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Medical Imaging 2011: Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment
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Volume Number: 7966
Date Published: 2 March 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7966
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optimizing viewing procedures of breast tomosynthesis image volumes using eye tracking combined with a free response human observer study
Author(s): Kristina Lång; Sophia Zackrisson; Kenneth Holmqvist; Marcus Nystrom; Ingvar Andersson; Daniel Förnvik; Anders Tingberg; Pontus Timberg
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Assessment of breast density: reader performance using synthetic mammographic images
Author(s): Janine Makaronidis; Michael Berks; Jamie Sergeant; Julie Morris; Caroline Boggis; Mary Wilson; Nicky Barr; Sue Astley
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Health professionals' agreement on density judgements and successful abnormality identification within the UK Breast Screening Programme
Author(s): Iain T. Darker; Yan Chen; Alastair G. Gale
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The time course of cancer detection performance
Author(s): Sian Taylor-Phillips; Aileen Clarke; Matthew Wallis; Margot Wheaton; Alison Duncan; Alastair G. Gale
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Can horizontally oriented breast tomosynthesis image volumes or the use of a systematic search strategy improve interpretation? An eye tracking and free response human observer study
Author(s): Kristina Lång; Sophia Zackrisson; Kenneth Holmqvist; Marcus Nyström; Ingvar Andersson; Daniel Förnvik; Anders Tingberg; Pontus Timberg
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Modeling error in assessment of mammographic image features for improved computer-aided mammography training: initial experience
Author(s): Maciej A. Mazurowski; Georgia D. Tourassi
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Time of day does not affect radiologists' accuracy in breast lesion detection
Author(s): Muhammad Al-s'adi; Mark F. McEntee; Elaine Ryan
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Extended analysis of the effect of learning with feedback on the detectability of pulmonary nodules in chest tomosynthesis
Author(s): Sara Asplund; Åse A. Johnsson; Jenny Vikgren; Angelica Svalkvist; Marianne Boijsen; Valeria Fisichella; Agneta Flinck; Åsa Wiksell; Jonas Ivarsson; Hans Rystedt; Lars Gunnar Månsson; Susanne Kheddache; Magnus Båth
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Classification of radiological errors in chest radiographs, using support vector machine on the spatial frequency features of false- negative and false-positive regions
Author(s): Mariusz W. Pietrzyk; Tim Donovan; Patrick C. Brennan; Alan Dix; David J. Manning
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A novel platform to simplify human observer performance experiments in clinical reading environments
Author(s): J. Jacobs; F. Zanca; H. Bosmans
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Analysis of physiological impact while reading stereoscopic radiographs
Author(s): Yasuko Y. Unno; Takashi Tajima; Takao Kuwabara; Akira Hasegawa; Nobutaka Natsui; Kazuo Ishikawa; Toyohiko Hatada
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Incorporating holistic visual search concepts into a SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging numerical observer
Author(s): J. Michael O'Connor; Howard C. Gifford; Jovan G. Brankov; P. Hendrik Pretorius
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Channelized relevance vector machine as a numerical observer for cardiac perfusion defect detection task
Author(s): Mahdi M. Kalayeh; Thibault Marin; P. Hendrik Pretorius; Miles N. Wernick; Yongyi Yang; Jovan G. Brankov
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Development of model observers applied to 3D breast tomosynthesis microcalcifications and masses
Author(s): Ivan Diaz; Pontus Timberg; Sheng Zhang; Craig Abbey; Francis Verdun; François O. Bochud
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Numerical observer for cardiac motion assessment using machine learning
Author(s): Thibault Marin; Mahdi M. Kalayeh; P. Hendrik Pretorius; Miles N. Wernick; Yongyi Yang; Jovan G. Brankov
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Accounting for anatomical noise in SPECT with a visual-search human-model observer
Author(s): H. C. Gifford; M. A. King; M. S. Smyczynski
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Support of the decision variable densities of the three-class ideal observer for bivariate trinormal data
Author(s): Darrin C. Edwards
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Agreement between two versions of a CADx system: a simulation study
Author(s): Berkman Sahiner; Nicholas Petrick; Sophie Paquerault; Weijie Chen; Tien Nguyen
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Reader characteristics linked to detection of pulmonary nodules on radiographs: ROC vs. JAFROC analyses of performance
Author(s): Akshay Kohli; John W. Robinson; John Ryan; Mark F. McEntee; Patrick C. Brennan
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Estimating the parameters of a model of visual search from ROC data: an alternate method for fitting proper ROC curves
Author(s): D. P. Chakraborty; Tony Svahn
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Characterizing and optimizing rater performance for internet-based collaborative labeling
Author(s): Joshua A. Stein; Andrew J. Asman; Bennett A. Landman
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Changes in visual search patterns of pathology residents as they gain experience
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Ronald S. Weinstein
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Characterizing virtual slide exploration through the use of 'search maps'
Author(s): Claudia R. Mello-Thoms; Carlos A. Mello; Olga Medvedeva; Eugene Tseytlin; Rebecca Crowley
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Validation of a new digital breast tomosynthesis medical display
Author(s): Cédric Marchessoux; Nicolas Vivien; Asli Kumcu; Tom Kimpe
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Is image manipulation necessary to interpret digital mammographic images efficiently?
