter
Author(s): Pieter Willems; Guy Meynants; Guido Vanhorebeek; Cheng Ma
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High-speed global shutter CMOS machine vision sensor with high dynamic range image acquisition and embedded intelligence
Author(s): Francisco Jiménez-Garrido; José Fernández-Pérez; Cayetana Utrera; José Ma. Muñoz; Ma. Dolores Pardo; Alexander Giulietti; Rafael Domínguez-Castro; Fernando Medeiro; Angel Rodríguez-Vázquez
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High-speed CMOS image sensor for high-throughput lensless microfluidic imaging system
Author(s): Mei Yan; Xiwei Huang; Qixiang Jia; Revanth Nadipalli; Tongxi Wang; Yang Shang; Hao Yu; Minkyu Je; Kiatseng Yeo
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Smart image sensor with adaptive correction of brightness
Author(s): Michel Paindavoine; Auguste Ngoua; Olivier Brousse; Cédric Clerc
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Algorithm architecture co-design for ultra low-power image sensor
Author(s): T. Laforest; A. Dupret; A. Verdant; D. Lattard; P. Villard
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A CMOS imager using focal-plane pinhole effect for confocal multibeam scanning microscopy
Author(s): Min-Woong Seo; An Wang; Zhuo Li; Keita Yasutomi; Keiichiro Kagawa; Shoji Kawahito
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Time-to-impact sensors in robot vision applications based on the near-sensor image processing concept
Author(s): Anders Åström; Robert Forchheimer
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Diffusion dark current in front-illuminated CCDs and CMOS image sensors
Author(s): M. M. Blouke
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A 176x144 148dB adaptive tone-mapping imager
Author(s): S. Vargas-Sierra; G. Liñán-Cembrano; A. Rodríguez-Vázquez
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A high-dynamic range (HDR) back-side illuminated (BSI) CMOS image sensor for extreme UV detection
Author(s): Xinyang Wang; Bram Wolfs; Jan Bogaerts; Guy Meynants; Ali BenMoussa
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A low-noise 15-µm pixel-pitch 640x512 hybrid InGaAs image sensor for night vision
Author(s): Fabrice Guellec; Sébastien Dubois; Eric de Borniol; Pierre Castelein; Sébastien Martin; Romain Guiguet; Michaël Tchagaspanian; Anne Rouvié; Philippe Bois
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High-dynamic-range 4-Mpixel CMOS image sensor for scientific applications
Author(s): Paul Vu; Boyd Fowler; Chiao Liu; Steve Mims; Peter Bartkovjak; Hung Do; Wang Li; Jeff Appelbaum; Angel Lopez
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Projecting the rate of in-field pixel defects based on pixel size, sensor area, and ISO
Author(s): Glenn H. Chapman; Jenny Leung; Rohit Thomas; Ana Namburete; Zahava Koren; Israel Koren
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Dynamic CCD pixel depletion edge model and the effects on dark current production
Author(s): Justin C. Dunlap; M. M. Blouke; Erik Bodegom; Ralf Widenhorn
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Characterizing the response of charge-couple device digital color cameras
Author(s): Viktor Slavkovikj; Jon Yngve Hardeberg; Alexander Eichhorn
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Implementing and using the EMVA1288 standard
Author(s): A. Darmont; J. Chahiba; J. -F. Lemaitre; M. Pirson; D. Dethier
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An overview of the European patent system with particular emphasis on IP issues for imaging devices
Author(s): M. Boero; A. Cabrita
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Development of high-transmittance back-illuminated silicon-on-sapphire substrates thinned below 25 micrometers and bonded to fused silica for high quantum efficiency and high resolution avalanche photodiode imaging arrays
Author(s): Alvin G. Stern
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29-mp 35-mm format interline CCD image sensor
Author(s): Eric J. Meisenzahl; Douglas A. Carpenter; James A. DiBella; James Doran; Robert P. Fabinski; Stephen L. Kosman; John P. McCarten
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Photodiode dopant structure with atomically flat Si surface for high-sensitivity and stability to UV light
Author(s): Taiki Nakazawa; Rihito Kuroda; Yasumasa Koda; Shigetoshi Sugawa
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New smart readout technique performing edge detection designed to control vision sensors dataflow
Author(s): Hawraa Amhaz; Gilles Sicard
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Characterization of orthogonal transfer array CCDs for the WIYN one degree imager
Author(s): Michael Lesser; David Ouellette; Todd Boroson; Daniel Harbeck; Pierre Martin; George Jacoby; John Cavin; David Sawyer; Kasey Boggs; Richard Bredthauer
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Multispectral device for help in diagnosis
Author(s): Céline Delporte; Mohamed Ben Chouikha; Sylvie Sautrot; Françoise Viénot; Georges Alquié
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Development of a driving method suitable for ultrahigh-speed shooting in a 2M-fps 300k-pixel single-chip color camera
Author(s): J. Yonai; T. Arai; T. Hayashida; H. Ohtake; J. Namiki; T. Yoshida; T. Goji Etoh
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Accurate color with increased sensitivity using IR
Author(s): Amy Enge; James DiBella
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Computational color constancy using chromagenic filters in color filter arrays
Author(s): Raju Shrestha; Jon Yngve Hardeberg
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The infrared network video monitoring system based on Linux OS
Author(s): Lei Liu; Chen Ning; Xiaojun Zhou; Tao Pan
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Motion blur-free time-of-flight range sensor
Author(s): Seungkyu Lee; Byongmin Kang; James D.K. Kim; Chang Yeong Kim
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CMOS BDJ photodiode for trichromatic sensing
Author(s): Lien Tu; S. V. Setlur Nagesh; ZhenHong Fu; Albert H. Titus
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On image sensor dynamic range utilized by security cameras
Author(s): Anders Johannesson
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Design of low-noise output amplifiers for P-channel charge-coupled devices fabricated on high-resistivity silicon
Author(s): S. Haque; F. Dion; R. Frost; R. Groulx; S. E. Holland; A. Karcher; W. F. Kolbe; N. A. Roe; G. Wang; Y. Yu
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S/N improvement for the optical-multiplex image-acquisition system
Author(s): Tadakuni Narabu
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Fully integrated system-on-chip for pixel-based 3D depth and scene mapping
Author(s): Martin Popp; Beat De Coi; Markus Thalmann; Radoslav Gancarz; Pascal Ferrat; Martin Dürmüller; Florian Britt; Marco Annese; Markus Ledergerber; Gion-Pol Catregn
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