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Bioelectronics, Biomedical, and Bioinspired Systems V; and Nanotechnology V
Editor(s): Ángel B. Rodríguez-Vázquez; Rainer Adelung
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Volume Number: 8068
Date Published: 3 May 2011

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Ultrasensitive nanosensors based on electronic effects in nanoscale structures
Author(s): Christian Leiterer; Steffen Berg; Thomas Schneider; Norbert Jahr; Ondrej Stranik; Gerald Broenstrup; Silke Christiansen; Andrea Csaki; Wolfgang Fritzsche
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Hybridisation mix synthesis in a spiral lab-on-chip device for fast-track microarray genotyping of human pathogens
Author(s): Johannes R. Peham; Lisa-Maria Recnik; Walter Grienauer; Michael J. Vellekoop; Christa Nöhammer; Herbert Wiesinger-Mayr
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Finite element analysis of tactile sensors made with screen printing technology
Author(s): Julián Castellanos-Ramos; Rafael Navas-González; Estíbalitz Ochoteco; F. Vidal-Verdú
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Performance of a novel micro force vector sensor and outlook into its biomedical applications
Author(s): Thorsten Meiss; Tim Rossner; Carlos Minamisava Faria; Stefan Völlmeke; Thomas Opitz; Roland Werthschützky
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Multi-resolution low-power Gaussian filtering by reconfigurable focal-plane binning
Author(s): J. Fernández-Berni; R. Carmona-Galán; F. Pozas-Flores; Á. Zarándy; Á. Rodríguez-Vázquez
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High-dynamic range tone-mapping algorithm for focal plane processors
Author(s): S. Vargas-Sierra; G. Liñán-Cembrano; E. Roca; A. Rodríguez-Vazquez
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Design of a smart SiPM based on focal-plane processing elements for improved spatial resolution in PET
Author(s): F. Pozas-Flores; R. Carmona-Galán; J. Fernández-Berni; Á. Rodríguez-Vázquez
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Visual learning in drosophila: application on a roving robot and comparisons
Author(s): P. Arena; S. De Fiore; L. Patané; P. S. Termini; R. Strauss
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Drosophila-inspired visual orientation model on the Eye-RIS platform: experiments on a roving robot
Author(s): P. Arena; S. De Fiore; L. Patané; L. Alba; R. Strauss
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Embedding visual routines in AnaFocus' Eye-RIS Vision Systems for closing the perception to action loop in roving robots
Author(s): A. Jiménez-Marrufo; D. J. Caballero-García
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Mechanical properties of an artificial vascularized human skin
Author(s): A. Passot; G. Cabodevila
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Porous silicon and diatoms micro-shells: an example of inverse biomimetic
Author(s): Edoardo De Tommasi; Ilaria Rea; Ivo Rendina; Luca De Stefano
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Design and fabrication of substrates with microstructures for bio-applications through the modified optical disc process
Author(s): Kuo-Chi Chiu; Sheng-Li Chang; Chu-Yu Huang; Hann-Wen Guan
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SPARKRS4CS: a software/hardware framework for cognitive architectures
Author(s): P. Arena; M. Cosentino; L. Patané; A. Vitanza
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A hardware experimental platform for neural circuits in the auditory cortex
Author(s): Victoria Rodellar-Biarge; Pablo García-Dominguez; Yago Ruiz-Rizaldos; Pedro Gómez-Vilda
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Compact internal representation as a protocognitive scheme for robots in dynamic environments
Author(s): Jose A. Villacorta-Atienza; Luis Salas; Luis Alba; Manuel G. Velarde; Valeri A. Makarov
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FPGA implementation of a modified FitzHugh-Nagumo neuron based causal neural network for compact internal representation of dynamic environments
Author(s): L. Salas-Paracuellos; Luis Alba; Jose A. Villacorta-Atienza; Valeri A. Makarov
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Synchronization phenomena in neural networks of hard oscillators
Author(s): Michele Bonnin; Valentina Lanza; Fernando Corinto; Marco Gilli
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Spatio-temporal coupling of EEG signals in epilepsy
Author(s): Vanessa Senger; Jens Müller; Ronald Tetzlaff