Author(s): Yan Chen; Alastair Gale; Anne Turnbull; Jonathan James
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Performance evaluation of medical LCD displays using 3D channelized Hotelling observers
Author(s): Ljiljana Platiša; Cédric Marchessoux; Bart Goossens; Wilfried Philips
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Visual cues do not improve skin lesion ABC(D) grading
Author(s): Matteo Zanotto; Lucia Ballerini; Ben Aldridge; Robert B. Fisher; Jonathan Rees
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The effect of defect cluster size and interpolation on radiographic image quality
Author(s): Karin Töpfer; Kwok L. Yip
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Verification of the QUBYX perfectlum calibration software using a PR-670 spectro radiometer and associated verification facility
Author(s): Hans Roehrig; Syed F. Hashmi
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A study of attentional effects of intensity transforms for mammograms
Author(s): Anthony J. Maeder
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The impact of clinical indications on visual search behaviour in skeletal radiographs
Author(s): A. Rutledge; M. F. McEntee; L. Rainford; M. O'Grady; K. McCarthy; M. L. Butler
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Measurement of breast lesion display luminance and overall image display luminance relative to optimum luminance for contrast perception
Author(s): Mohammad Rawashdeh; Warwick Lee; Patrick Brennan; Warren Reed; Mark McEntee; Roger Bourne
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Motion perception in medical imaging
Author(s): Francesc Massanes; Jovan G. Brankov
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Characterizing non-Gaussian properties of breast images with a noisy-Laplacian distribution
Author(s): Craig K. Abbey; Anita Nosratieh; Sheng Zhang; Miguel P. Eckstein; John M. Boone
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Improved implementation of the abnormality manipulation software tools
Author(s): Mark T. Madsen; Kevin S. Berbaum; Kevin M. Schartz; Robert T. Caldwell
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A clinical image preference study comparing digital tomosynthesis with digital radiography for pediatric spinal imaging
Author(s): Jenna M. King; Idris A. Elbakri; Martin Reed; Jens Wrogemann
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Computer-aided detection as a decision assistant in chest radiography
Author(s): Maurice R. M. Samulski; Peter R. Snoeren; Bram Platel; Bram van Ginneken; Laurens Hogeweg; Cornelia Schaefer-Prokop; Nico Karssemeijer
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Does stereo-endoscopy improve neurosurgical targeting in 3rd ventriculostomy?
