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Laser Acceleration of Electrons, Protons, and Ions; and Medical Applications of Laser-Generated Secondary Sources of Radiation and Particles
Editor(s): Wim P. Leemans; Eric Esarey; Simon M. Hooker; Kenneth W. D. Ledingham
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Volume Number: 8079
Date Published: 5 May 2011

Table of Contents
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Complete characterization of laser wakefield acceleration
Author(s): Laszlo Veisz; Alexander Buck; Maria Nicolai; Karl Schmid; Chris M. S. Sears; Alexander Sävert; Julia M. Mikhailova; Ferenc Krausz; Malte C. Kaluza
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High resolution, single shot emittance measurement of relativistic electrons from laser-driven accelerator
Author(s): G. G. Manahan; E. Brunetti; R. P. Shanks; M. R. Islam; B. Ersfeld; M. P. Anania; S. Cipiccia; R. C. Issac; G. Raj; G. Vieux; G. H. Welsh; S. M. Wiggins; D. A. Jaroszynski
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The progress in the laser-driven proton acceleration experiment JAEA with table-tip Ti:Sappire laser system
Author(s): M. Nishiuchi; K. Ogura; A. S. Pirozhkov; T. Tanimoto; A. Yogo; H. Sakaki; T. Hori; Y. Fukuda; M. Kanasaki; A. Sagisaka; M. Tampo; H. Kiriyama; T. Shimomura; K. Kondo; S. Kawanishi; C. Brenner; D. Neely
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Electro-optic detection of ultrashort electron beams: moving beyond the transverse optical phonon resonance
Author(s): Michael H. Helle; Daniel F. Gordon; Dmitri Kaganovich; Antonio Ting
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Radiation signatures of laser driven wakes in plasmas
Author(s): Daniel F. Gordon; Michael H. Helle; Dmitri Kaganovich; Antonio Ting
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Laser-powered dielectric-structures for the production of high-brightness electron and x-ray beams
Author(s): Gil Travish; Rodney B Yoder
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Kinetic treatment of radiation reaction effects
Author(s): Adam Noble; Jonathan Gratus; David Burton; Bernhard Ersfeld; M. Ranaul Islam; Yevgen Kravets; Gaurav Raj; Dino Jaroszynski
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Coherently enhanced radiation reaction effects in laser-vacuum acceleration of electron bunches
Author(s): P. W. Smorenburg; L. P. J. Kamp; G. A. Geloni; O. J. Luiten
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Fast ion generation from nanostructure target irradiated by high intensity short laser pulse
Author(s): A. A. Andreev; K. Yu. Platonov
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Key conditions for stable ion radiation pressure acceleration by circularly polarized laser pulses
Author(s): B. Qiao; M. Zepf; P. Gibbon; M. Borghesi; J. Schreiber; M. Geissler
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Energetic proton beams from plastic targets irradiated by an ultra-intense laser pulse
Author(s): Kitae Lee; Ji-Young Lee; Seong Hee Park; Yong-Ho Cha; Kyung-Nam Kim; Young Uk Jeong
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Simulations of short pulses laser interaction with targets having a submicron surface structure: energy absorption and ion acceleration
Author(s): O. Klimo; J. Psikal; J. Limpouch; J. Proska; T. Ceccotti; V. Floquet; S. Kawata
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An RF photogun for external injection of electrons in a laser wakefield accelerator
Author(s): Xavier F. D. Stragier; Bas van der Geer; Marnix J. van der Wiel; Jom Luiten; Seth Brussaard
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Polarization-dependent ponderomotive gradient force in a standing wave