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A new cellular nonlinear network emulation on FPGA for EEG signal processing in epilepsy
Author(s): Jens Müller; Jan Müller; Ronald Tetzlaff
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An auto-calibrated neural spike recording channel with feature extraction capabilities
Author(s): Alberto Rodríguez-Pérez; Jesús Ruiz-Amaya; Manuel Delgado-Restituto; Ángel Rodríguez-Vázquez
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A flexible home monitoring platform for patients affected by chronic heart failure directly integrated with the remote Hospital Information System
Author(s): Massimiliano Donati; Tony Bacchillone; Sergio Saponara; Luca Fanucci
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Comparative study of heart sound localization algorithms
Author(s): A. Moukadem; A. Dieterlen; N. Hueber; C. Brandt; P. Raymond
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The use of least squares lattice algorithm in the parameterization and sorting of action potentials signals
Author(s): José N. S. Sarinho Filho; Marcio Eisencraft; Ricardo Suyama; Erich T. Fonoff; Maria D. Miranda
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Front-end electronics for impedimetric microfluidic devices
Author(s): Jaan Ojarand; Athanasios T. Giannitsis; Mart Min; Raul Land
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Handheld 2-channel impedimetric cell counting system with embedded real-time processing
Author(s): A. Rottigni; M. Carminati; G. Ferrari; M. D. Vahey; J. Voldman; M. Sampietro
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Combined impedance and dielectrophoresis portable device for point-of-care analysis
Author(s): B. del Moral Zamora; J. Colomer-Farrarons; M. Mir-Llorente; A. Homs-Corbera; P. Miribel-Català; J. Samitier-Martí
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A CMOS integrated cell adhesion sensor for lab-on-a-chip applications
Author(s): Andreas Mucha; Ulrich Bohrn; Meinrad Schienle; Doris Schmitt-Landsiedel
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Micronano integration of nanoscale objects for parallel biosensorics
Author(s): Christian Leiterer; Steffen Berg; Norbert Jahr; Gerald Brönstrup; Silke Christiansen; Andrea Csaki; Wolfgang Fritzsche
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Covalent enzyme immobilization onto carbon nanotubes using a membrane reactor
Author(s): Stefan Ioan Voicu; Aurelia Cristina Nechifor; Ovidiu Gales; Gheorghe Nechifor
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Fabrication of low loss coplanar waveguides on gold-doped Czochralski-silicon
Author(s): A. Abuelgasim; Kanad Mallik; P. Ashburn; C. H. De Groot
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Polymer based single and multislot waveguides
Author(s): M. Hiltunen; J. Hiltunen; Antti Suutala; Jarkko Tuominen; Pentti Karioja
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Thickness control of a thin film after drying through thermal and evaporative management in drying process of a polymer solution coated on a flat substrate: application of the dynamical model of the drying process
Author(s): Hiroyuki Kagami; Hiroshi Kubota
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Ultra-thin semiconductor membrane nanotechnology based on surface charge lithography
Author(s): Ion Tiginyanu; Veaceslav Popa; Marion A. Stevens-Kalceff
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Synthesis of patterned freestanding nickel nanowires by using ion track-etched polyimide
Author(s): T. Walewyns; G. Scheen; E. Tooten; L. A. Francis
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ZnO core spike particles and nano-networks and their wide range of applications
Author(s): S. Wille; Y. K. Mishra; D. Gedamu; S. Kaps; X. Jin; T. Koschine; A. Bathnagar; R. Adelung
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Cleaning of nanopillar templates for nanoparticle collection using PDMS
Author(s): S. Merzsch; H. S. Wasisto; A. Waag; I. Kirsch; E. Uhde; T. Salthammer; E. Peiner
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Electron beam lithography for nanofabrication of metal induced Bragg reflectors
Author(s): Rossella Capasso; Lucia Petti; Pasquale Mormile; Martina De Laurentis; Andrea Irace; Giovanni Breglio
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Optical characteristics of surface plasmon resonance based on Au photonic crystal structures
Author(s): Seon Hoon Kim; Doo Gun Kim; Geum-Yoon Oh; Hyun Chul Ki; Tae Un Kim; Jung Woon Lim; Hwe Jong Kim; Byung-Teak Lee
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