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Wavelets and Sparsity XIV
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Volume Number: 8138
Date Published: 8 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8138
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Sparse reconstruction of visual appearance for computer graphics and vision
Author(s): Ravi Ramamoorthi
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SAR moving target imaging in a sparsity-driven framework
Author(s): N. Özben Önhon; Müjdat Çetin
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Refractive index map reconstruction in optical deflectometry using total-variation regularization
Author(s): Laurent Jacques; Adriana González; Emmanuel Foumouo; Philippe Antoine
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Compressively sampling the plenacoustic function
Author(s): Rémi Mignot; Gilles Chardon; Laurent Daudet
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Weighted-l1 minimization with multiple weighting sets
Author(s): Hassan Mansour; Özgür Yilmaz
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Deterministic matrices with the restricted isometry property
Author(s): Matthew Fickus; Dustin G. Mixon
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Non-orthogonal fusion frames
Author(s): Jameson Cahill; Peter G. Casazza; Shidong Li
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Grassmannians in frame theory
Author(s): Jameson Cahill; Shidong Li
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Higher degree total variation (HDTV) algorithms for biomedical inverse problems
Author(s): Yue Hu; Mathews Jacob
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Tissue quantification in photon-limited microendoscopy
Author(s): Zachary T. Harmany; Jenna Mueller; Qunicy Brown; Nimmi Ramanujam; Rebecca Willett
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Coherent source imaging and dynamic support tracking for inverse scattering using compressive MUSIC
Author(s): Okkyun Lee; Jong Min Kim; Jaejoon Yoo; Kyunghwan Jin; Jong Chul Ye
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Numerical evaluation of subsampling effects on image reconstruction in compressed sensing microscopy
Author(s): Yoann Le Montagner; Elsa Angelini; Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin
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Fresnelab: sparse representations of digital holograms
Author(s): Michael Liebling
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Joint sparsity models for wideband array processing
Author(s): Petros T. Boufounos; Paris Smaragdis; Bhiksha Raj
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Uniqueness conditions for low-rank matrix recovery
Author(s): Y. C. Eldar; D. Needell; Y. Plan
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Diffuse imaging: replacing lenses and mirrors with omnitemporal cameras
Author(s): Ahmed Kirmani; Haris Jeelani; Vahid Montazerhodjat; Vivek K. Goyal
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Localization of point sources for systems governed by the wave equation
Author(s): Zafer Dogan; Vagia Tsiminaki; Ivana Jovanovic; Thierry Blu; Dimitri Van De Ville
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Frame completions for optimally robust reconstruction
Author(s): Matthew Fickus; Dustin G. Mixon; Miriam J. Poteet
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Geometric optimization on spaces of finite frames
Author(s): Nate Strawn
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Sparse dual frames in compressed sensing
Author(s): Shidong Li; Tiebin Mi; Yulong Liu
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An uncertainty principle for functions defined on graphs
Author(s): Ameya Agaskar; Yue M. Lu
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A domain-knowledge-inspired mathematical framework for the description and classification of H&E stained histopathology images
Author(s): Melody L. Massar; Ramamurthy Bhagavatula; John A. Ozolek; Carlos A. Castro; Matthew Fickus; Jelena Kovacevic
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A modified, sparsity-promoting, Gauss-Newton algorithm for seismic waveform inversion
Author(s): Felix J. Herrmann; Xiang Li; Aleksandr Y. Aravkin; Tristan van Leeuwen
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Wavelets and wavelet-like transforms on the sphere and their application to geophysical data inversion
Author(s): Frederik J. Simons; Ignace Loris; Eugene Brevdo; Ingrid C. Daubechies
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Mismatch and resolution in compressive imaging
Author(s): Albert Fannjiang; Wenjing Liao
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Coarse quantization with the fast digital shearlet transform
Author(s): Bernhard G. Bodmann; Gitta Kutyniok; Xiaosheng Zhuang
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Discrete shearlet transform: faithful digitization concept and its applications
Author(s): Wang-Q Lim
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On accelerated hard thresholding methods for sparse approximation
