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Document Recognition and Retrieval XIX
Editor(s): Christian Viard-Gaudin; Richard Zanibbi
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Volume Number: 8297
Date Published: 27 December 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8297
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Graphical image classification combining an evolutionary algorithm and binary particle swarm optimization
Author(s): Beibei Cheng; Renzhong Wang; Sameer Antani; R. Joe Stanley; George R. Thoma
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Combining SVM classifiers to identify investigator name zones in biomedical articles
Author(s): Jongwoo Kim; Daniel X. Le; George R. Thoma
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Comprehensive color segmentation system for noisy digitized documents to enhance text extraction
Author(s): Asma Ouji; Yann Leydier; Frank LeBourgeois
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Ensemble methods with simple features for document zone classification
Author(s): Tayo Obafemi-Ajayi; Gady Agam; Bingqing Xie
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A robust omnifont open-vocabulary Arabic OCR system using pseudo-2D-HMM
Author(s): Abdullah M. Rashwan; Mohsen A. Rashwan; Ahmed Abdel-Hameed; Sherif Abdou; A. H. Khalil
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Variable length and context-dependent HMM letter form models for Arabic handwritten word recognition
Author(s): Anne-Laure Bianne-Bernard; Fares Menasri; Laurence Likforman-Sulem; Chafic Mokbel; Christopher Kermorvant
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Post processing for offline Chinese handwritten character string recognition
Author(s): YanWei Wang; XiaoQing Ding; ChangSong Liu
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Complexity reduction with recognition rate maintained for online handwritten Japanese text recognition
Author(s): Jinfeng Gao; Bilan Zhu; Masaki Nakagawa
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Improving isolated and in-context classication of handwritten characters
Author(s): Vadim Mazalov; Stephen M. Watt
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Using specific evaluation for comparing and combining competing algorithms: applying it to table column detection
Author(s): Ana Costa e Silva
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Identification of embedded mathematical formulas in PDF documents using SVM
Author(s): Xiaoyan Lin; Liangcai Gao; Zhi Tang; Xuan Hu; Xiaofan Lin
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Chemical structure recognition: a rule-based approach
Author(s): Noureddin M. Sadawi; Alan P. Sexton; Volker Sorge
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Quantify spatial relations to discover handwritten graphical symbols
Author(s): Jinpeng Li; Harold Mouchère; Christian Viard-Gaudin
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Automatic indexing of scanned documents: a layout-based approach
Author(s): Daniel Esser; Daniel Schuster; Klemens Muthmann; Michael Berger; Alexander Schill
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Layout-based substitution tree indexing and retrieval for mathematical expressions
Author(s): Thomas Schellenberg; Bo Yuan; Richard Zanibbi
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Efficient cost-sensitive human-machine collaboration for offline signature verification
Author(s): Johannes Coetzer; Jacques Swanepoel; Robert Sabourin
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Questioned document workflow for handwriting with automated tools
Author(s): Krishnanand Das; Sargur N. Srihari; Harish Srinivasan
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Iterative analysis of document collections enables efficient human-initiated interaction
Author(s): Joseph Chazalon; Bertrand Coüasnon
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VeriClick: an efficient tool for table format verification
Author(s): George Nagy; Mangesh Tamhankar
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Asymptotic cost in document conversion
Author(s): Dorothea Blostein; George Nagy
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Style comparisons in calligraphy
Author(s): Xiafen Zhang; George Nagy
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An Oracle-based co-training framework for writer identification in offline handwriting
Author(s): Utkarsh Porwal; Sreeranga Rajan; Venu Govindaraju
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Handwritten document age classification based on handwriting styles
Author(s): Chetan Ramaiah; Gaurav Kumar; Venu Govindaraju
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Handwriting individualization using distance and rarity
Author(s): Yi Tang; Sargur Srihari; Harish Srinivasan
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Construction of language models for an handwritten mail reading system
Author(s): Olivier Morillot; Laurence Likforman-Sulem; Emmanuèle Grosicki
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Bleed-through removal in degraded documents
Author(s): Róisín Rowley-Brooke; Anil Kokaram
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Clustering document fragments using background color and texture information
Author(s): Sukalpa Chanda; Katrin Franke; Umapada Pal
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Lecture video segmentation and indexing
Author(s): Di Ma; Gady Agam
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Unsupervised categorization method of graphemes on handwritten manuscripts: application to style recognition
Author(s): H. Daher; D. Gaceb; V. Eglin; S. Bres; N. Vincent
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Retrieving handwriting by combining word spotting and manifold ranking
Author(s): Sebastián Peña Saldarriaga; Emmanuel Morin; Christian Viard-Gaudin
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The A2iA French handwriting recognition system at the Rimes-ICDAR2011 competition
Author(s): Farès Menasri; Jérôme Louradour; Anne-Laure Bianne-Bernard; Christopher Kermorvant
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Using connected component decomposition to detect straight line segments in documents
Author(s): Xiaofan Feng; Abdou Youssef
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A synthetic document image dataset for developing and evaluating historical document processing methods
Author(s): Daniel Walker; William Lund; Eric Ringger
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