Author(s): Kamyar Abhari; Sandrine de Ribaupierre; Terry Peters; Roy Eagleson
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An analysis of the impact of tumor amount on the predictive power of a prostate biopsy prognostic assay
Author(s): Faisal M. Khan; Stephen I. Fogarasi; Douglas Powell; Gerardo Fernandez; Ricardo Mesa-Tejada; Michael J. Donovan
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Assessment of a CAD scheme in selecting the optimal focused microscopic scanning images of the metaphase chromosomes
Author(s): Xingwei Wang; Jun Tan; Yuchen Qiu; Yuhua Li; Hong Liu; Shibo Li; Bin Zheng
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Quantitative evaluation of six graph based semi-automatic liver tumor segmentation techniques using multiple sets of reference segmentation
Author(s): Zihua Su; Xiang Deng; Christophe Chefd'hotel; Leo Grady; Jun Fei; Dong Zheng; Ning Chen; Xiaodong Xu
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Assessing risk of thyroid cancer using resonance-frequency based electrical impedance measurements
Author(s): Bin Zheng; Mitchell E. Tublin; Dror Lederman; Amy H. Klym; Erica D. Brown; David Gur
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Evaluation of agreement in corneal thickness measurements obtained using optical coherence tomography and ultrasound technique and determination of its specificity in keratoconus screening
Author(s): P. Gunvant; R. Darner
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Fusion of classifiers for REIS-based detection of suspicious breast lesions
Author(s): Dror Lederman; Xingwei Wang; Bin Zheng; Jules H. Sumkin; Mitchell Tublin; David Gur
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A software tool to compare contrast-detail detection in uniform and in real mammographic backgrounds
Author(s): Gabriel Prieto; Margarita Chevalier; Eduardo Guibelalde
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Comparison of the detection rates in reduced image by difference of interpolation method
Author(s): A. Horii; C. Kataoka; D. Yokoyama; N. Fujita; N. Yasuda; A. Sugiura; Y. Kodera
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Image processing of head CT images using neuro best contrast (NBC) and lesion detection performance
Author(s): Sameer Tipnis; Diana Vincent; Zoran Rumboldt; Walter Huda
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The effects of anatomical information and observer expertise on abnormality detection task
Author(s): L. Zhang; C. Cavaro-Ménard; P. Le Callet; L. H. K. Cooper; G. Hunault; J.-Y. Tanguy
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Application of artificial neural network in simulating subjective evaluation of tumor segmentation
Author(s): Dongjiao Lv; Xiang Deng
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Optimization of hepatic lesion detection with computed tomography (CT): Is randomization of lesion location necessary?
Author(s): K. Dobeli; S. Lewis; S. Meikle; D. Thiele; P. C. Brennan
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Impact of hybrid SPECT/CT imaging on the detection of single parathyroid adenoma
Author(s): Antony Morrison; Patrick C. Brennan; Warren Reed; Mariusz Pietrzyk; Geoff Schembri; Elizabeth Bailey; Paul Roach; Michael Evanoff; Peter L. Kench
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Role of expertise and contralateral symmetry in the diagnosis of pneumoconiosis: an experimental study
Author(s): Varun Jampani; Vivek Vaidya; Jayanthi Sivaswamy; Kishore L. Tourani
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Analysis of the number of distinct findings obtained by multiple readers in an MRMC study: When do findings obtained from the addition of new readers become redundant, or otherwise negligible?
Author(s): Sophie Paquerault; Berkman Sahiner; Anna Kettermann; Laura M. Yarusso; Lubomir M. Hadjiiski; Heang-Ping Chan
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Reproducibility of an imaging based prostate cancer prognostic assay
Author(s): Faisal M. Khan; Douglas Powell; Valentina Bayer-Zubek; Rui Soares; Allison Mott; Gerardo Fernandez; Ricardo Mesa-Tejada; Michael J. Donovan
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Assessment of updated CAD without a new reader study: effect of calibration of computer output on the computer-aided reader performance in CADx
Author(s): Weijie Chen; Nicholas Petrick; Berkman Sahiner
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Streak artefact quantification for abdominal CT
Author(s): Michael Figl; Romana Fragner; Patrick Heimel; Christian Loewe; Wolfgang Birkfellner
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High luminance monochrome vs. color displays: impact on performance and search
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Hans Roehrig; Takashi Matsui
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Study of signal-to-noise ratios considered human visual characteristics
Author(s): Yui Hayashi; Maki Yamada; Yukiyoshi Kimura; Naotoshi Fujita; Yoshie Kodera
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Radiation dose reduction in digital radiography using wavelet-based image processing methods
Author(s): Haruyuki Watanabe; Du-Yih Tsai; Yongbum Lee; Eri Matsuyama; Katsuyuki Kojima
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