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Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging Technology XIV
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Volume Number: 8022
Date Published: 9 May 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8022
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Millimeter-wave interferometric radiometry for the detection and geolocation of low-power signals
Author(s): David J. Dowgiallo; Elizabeth M. Twarog; Steve Rauen; Wendy M. Peters; T. Joseph Lazio; Norman R. McGlothlin; Joseph F. Helmboldt; Peter W. Gaiser
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Progress toward a video-rate, passive millimeter-wave imager for brownout mitigation
Author(s): Daniel G. Mackrides; Christopher A. Schuetz; Richard D. Martin; Thomas E. Dillon; Peng Yao; Dennis W. Prather
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Towards high-sensitivity and high-resolution submillimeter-wave video imaging
Author(s): Erik Heinz; Torsten May; Detlef Born; Gabriel Zieger; Solveig Anders; Viatcheslav Zakosarenko; Marco Schubert; Torsten Krause; André Krüger; Marco Schulz; Hans-Georg Meyer
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Improved reconstruction and sensing techniques for personnel screening in three-dimensional cylindrical millimeter-wave portal scanning
Author(s): Justin L. Fernandes; Carey M. Rappaport; David M. Sheen
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High-resolution passive video-rate imaging at 350 GHz
Author(s): Daniel Becker; Cale Gentry; Peter Ade; James Beall; Hsiao-Mei Cho; Simon Dicker; William Duncan; Mark Halpern; Gene Hilton; Kent Irwin; Peter Lowell; Michael Niemack; Nick Paulter; Carl Reintsema; Frank Schima; Robert Schwall; Carole Tucker
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Design and performance of a passive video-rate THz system demonstrator
Author(s): A. Luukanen; M. Aikio; M. Grönholm; M. M. Leivo; A. Mäyrä; A. Rautiainen; H. Toivanen
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A new approach for fast security scanning with millimetre-waves: SARGATE
Author(s): Stefan A. Lang; Manfred Hägelen; Joachim Ender; Sebastian Hantscher; Helmut Essen
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Multi-sensor millimeter-wave system for hidden objects detection by non-collaborative screening
Author(s): Rhalem Zouaoui; Romain Czarny; Frédéric Diaz; Antoine Khy; Thierry Lamarque
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300 GHz imaging with 8 meter stand-off distance and one-dimensional synthetic image reconstruction
Author(s): Andreas Keil; Torsten Loeffler; Holger Quast; Viktor Krozer; Jørgen Dall; Anders Kusk; Vitaliy Zhurbenko; Thomas Jensen; Peter de Maagt
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3D rendering of passive millimeter-wave scenes using modified open source software
Author(s): Maciej Murakowski; John Wilson; Janusz Murakowski; Garrett Schneider; Christopher Schuetz; Dennis Prather
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Phenomenology studies using a scanning fully polarimetric passive W-band millimeter-wave imager
Author(s): B. E. Bernacki; J. F. Kelly; D. M. Sheen; D. L. McMakin; J. R. Tedeschi; T. E. Hall; B. K. Hatchell; P. L. J. Valdez
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Impact of frequency and polarization diversity on a terahertz radar's imaging performance
Author(s): Ken B. Cooper; Robert J. Dengler; Nuria Llombart
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Investigation of fully-polarimetric signatures from targets with some relevance to security applications
Author(s): Markus Peichl; Stephan Dill; Daniel Rudolf
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Pulsed terahertz bi-directional reflection distribution function (BRDF) measurements of materials and obscurants
Author(s): Shu-Zee A. Lo; David Novotny; Erich N. Grossman; Edwin J. Heilweil
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Calibration, reconstruction, and rendering of cylindrical millimeter-wave image data
Author(s): David M. Sheen; Thomas E. Hall
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Compressive sampling in passive millimeter-wave imaging
Author(s): N. Gopalsami; T. W. Elmer; S. Liao; R. Ahern; A. Heifetz; A. C. Raptis; M. Luessi; D. Babacan; A. K. Katsaggelos
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Two-dimensional, real-time, sub-millimeter-wave imaging using a spatially selective mask
Author(s): Orges Furxhi; Eddie L. Jacobs; Robert Hewitt
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Compressive sensing for a sub-millimeter-wave single pixel imager
Author(s): Imama Noor; Orges Furxhi; Eddie L. Jacobs
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A multi-camera positioning system for steering of a THz stand-off scanner
Author(s): Maria Axelsson; Mikael Karlsson; Staffan Rudner
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Rapid beamsteering reflectarrays for mm-wave and submm-wave imaging radars
Author(s): Arttu Luukanen; Juha Ala-Laurinaho; David Gomes Martins; Janne Häkli; Päivi Koivisto; Pekka Pursula; Pekka Rantakari; Jussi Säily; Aleksi Tamminen; Reijo Tuovinen; Markku Sipilä
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A 220 GHz reflection-type phased array concept study
Author(s): Abigail S. Hedden; Charles R. Dietlein; David A. Wikner
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W-band direct detection radiometers using metamorphic HEMT technology
Author(s): Ingmar Kallfass; Axel Huelsmann; Axel Tessmann; Arnulf Leuther; E. Weissbrodt; M. Schlechtweg; O. Ambacher
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An ethics of body scanners: requirements and future challenges from an ethical point of view
Author(s): Benjamin Rampp; Andreas F. X. Wolkenstein; Regina Ammicht Quinn
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