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Thermosense: Thermal Infrared Applications XXXIII
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Volume Number: 8013
Date Published: 6 May 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8013
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A polynomial regression approach to subpixel temperature extraction from a single-band thermal infrared image
Author(s): Sarah E. Paul; Carl Salvaggio
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Thermoreflectometry: a new system to determine the true temperature fields on surface with unknown emissivities
Author(s): R. Gilblas; T. Sentenac; D. Hernandez; Y. Le Maoult
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Use of infrared imaging for investigation of chicken embryo development
Author(s): Ryan Ann Frye; Sheng-Jen Hsieh; José Benjamín Dolores Girón Palomares
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Dynamic infrared imaging for biological and medical applications in Boron neutron capture therapy
Author(s): Gustavo A. Santa Cruz; Sara J. González; Alejandra Dagrosa; Amanda E. Schwint; Marina Carpano; Verónica A. Trivillin; Esteban F. Boggio; José Bertotti; Julio Marín; Andrea Monti Hughes; Ana J. Molinari; Miguel Albero
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Using a combination of aerial infrared and handheld infrared cameras for measuring, analyzing, and prioritizing the thermal performance of "big box" buildings
Author(s): Gregory R. Stockton; R. Gillem Lucas
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Improvement of energy efficiency: the use of thermography and air-tightness test in verification of thermal performance of school buildings
Author(s): Timo Kauppinen; Sami Siikanen
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A hybrid, infrared thermography: heat diffusion equation, method for the 3D air-temperature measurement
Author(s): F. B. Djupkep Dizeu; X. Maldague; A. Bendada; E. Grinzato; P. Bison
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IR gas cloud imaging in oil and gas applications: immunity to false stimuli
Author(s): Edward Naranjo; Shankar Baliga; John Park; Philippe Bernascolle
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Development of a gas leak detection method based on infrared spectrum imaging utilizing microbolometer camera
Author(s): Takahide Sakagami; Hiroaki Anzai; Shiro Kubo
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Detectivity of gas leakage based on electromagnetic radiation transfer
Author(s): Yunting Long; Lingxue Wang; Jiakun Li; Changxing Zhang; Bei Zhang
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Corrosion detection on pipelines by IR thermography
Author(s): P. Bison; S. Marinetti; G. Cuogo; B. Molinas; P. Zonta; E. Grinzato
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Comparative analysis of pulse and active thermography for investigating solder joint geometry prediction
Author(s): Becky M. Vela; Sheng-Jen Hsieh; José Benjamín Dolores Girón Palomares
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Using 3D infrared imaging to calibrate and refine computational fluid dynamic modeling for large computer and data centers
Author(s): Gregory R. Stockton
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Infrared imaging of LED lighting tubes and fluorescent tubes
Author(s): Sami Siikanen; Sini Kivi; Timo Kauppinen; Mikko Juuti
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A thermographic survey for evaluating in situ the performance of photovoltaic panels
Author(s): N. P. Avdelidis; Y. P. Markopoulos; I. A. Katsis; M. Koui
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Infrared lock-in techniques for solar cell inspection
Author(s): Ralph A. Rotolante; Bill Schneider
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High-speed IR monitoring of a turbojet engine gas flow using an uncooled MWIR imaging sensor
Author(s): R. Linares-Herrero; V. Archilla-Prat; M. T. Montojo-Supervielle; R. Gutiérrez-Álvarez; G. Vergara; A. Baldasano-Ramírez; Daniel Mercader; Ana Jiménez
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Implementation of thermographers' certification in Brazil
Author(s): Laerte dos Santos; Luiz Mauro Alves; Edson da Costa Bortoni
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Signal and image processing techniques for digitized frequency modulated thermal-wave imaging for characterization of fiber-reinforced plastics
Author(s): Ravibabu Mulaveesala; Subbarao V. Ghali; Lokendra K. Balyan; Subir S. Lamba
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Automatic thermographic image defect detection of composites
Author(s): Bin Luo; Bjorn Liebenberg; Jeff Raymont; SP Santospirito
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Fixed eigenvector analysis of thermographic NDE data
Author(s): K. Elliott Cramer; William P. Winfree
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Improved flaw detection and characterization with difference thermography
Author(s): William P. Winfree; Joseph N. Zalameda; Patricia A. Howell
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Defense and illustration of time-resolved pulsed thermography for NDE
Author(s): Daniel L. Balageas
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Automated transient thermography for the inspection of CFRP structures: experimental results and developed procedures
Author(s): P. Theodorakeas; N. P. Avdelidis; K. Hrissagis; C. Ibarra-Castanedo; M. Koui; X. Maldague
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Thinning identification technique using stainless steel film heater and response surface method
Author(s): Nagahisa Ogasawara; Hiroyuki Yamada
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Detection of subsurface defects in aluminium with thermo-inductive inspection
Author(s): B. Oswald-Tranta; M. Sorger
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Pulse and lock-in IR NDT in complex structures
Author(s): Markus Tarin
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Infrared thermography as a nondestructive tool for materials characterisation and assessment
Author(s): N. P. Avdelidis; T.-H. Gan; C. Ibarra-Castanedo; X. P. V. Maldague
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Fiber optic thermal detection of composite delaminations
Author(s): Meng-Chou Wu; William P. Winfree
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Thermoelastic stress analysis of overlap shear splices constructed from wet lay-up FRP composites
Author(s): Jeff Brown; Benjamin Fineout
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Preliminary investigation of polarization effects during metal cutting
Author(s): Eric P. Whitenton
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Modeling of laser-analyte-substrate interaction in photo-thermal infrared imaging and laser trace vaporization
Author(s): Robert Furstenberg; Jakob Großer; Christopher A. Kendziora; Michael R. Papantonakis; Viet Nguyen; R. Andrew McGill
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Application of micro-scale thermography to the thermal analysis of polymeric and organic materials
Author(s): Junko Morikawa; Eita Hayakawa; Toshimasa Hashimoto
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