Author(s): Volkan Cevher
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Deblurring of Poissonian images using BM3D frames
Author(s): Aram Danielyan; Vladimir Katkovnik; Karen Egiazarian
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Spectral tetris fusion frame constructions
Author(s): Peter G. Casazza; Matthew Fickus; Andreas Heinecke; Yang Wang; Zhengfang Zhou
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Stable signal recovery from the roots of the short-time Fourier transform
Author(s): Bernhard G. Bodmann; Christopher L. Liner
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Analysis of data separation and recovery problems using clustered sparsity
Author(s): Emily J. King; Gitta Kutyniok; Xiaosheng Zhuang
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An experimental comparison of online object-tracking algorithms
Author(s): Qing Wang; Feng Chen; Wenli Xu; Ming-Hsuan Yang
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Use of learned dictionaries in tomographic reconstruction
Author(s): Vincent Etter; Ivana Jovanovic; Martin Vetterli
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On structured sparsity and selected applications in tomographic imaging
Author(s): Aleksandra Pižurica; Jan Aelterman; F. Bai; Sam Vanloocke; Hiep Quang Luong; Bart Goossens; Wilfried Philips
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Some proximal methods for CBCT and PET tomography
Author(s): S. Anthoine; J. F. Aujol; Y. Boursier; C. Melot
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Sampling theorems and compressive sensing on the sphere
Author(s): Jason D. McEwen; Gilles Puy; Jean-Philippe Thiran; Pierre Vandergheynst; Dimitri Van De Ville; Yves Wiaux
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Compressed sensing in k-space: from magnetic resonance imaging and synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): Mike E. Davies; Chaoran Du; Shaun I. Kelly; Ian Marshall; Gabriel Rilling; Yuehui Tao
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Compressive sensing MRI with complex sparsification
Author(s): Ying Dong; Jim Ji
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Paradigm-free mapping with morphological component analysis: getting most out of fMRI data
Author(s): César Caballero Gaudes; Dimitri Van De Ville; Natalia Petridou; François Lazeyras; Penny Gowland
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Regularizing GRAPPA using simultaneous sparsity to recover de-noised images
Author(s): Daniel S. Weller; Jonathan R. Polimeni; Leo Grady; Lawrence L. Wald; Elfar Adalsteinsson; Vivek K. Goyal
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Learned dictionaries for sparse image representation: properties and results
Author(s): Karl Skretting; Kjersti Engan
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Learning hierarchical and topographic dictionaries with structured sparsity
Author(s): Julien Mairal; Rodolphe Jenatton; Guillaume Obozinski; Francis Bach
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Design of a tight frame of 2D shearlets based on a fast non-iterative analysis and synthesis algorithm
Author(s): Bart Goossens; Jan Aelterman; Hiêp Luong; Aleksandra Pižurica; Wilfried Philips
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A diagonally-oriented DCT-like 2D block transform
Author(s): Ivan W. Selesnick; Onur G. Guleryuz
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Radio frequency (RF) transient classification using sparse representations over learned dictionaries
Author(s): Daniela I. Moody; Steven P. Brumby; Kary L. Myers; Norma H. Pawley
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Tight frame 6-band symmetric wavelets with limited redundancy
Author(s): Farras Abdelnour
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Sparse signal representations using the tunable Q-factor wavelet transform
Author(s): Ivan W. Selesnick
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Blind linear models for the recovery of dynamic MRI data
Author(s): Sajan Goud Lingala; Yue Hu; Mathews Jacob
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Sparse dictionary learning for resting-state fMRI analysis
Author(s): Kangjoo Lee; Paul Kyu Han; Jong Chul Ye
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3D discrete shearlet transform and video denoising
Author(s): Demetrio Labate; Pooran Negi
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Efficient multiscale and multidirectional representation of 3D data using the 3D discrete shearlet transform
Author(s): Bart Goossens; Hiêp Luong; Jan Aelterman; Aleksandra Pižurica; Wilfried Philips
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Multicomposite wavelet estimation
Author(s): Glenn R. Easley; Demetrio Labate; Vishal M. Patel
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3D-rigid motion invariant discrimination and classification of 3D-textures
Author(s): Sanat Upadhyay; Saurabh Jain; Manos Papadakis; Robert Azencott
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