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Image Quality and System Performance IX
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Volume Number: 8293
Date Published: 15 December 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8293
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Development of the I3A CPIQ spatial metrics
Author(s): Donald Baxter; Frédéric Cao; Henrik Eliasson; Jonathan Phillips
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Calibration and adaptation of ISO visual noise for I3A's Camera Phone Image Quality initiative
Author(s): Donald J. Baxter; Andrew Murray
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An objective method of measuring texture preservation for camcorder performance evaluation
Author(s): Kongfeng Zhu; Shujun Li; Dietmar Saupe
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Improving texture loss measurement: spatial frequency response based on a colored target
Author(s): Uwe Artmann; Dietmar Wueller
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The uncertainty of scanner illumination II
Author(s): Chengwu Cui
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Measuring the modulation transfer function of image capture devices: what do the numbers really mean?
Author(s): Xujie Zhang; Tamar Kashti; Dror Kella; Tal Frank; Doron Shaked; Robert Ulichney; Mani Fischer; Jan P. Allebach
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A fast, automatic camera image stabilization benchmarking scheme
Author(s): Jun Yu; Scott Craver
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A sharpness measure on automatically selected edge segments
Author(s): Silvia Corchs; Francesca Gasparini; Fabrizio Marini; Raimondo Schettini
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Selecting the proper window for SSIM
Author(s): Steven B. McFadden; Paul A. S. Ward
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Measurement of texture loss for JPEG 2000 compression
Author(s): Peter D. Burns; Don Williams
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A no-reference image quality metric for blur and ringing effect based on a neural weighting scheme
Author(s): Aladine Chetouani; Azeddine Beghdadi
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Quantifying image distortion based on Gabor filter bank and multiple regression analysis
Author(s): B. Ortiz-Jaramillo; J. C. Garcia-Alvarez; H. Führ; G. Castellanos-Dominguez; W. Philips
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Comparative performance analysis of two picture adjustment methods: HSV vs. YCbCr
Author(s): Reza Safaee-Rad; Milivoje Aleksic
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Evaluation of preferred lightness rescaling methods for colour reproduction
Author(s): Yerin Chang
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Investigation into the impact of tone reproduction on the perceived image quality of fine art reproductions
Author(s): Susan Farnand; Jun Jiang; Franziska Frey
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The mobile image quality survey game
Author(s): D. René Rasmussen
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Evaluation of perceived image sharpness with changes in the displayed image size
Author(s): Jae Young Park; Sophie Triantaphillidou; Ralph E. Jacobson; Gaurav Gupta
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Towards a perceptual quality metric for computer-generated images
Author(s): Pierre Boulenguez; Boris Airieau; Mohamed-Chaker Larabi; Daniel Meneveaux
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Assessing product image quality for online shopping
Author(s): Anjan Goswami; Sung H. Chung; Naren Chittar; Atiq Islam
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How do we watch images? A case of change detection and quality estimation
Author(s): Jenni Radun; Tuomas Leisti; Toni Virtanen; Göte Nyman
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Measuring saliency in images: which experimental parameters for the assessment of image quality?
Author(s): Clement Fredembach; Geoff Woolfe; Jue Wang
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Investigations of the display white point on the perceived image quality
Author(s): Jun Jiang; Farhad Moghareh Abed
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A method of detecting changes in image quality via sensing on customer documents
Author(s): Wencheng Wu; Beilei Xu; John Handley
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Print quality analysis for ink-saving algorithms
Author(s): Maria V. Ortiz Segovia; Nicolas Bonnier; Jan P. Allebach
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Masking mediated print defect visibility predictor
Author(s): Xiaochen Jing; Hila Nachlieli; Doron Shaked; Smadar Shiffman; Jan P. Allebach
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Psychophysical evaluation of banding visibility in the presence of print content
Author(s): Jia Zhang; Hila Nachlieli; Doron Shaked; Smadar Shiffman; Jan P. Allebach
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No-reference video quality assessment of H.264 video streams based on semantic saliency maps
Author(s): H. Boujut; J. Benois-Pineau; T. Ahmed; O. Hadar; P. Bonnet
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Linking quality assessment of free-viewpoint video objects up with algorithm development
Author(s): S. Kepplinger
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A perceptual optimization of H.264/AVC bit allocation at the frame and macroblock levels
Author(s): M. Hrarti; H. Saadane; M.-C. Larabi; A. Tamtaoui; D. Aboutajdine
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QoE assessment method for mobile video services based on user motivation
Author(s): Fumiya Kobayashi; Masataka Masuda; Takanori Hayashi
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A learning-based approach for automated quality assessment of computer-rendered images
Author(s): Xi Zhang; Gady Agam
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A comparison of techniques for super-resolution evaluation
Author(s): Monica Trifas; Jeremy Straub
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Detection of image quality metamers based on the metric for unified image quality
Author(s): Kimiyoshi Miyata; Norimichi Tsumura
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Optimal patch code design via device characterization
Author(s): Wencheng Wu; Edul N. Dalal
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Influence of viewing device and soundtrack in HDTV on subjective video quality
Author(s): Arne Redl; Christian Keimel; Klaus Diepold
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Influence of viewing experience and stabilization phase in subjective video testing
Author(s): Christian Keimel; Arne Redl; Klaus Diepold
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Perceptual image quality assessment metric that handles arbitrary motion blur
Author(s): Fabien Gavant; Laurent Alacoque; Antoine Dupret; Tien Ho-Phuoc; Dominique David
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A unified method for comparison of algorithms of saliency extraction
Author(s): Tien Ho-Phuoc; Laurent Alacoque; Antoine Dupret; Anne Guérin-Dugué; Arnaud Verdant
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