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Advanced Environmental, Chemical, and Biological Sensing Technologies VIII
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Volume Number: 8024
Date Published: 9 May 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8024
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Enzyme detection by surface plasmon resonance using specially engineered spacers and plasmonic labelling
Author(s): A. François; S. Heng; R. Kostecki; T. M. Monro
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An optical biosensor using MEMS-based V-grooves
Author(s): Ye Tian; Xiaodong Ma; Xiaotian Zou; Nan Wu; Xingwei Wang
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Steam distribution and energy delivery optimization using wireless sensors
Author(s): Mohammed M. Olama; Glenn O. Allgood; Teja P. Kuruganti; Sreenivas R. Sukumar; Seddik M. Djouadi; Joe E. Lake
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Development of an optically interrogated chemical tag
Author(s): R. R. Boye; C. M. Washburn; D. A. Scrymgeour; B. G. Hance; S. M. Dirk; D. R. Wheeler; W. G. Yelton; T. N. Lambert
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Infrared surface waves on semiconductor and conducting polymer
Author(s): Monas Shahzad; Gautam Medhi; R. E. Peale; Ryuichi Tsuchikawa; Masahiro Ishigami; Walter Buchwald; Justin Cleary; Glenn D. Boreman; Oliver Edwards; D. J. Diaz; Ted A. Gorman
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Simultaneous ultrahigh harmonic detection wavelength modulation spectroscopy for resolving congested spectra
Author(s): Brett M. D. Sawyer; Karan D. Mohan; A. N. Dharamsi
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671-nm microsystem diode laser based on portable Raman sensor device for in-situ identification of meat spoilage
Author(s): Kay Sowoidnich; Heinar Schmidt; Fredi Schwägele; Heinz-Detlef Kronfeldt
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High sensitivity calixarene SERS substrates for the continuous in-situ detection of PAHs in seawater
Author(s): Yong-Hyok Kwon; Anna Kolomijeca; Kay Sowoidnich; Heinz-Detlef Kronfeldt
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Remote mid-infrared sensing using chirped laser dispersion spectroscopy
Author(s): Michal Nikodem; Clinton Smith; Damien Weidmann; Gerard Wysocki
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Long range trace detection by radar REMPI
Author(s): Arthur Dogariu; Celine Stein; Alexander Glaser; Richard B. Miles
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Remote air lasing for trace detection
Author(s): Arthur Dogariu; James B. Michael; Richard B. Miles
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Nanopillars array for surface enhanced Raman scattering
Author(s): Allan S. P. Chang; Mihail Bora; Hoang T. Nguyen; Elaine M. Behymer; Cindy C. Larson; Jerald A. Britten; J. Chance Carter; Tiziana C. Bond
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Battery-operated planar-geometry microplasma on a postage-stamp size chip: some fundamentals
Author(s): S. Weagant; V. Karanassios
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GaN-nanowire/ TiO2-nanocluster hybrid sensors for detection of Benzene and related aromatic compounds
Author(s): Geetha S. Aluri; Abhishek Motayed; Albert V. Davydov; Vladimir Oleshko; Kris A. Bertness; Norman A. Sanford; Mulpuri V. Rao
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Characteristics of CO sensors made by polar and nonpolar ZnO nanowires gated AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor
Author(s): S. C. Hung; C. W. Chen; C. Y. Shieh; G. C. Chi; F. Ren; S. J. Pearton
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High sensitivity detection of NO2 employing off-axis integrated cavity output spectroscopy coupled with multiple line integrated spectroscopy
Author(s): Gottipaty N. Rao; Andreas Karpf
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A low-volume microstructured optical fiber hydrogen peroxide sensor
Author(s): E. P. Schartner; D. F. Murphy; H. Ebendorff-Heidepriem; T. M. Monro
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Tin oxide nanowire sensors for highly sensitive detection of the toxic gas H2S
Author(s): A. Köck; E. Brunet; G. C. Mutinati; T. Maier; S. Steinhauer
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Standoff identification and quantification of flare emissions using infrared hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Simon Savary; Jean-Philippe Gagnon; Kevin Gross; Pierre Tremblay; Martin Chamberland; Vincent Farley
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Trace gas detection and monitoring with the Digital Array Gas-correlation Radiometer (DAGR)
Author(s): Larry L. Gordley; Mark E. Hervig; Chad Fish; Martin J. McHugh
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The effects of two noises from passive FTIR (Fourier transform infrared) spectroscopy system on the detection probability of stand-off hazardous compounds with passive Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy system using Michelson interferometer
Author(s): Hee Kyung Ahn; Hong Jin Kong; Kang Sup Shim
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Strong room-temperature chemiresistive effect of TiO2 nanowires to nitro-aromatic compounds
Author(s): Danling Wang; Antao Chen; Qifeng Zhang; Guozhong Cao
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Gas cloud infrared image enhancement based on anisotropic diffusion
Author(s): Jiakun Li; Lingxue Wang; Changxing Zhang; Yunting Long; Bei Zhang
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Monitoring organic volatiles and flammable gases with a holographic sensor
Author(s): J. L. Martínez-Hurtado; C. A. B. Davidson; C. R. Lowe
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Compact USB-powered mobile ELISA-based pathogen detection: design and implementation challenges
Author(s): Dmitry Starodubov; Anya Asanbaeva; Ihor Berezhnyy; Chung-Yen Chao; Richard Koziol; David Miller; Edward Patton; Sushma Trehan; Chris Ulmer
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