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Illumination Optics II
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Volume Number: 8170
Date Published: 19 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8170
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Boundary conditions for balancing light in tailoring freeform surfaces
Author(s): H. Ries
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Field method for dielectric concentrator design
Author(s): Angel García-Botella; Antonio A. Fernández-Balbuena; Daniel Vázquez
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New iterative flux based in the design strategy for freeform surfaces generation for LED lighting technology
Author(s): J. Arasa; E. Oteo; J. Fernandez-Dorado; P. Blanco; C. Pizarro; J. A. Diaz
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Spiral optical designs for nonimaging applications
Author(s): Pablo Zamora; Pablo Benítez; Juan C. Miñano; Juan Vilaplana; Marina Buljan
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Tolerancing free-form optics for illumination
Author(s): A. Timinger; J. Unterhinninghofen; S. Junginger; A. Hofmann
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A review of beam shaping strategies for LED lighting
Author(s): Florian R. Fournier
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Automotive headlamp concepts with low-beam and high-beam out of a single LED
Author(s): Peter Brick; Tobias Schmid
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Design of high-efficient freeform LED lens for road illumination
Author(s): Mikhail A. Moiseev; Leonid L. Doskolovich; Nikolay L. Kazanskiy
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Optical design of adaptive automotive headlight system with digital micro-mirror device
Author(s): Cheng-Mu Tsai; Yi-Chin Fang
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Design of extreme anamorphic laser illumination systems
Author(s): Alois M. Herkommer; Holger Münz; René Reichle
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Near infrared laser illuminator for very long-range flash active imaging applications
Author(s): Yves Lutz; Nicolas Metzger
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A laser speckle reduction system
Author(s): Joshua M. Cobb; Paul Michaloski
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Mask aligner process enhancement by spatial filtering
Author(s): Uwe Vogler; Andreas Bich; Reinhard Voelkel; Lorenz Stuerzebecher; Uwe Zeitner; Michael Hornung
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Optics detailed analysis of an improved collimation system for LED light sources
Author(s): Mario González-Montes; Daniel Vázquez-Moliní; Antonio Alvarez Fernandez-Balbuena; Angel Garcia-Botella; Eusebio Bernabeu-Martinez
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Metal-less V-groove RXI collimator
Author(s): Dejan Grabovičkić; Juan C. Miñano; Pablo Benítez; Jesús López; Juan Vilaplana; Guillermo Biot; Marina Buljan
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LED collimation using high-index glass
Author(s): Ralf Biertümpfel; Steffen Reichel
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Dielectric multilayer angular filters for coupling LEDs to thin light guides
Author(s): Cong Mu; Hugo J. Cornelissen; Florian Bociort; Thomas Liebig
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Employing the conventional edge-lighting technology into ultraviolet-range: a preliminary study by optical simulation
Author(s): Linchao Ye; Paola Belloni; Knut Möller
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A study of optical design of backlight module with external illuminance
Author(s): Chih-Ta Yen; Yi-Chin Fang
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Using the on-axis BSDF at a dielectric surface to model the BSDF at off-axis angles
Author(s): William J. Cassarly
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Optics designs for an innovative LED lamp family system
Author(s): Herbert Weiss; Julius Muschaweck; Stefan Hadrath; Sergey Kudaev
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What's in a ray set: moving towards a unified ray set format
Author(s): Julius Muschaweck
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Laser dark-field illumination system modeling for semiconductor inspection applications
Author(s): Wei Zhou; Darcy Hart; Rajiv Roy
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Methods for color mixing
Author(s): Stefan Hadrath
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Application of low-discrepancy sequences for evaluation of illumination optical systems
Author(s): S. Yoshida; S. Horiuchi; Z. Ushiyama; K. Yoshidome; T. Yamada; M. Yamamoto
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Smooth light extraction in lighting optical fibre
Author(s): A. A. Fernandez-Balbuena; D. Vazquez-Molini; A. Garcia-Botella; J. C. Martinez-Anton; E. Bernabeu
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Lighting quality for aluminum and prismatic light guides
Author(s): Berta García-Fernández; Daniel Vázquez-Molini; Antonio Álvarez Fernández-Balbuena
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Ultra-slim collimator with an inverse design
Author(s): Emil Aslanov; Nikolay Petrov; Alexey Borodulin; Georgy Tananaev
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