Author(s): P. W. Smorenburg; J. H. M. Kanters; A. Lassise; G. J. H. Brussaard; L. P. J. Kamp; O. J. Luiten
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Generation of energetic protons from GeV to TeV
Author(s): Baifei Shen; Xiaomei Zhang
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PIC simulations of ion acceleration in laser irradiated submicron droplets
Author(s): J. Psikal; O. Klimo; J. Limpouch
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Scintillator-based ion beam profiler for diagnosing laser-accelerated ion beams
Author(s): J. S. Green; M. Borghesi; C. M. Brenner; D. C. Carroll; N. P. Dover; P. S. Foster; P. Gallegos; S. Green; D. Kirby; K. J. Kirkby; P. McKenna; M. J. Merchant; Z. Najmudin; C. A. J. Palmer; D. Parker; R. Prasad; K. E. Quinn; P. P. Rajeev; M. P. Read; L. Romagnani; J. Schreiber; M. J. V. Streeter; O. Tresca; C.-G. Wahlström; M. Zepf; David Neely
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Applications of laser-accelerated particle beams for radiation therapy
Author(s): C.-M. Ma; E. Fourkal; J. S. Li; I. Veltchev; W. Luo; J. J. Fan; T. Lin; A. Tafo
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Radiobiology with laser-accelerated quasi-monoenergetic proton beams
Author(s): A. Yogo; T. Maeda; T. Hori; H. Sakaki; K. Ogura; M. Nishiuchi; A. Sagisaka; P. R. Bolton; M. Murakami; S. Kawanishi; K. Kondo
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Ion source development and radiobiology applications within the LIBRA project
Author(s): M. Borghesi; S. Kar; R. Prasad; F. K. Kakolee; K. Quinn; H. Ahmed; G. Sarri; B. Ramakrishna; B. Qiao; M. Geissler; S. Ter-Avetisyan; M. Zepf; G. Schettino; B. Stevens; M. Tolley; A. Ward; J. Green; P. S. Foster; C. Spindloe; P. Gallegos; A.. L. Robinson; D. Neely; D. C. Carroll; O. Tresca; X. Yuan; M. Quinn; P. McKenna; N. Dover; C. Palmer; J. Schreiber; Z. Najmudin; I. Sari; M. Kraft; M. Merchant; J. C. Jeynes; K. Kirkby; F. Fiorini; D. Kirby; S. Green
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A technology platform for translational research on laser driven particle accelerators for radiotherapy
Author(s): W. Enghardt; M. Bussmann; T. Cowan; F. Fiedler; M. Kaluza; J. Pawelke; U. Schramm; R. Sauerbrey; A. Tünnermann; M. Baumann
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Medical applications studies at ELI-NP
Author(s): D. Habs; P. G. Thirolf; C. Lang; M. Jentschel; U. Köster; F. Negoita; V. Zamfir
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Initial steps towards imaging tumors during their irradiation by protons with the 200TW laser at the Advanced Laser Light Source facility (ALLS)
Author(s): S. Fourmaux; S. Corde; K. Ta Phuoc; S. Buffechoux; S. Gnedyuk; A. Rousse; A. Krol; J. C. Kieffer
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Pulsed radiobiology with laser-driven plasma accelerators
Author(s): Antonio Giulietti; Maria Grazia Andreassi; Carlo Greco
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Proton- and x-ray beams generated by ultra-fast CO[sub]2[/sub] lasers for medical applications
Author(s): Igor Pogorelsky; Mikhail Polyanskiy; Vitaly Yakimenko; Ilan Ben-Zvi; Peter Shkolnikov; Zulfikar Najmudin; Charlotte A. J. Palmer; Nicholas P. Dover; Piernicola Oliva; Massimo Carpinelli
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Proton acceleration to above 5.5 MeV by interaction of 10[sup]17[/sup] W/cm[sup]2[/sup] laser pulse with H[sub]2[/sub]O nano-wire targets
Author(s): E. Schleifer; N. Bruner; S. Eisenmann; M. Botton; S. A. Pikuz Jr.; A. Y. Faenov; D. Gordon; A. Zigler
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Novel technologies in charged particle therapy
Author(s): K. J. Peach
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