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Novel Biophotonic Techniques and Applications
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Volume Number: 8090
Date Published: 9 June 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8090
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
An endoscopic structured lighting probe using spectral encoding
Author(s): Neil T. Clancy; Danail Stoyanov; Guang-Zhong Yang; Daniel S. Elson
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Cell death detection and ionic homeostasis monitoring with digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Nicolas Pavillon; Jonas Kühn; Pascal Jourdain; Christian Depeursinge; Pierre J. Magistretti; Pierre Marquet
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Holographic microscopy for the three-dimensional exploration of light scattering from gold nanomarkers in biological media
Author(s): Fadwa Joud; Frédéric Verpillat; Pierre Desbiolles; Marie Abboud; Michel Gross
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Fourier phase contrast multimodal optical microscopy for real time display of phase and fluorescence at the same time
Author(s): Chandra S. Yelleswarapu; Bhargab Das; Alexey Veraksa; D. V. G. L. N. Rao
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Functional imaging of tumor vascular network in small animal models
Author(s): Vyacheslav Kalchenko; Noa Madar-Balakirski; Yuri Kuznetsov; Igor Meglinski; Alon Harmelin
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Lung cancer targeted Raman active phospholipid gold nanoparticles for ultrasensitive and specific molecular imaging and detection
Author(s): Natalie C. M. Tam; Benjamin M. T. Scott; Brian C. Wilson; Gang Zheng
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Development of Au/Ag substrate with alternating nanosphere array for SERS-based biosensing
Author(s): Chit Yaw Fu; U. S. Dinish; Kiang Wei Kho; Douglas Goh Wenda; Malini Olivo
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Investigation of protein aggregation dynamics with a Bloch surface wave sensor
Author(s): Vincent Paeder; Sara Santi; Valeria Musi; Hans Peter Herzig
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Polymer waveguide platform for highly integrated biophotonics
Author(s): Hamid Keshmiri; Björn Agnarsson; Kristján Leósson
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Mesh-based Monte Carlo code for fluorescence modeling in complex tissues with irregular boundaries
Author(s): Robert H. Wilson; Leng-Chun Chen; William Lloyd; Shiuhyang Kuo; Cynthia Marcelo; Stephen E. Feinberg; Mary-Ann Mycek
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Fabrication and characterization of a real-time optical fiber dosimeter probe
Author(s): André Croteau; Serge Caron; Alexandra Rink; David Jaffray; Ozzy Mermut
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Comparison of Monte Carlo simulations of polarized light propagation in turbid media with exact Maxwell solutions
Author(s): Ansgar Hohmann; Florian Voit; Jan Schäfer; Alwin Kienle
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Photoacoustic section imaging with an integrating cylindrical detector
Author(s): Sibylle Gratt; Klaus Passler; Robert Nuster; Guenther Paltauf
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Enlarged acceptance angle of a finite size detector in photoacoustic imaging using acoustic lenses
Author(s): Wenfeng Xia; Daniele Piras; Michelle Heijblom; Johan C. G. Van Hespen; Spiridon Van Veldhoven; Christian Prins; Wiendelt Steenbergen; Ton G. Van Leeuwen; Srirang Manohar
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Classification of the micro and nanoparticles and biological agents by neural network analysis of the parameters of optical resonance of whispering gallery mode in dielectric microspheres
Author(s): Vladimir A. Saetchnikov; Elina A. Tcherniavskaia; Gustav Schweiger; Andreas Ostendorf
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Optical nanotechnology enables rapid label-free diagnostics for cancer biomarker screening
Author(s): Debra Wawro; Shelby Zimmerman; Robert Magnusson; Peter Koulen
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NIR tracking assists sports medicine in junior basketball training
Author(s): Roberts Paeglis; Kristaps Bluss; Andris Rudzitis; Andris Spunde; Tamara Brice; Edgars Nitiss
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Time-resolved diffuse optical spectroscopy up to 1700 nm using a time-gated InGaAs/InP single-photon avalanche diode
Author(s): I. Bargigia; A. Tosi; A. Bahgat Shehata; A. Della Frera; A. Farina; A. Bassi; P. Taroni; A. Dalla Mora; F. Zappa; A. Pifferi
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Upconversion luminophores as a novel tool for deep tissue imaging
Author(s): Alexey P. Popov; Alexander V. Bykov; Victor I. Sokolov; Yulia V. Lysak; Annemarie Nadort; Alexander V. Priezzhev; Risto Myllylä; Andrei V. Zvyagin
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A photoplethysmography device for multipurpose blood circulatory system assessment
Author(s): E. Kviesis-Kipge; J. Zaharans; O. Rubenis; A. Grabovskis
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Usability of photoplethysmography method in estimation of conduit artery stiffness
Author(s): A. Grabovskis; Z. Marcinkevics; Z. Lukstina; M. Majauska; J. Aivars; V. Lusa; A. Kalinina
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Instrumentation and method for measuring NIR light absorbed in tissue during MR imaging in medical NIRS measurements
Author(s): Teemu S. Myllylä; Hannu S. S. Sorvoja; Juha Nikkinen; Osmo Tervonen; Vesa Kiviniemi; Risto A. Myllylä
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Operating point stabilization of fiber-based line detectors for photoacoustic imaging
Author(s): Karoline Felbermayer; Hubert Grün; Thomas Berer; Peter Burgholzer
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Annular piezoelectric ring array for photoacoustic imaging
Author(s): K. Passler; R. Nuster; S. Gratt; P. Burgholzer; G. Paltauf
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Time-shifting correction in optoacoustic tomographic imaging for media with non-uniform speed of sound
Author(s): X. Luís Deán-Ben; Vasilis Ntziachristos; Daniel Razansky
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Correction for acoustic attenuation effects in optoacoustic tomographic reconstructions
Author(s): X. Luís Deán-Ben; Daniel Razansky; Vasilis Ntziachristos
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Monte Carlo simulation of light reflection from cosmetic powders on the skin
Author(s): Takashi Okamoto; Masafumi Motoda; Takanori Igarashi; Keisuke Nakao
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Improving neuronavigation through workflow and sound feedback and interactive brainshift correction
Author(s): H. J. Noordmans; P. A. Woerdeman; E. H. J. Voormolen; S. van der Steen; M. van Stralen
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Measurement of the acoustic scatterers distribution within the imaged sample in an optoacoustic tomographic setup
Author(s): X. Luís Deán-Ben; Daniel Razansky; Vasilis Ntziachristos
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Laser speckle contrast vs. depolarization: a solid skin phantom study
Author(s): Lioudmila Tchvialeva; Gurbir Dhadwal; Diana Diao; Harvey Lui; David I. McLean; Tim K. Lee
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Three dimensional tracking of gold nanoparticles using digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Frédéric Verpillat; Fadwa Joud; Pierre Desbiolles; Michel Gross
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